Author Note: Greetings my dear fans, at long last, I'm about to present my own Tournament, one to star non other then Sonic the Hedgehog in the mix! What puzzling mysterious will this story hold, as this is no ordinary battle to be fought in any tournamnet? It's a battle where one can find out if they have the same strength to even combat against those that are God-like! So if you've think you've seen battles that were good, or interesting, or just about exciting, then...YOU HAVN'T SEEN THIS ACTION YET? For this is a battle, a Tournament where opponents will have to go over the distance to win battles, and even win prizes to make themselves get stronger? What's to say what awaits us here, you'll just have to watch to find out how this action will go so far?

00) A God Ruler's Act Of Decision

~Unknown Realm~

We see within a strange outer space universe, surrounded by cluttering stars of many shapes, formations surrounding the other, and colors that defy some difference at the less, about a billion to one, possibly trillion! This place was not without it's history, the place where non of any mortals, even God-like beings even known that this place is special! It's here, that all worlds, different functions and history outplays happen, this was known as 'The Realm Of The Multiverse Observation', or in short, a place where a multitude of worlds, universes are kept watched in this particular world that non have ever known to exist? While it's shown many formations of different galaxies and universe far out of react or across dimensional rifts, all their activities are monitor in this place. But it's not just that, one who is in charge can define 'Fate' and 'Change' courses from one place to make it happen? Why, the one in charge can be a 'Giver Of Life' Or 'Bringer Of Destruction' depending on the one who plays the most important role in history's earliest 'Dawn of Creation', non other then…the 'Ruler & Observer of the Multiverse',…the one who goes by many ancient, forgotten names, but he is simply known as….the King!

Within the center of this lovely scenery of space and cluttering stars now foreseen as nothing but tiny sphere balls to fit in one's palm hand, lies a structure! A well-made thrown of gold, comfy blue mats to ease one's trouble, and red gems on the arm rest and an emerald above the thrown with the letter words 'V' & 'K' imprinted up top. The thrown was surrounded by glittering sparkle dust that glimmer around, and even swirled around from motion now happening! Soon the thrown was slowly turning around, showing the back of it's feature where the letter words, 'V' & 'K' were seen again. Some flash of lightning were seen before smoke arose from what is seen happening in front of the thrown. Then the thing begins to turn around, but this time, it's accepted by someone!

It was a young man in his near twenty-fifth year, wore aqua-blue lighting cloths, with some shiny armor that protects him from any physical or magical attacks, armored boots, gauntlets, chest armor, even an armored crown on his head like a king, each piece had jewelry from big emeralds to small rubies in design. He had long silk brown hair, and his now fully open blue eyes that were seen that can stare deep into a person, even see the world from his view! The man had rested his one arm on a rest and then rested his head on it while waving his free hand to bring some glowing spheres to him in a bored manner.

"Hmmmm, another millennia gone by, and again, things slowly progress as I see it so?" The man spoke solubly at his near boredom while flickering more spindle dust of glowy stars around. "To Invision and Envision fates can be tiring at times, and yet…hash…" As he spoke, he made another batch of his work float over to the sphere, showing him sites of different events to happen all at once, all while choosing what can be the most interesting to chose. "I can't help but to foresee things in such a way." He watches events lead to greatness, others to dipterous, others to death, others to renaincatnation, and others brought back from the dead, the same good VS. evil as always.

"Yet as I look into many of these Multiverse spheres, to which they contain specs of different realms happening in ways different from the 'Prime' Functions? They all seem…so intriguing…." The man spoke when studying each sphere that held a different world that was related to it's one true rooted sphere by a branch line, seeing different characters, some the same, but leading different life-styles?

"What would it be like, to see or be apart of something when keeping watch of things for so long? Surely there is something to give me entertainment to…hmm?" While he explored to observe some of the spheres, they all showed him something interesting….'opponents challenging and fighting' and many types inside an area, colisuom, all and all, they were something that showed many breaking out their best from the rest?

"Wait! I recall an event like this, and many others? Let's see them, shall we….they were…." The man was so fansanated, that he waved his hands to call his glowy dust, revealing mutlidute of multitudes of worlds doing similar events, great fighters gather in one place, all challenging to be the best, and enjoying their time. All of this at once from many mutlverse worlds was making the man become so fansated, that an idea stroke him.

"Tournaments? Hmm, Yes! The kind where only the best and most fascinating participates compete and win prizes that are both fame and well-known knowledge of one's talent." As he rest in his chair, fingers put together to think things over of what he's seen.

"These things fascinated me most, yet I can't help but wonder if I could improve the battles to a more….'Godly Showdown of Skills, Strength, Speed, Power, Talents, all of which bring the attention of the crying universe! Hugh, there is so few times when those happen? I could almost wish to wonder if I could bring fighters to compete for my own…."

While pondering the very matter itself, many glowy stars circle around their ruler until…inspiration finally came to him.

"That is it, after so many Stellar Cycles, the answer to my boredom is there, a Tournament, and in my own Vision…truly it shall shake the foundations!" The man rose from his throne, all excited and overjoy of planning a tournament of his own, bringing many great and powerful fighters to show him their skills of a life time, and reward them with things some can only dream to have! "I believe it's time I call forth may deities, the CPU Goddesses of the Multiverse!" The man waves his hands outward in different spaces, and something began to happen.

"GURRRHhmmmmmUUOPMmmmmm!" Without a doubt, portal vortexes open up in four corners of the galaxy throne room of the stars. "WRroossiishhhmmm!" Then without warning, four shadowy figures had been brought out of them, just as the vortex portals faded.

The first one had shoulder-length Light Purple Hair and Light/Normal Purple Eyes. She wears black/purple mark armor in which represents, or in this case is the only one that who's colors aren't similar to her console, the Sega Neptune version of Sega 32x. Her name was Purple Heart, a CPU Goddess who's name fits her appearance. Her personality is calm and observant, but can still be pretty oblivious. She wields a mightily long black/purple katana with a purple blade as her weapon of choice and her outlook appears to have tech-like long triangle stretch wings nonattached to her back that hover behind her.

The second one has white harm turquoise eyes and black armor that's similar to Purple Haert's with several notable differences to represent the PS3 console. Her name was Black Heart, a CPU Goddess who's name fits her appearance except for her hair. She is a hardworking and polite; Some call her the ideal goddess. On the other hand she can try to hard, making her own effects go to waste. She seems to care a lot about what others think of her and seems to be harboring many secrets about herself. She wield's a mighty big grey-bladed tech sword and her outlook appears to have three blue triangle blade wings

The third one is that she looks the youngest of the four goddesses. She has blue hair, piercing red eyes, and an overall white coloring of her armor. This respective of the console she represents, the Wii. Her name was White Heart, a CPU Goddess who's name fits her appearance except with the light blue hair. Her personality seems to be the more violent of the goddesses in their forms. She's a bit of a foul-mouth, and extremely violent goddesses. She doesn't like anyone mocking her appearance (especially women with big chest). However, she cares for others, and maybe her sisters very much, she may even care for her people more than any other goddess. She wields larger then herself grey tech-axe and her outlook appears to show her wings seem a tech-version of a beetles (heart-shape) that's nonattached to her back, but hovers from behind her.

The fourth one has purple eyes, wears revealing white armor, and has long green hair tied in a ponytail. Her name is Green Heart, a CPU Goddess who's name fits her appearance. She is apparently the most 'well-endowed' of the four goddesses. A goddess in whom puts her people's peace as top priority to keep away from dangerous monsters and such. A Secret about her, is that she's pretty fond of manga, games, and anime, as this make's her an otaku in real life terms. Otherwise, her personality is the most polite, calm, and mature of the goddesses seen. She is also prideful and sly when facing others in battle in her goddess form. But like her sisters she cares and treasures others she has attachments to. She wields a larger then herself tech-spear galavant, and had large pink tech butterfly wings hovering off her back that weren't attach to her.

"You summoned us, sire?" Purple Heart spoke first from her sisters when addressing her king.

"We were just about finished with checking the other spheres." Black Heart reported in on what they were doing until they were called in.

"Of course, I probably dozed off from boredom at them." White Heart boredly admitted without a care that she wasn't really doing her job.

"Please White Heart, not the behavior in front of our lord." Green Heart sternly spoke to her sister to be more polite when they are in presence of their ruler.

"Hmph-hmph, please my dear CPU's, I have some news to announce!" The man in the middle of the Goddesses spoke with a little chuckle at their behavior, it doesn't seem to bother him much at all. "I have a new Vision to try out!" The man spoke off his news to the CPUs, as he waves his left hand out, gathering some glowy magical sparks to prepare something, or just to entertain himself?

"Really, what's so special with this, master?" Purple Heart asked puzzled to what his ruler has come up this time?

"I shall sponsor a tournament in a chosen world the likes never before seen!" The man spoke with a smile seen across his face, but the news ended up being more shocking then a surprise!

"Wha-WHAT! You're kidding?" Black Heart yelped in shock, this man cannot be serious, can he be?

"But sire, wouldn't doing this mean….'going' to such a place?" Green Heart asked her ruler if he knows that to do what he says, he must leave this realm to sponsor some tournament?

"Indeed, surely you all have wondered what lies down in those worlds, the fate and living of everyday being?" The man nods and waves his glowy sparky star dusts from his hand across to the other spheres, letting the images of mutliverse of worlds be seen to the CUP Goddesses.

"Personally, I think it's one hell of a dumb idea." White Heart dryly remark in thinking it wasn't such a good idea at all.

"Owww, don't be like that one with your attitude, you'll make our ruler upset!" Black Heart snaps at the youngest Goddess for her rude behavior could get them into trouble.

"This seems most un-appropriate, please forgive us of our behavior, my lord?" Green Heart pleaded and politely beg to be forgiven of their actions.

"No need, I've known you've check out the worlds of different Multiverse within a different sphere orb." The man in the center waves off, not bothered by the acts before him, as he continues to speak to the four Goddesses. "That's why I've decided to bring you along, so you too would gain a new sensation."

"But why go through such lengths, why not create it and watch from here?" Purple Heart asked her ruler if he wish to do this, why not watch it from his thrown, his palace of this Realm or Multiverse Realms Center!

"Huugh, I want this to be one where I am as close to the battle then a galactic trillion miles away and never be seen or heard." The man signs while explaining that just making it and watching it from a closer speck is far different then just observing it from afar if you are never truly there to begin with.

"But that comes with the territory of never being known?" Black Heart reminded her king of the job he's suppose to do.

"That's another reason, before I created you four, I was alone creating and watching each Multiverse, learning new things." The man spoke in remote remark of things, feeling always alone, watching and observing things, never truly getting the feeling of being their or being activate. It was only natural that he grown so much to want to have others to talk to, that he created the four Goddesses and gave them positions from his growing vast of Worlds!

"Um, could we possibly not get a flash back, they tend to take much time." White Heart exclaimed that if her ruler was going to show them a scene of the past, she rather say they didn't want to se it.

"White Heart, you mustn't…." Green Heart spoke sternly in trying to get the youngest to not be so rude to their ruler.

"It's alright to speak your minds, I gave you all free will, and judging how much of the Multiverse you've check for me on your assigned borders, you've each pick up something." The man waved off that he wasn't phase by the little remarks or quotes, and knowing these four had study many worlds, had grown to pick up some customs. Green Heart was acting like the oldest, Purple Heart was calm and Black Heart was hardworking with the two almost looking alike to be the middle, and the youngest had gotten to be impatient to the extent to learn such foul-language when she losses her temper.

"Well, as long as we've reach an understanding?" Purple Heart shrugged off in knowing her ruler was correct, as they each got something to their personally from observing worlds?

"Then it's agree, we'll begin things immediately." The man exclaimed with a simply statement that they shall begin to start the tournament and see new worlds.

"But, what about all these multiverse sphere orbs, your highness." Green Heart exclaimed in reminding her royal highness, as he is the ruler and king of this realm, to watch over it?

"Yah, it's not like we can just ignore them?" Black Heart exclaimed in reminding that besides them being so many, they gotten be watched and observe, so how can they just skip out on this?

"You forget, 'I' can do the impossible that seems illogical, and that's why….I have the Vision!" The man spoke in knowing of his mighty strength, and knowing he himself can make things into just about anything and foresee events and chose the path to lead to the next future. "I'm always alert, my eyes see all, and they EnVision events and situations that would make things and lead to many paths."

"With a gift like that, I wonder if that almost persuaded you to do what many of those multiverse citizens call, 'Stalkers' or 'Peeping-Toms' whatever?" White Heart suddenly marks off to say, much to her sisters shock at her foul-mouthing their king!

"Ugh! Then does that mean, when you created us….we were?" Black Heart started to suddenly have a red blush, almost thinking of something really embarrassing.

"Oh my? We might have been in what some of those mortals call 'Birthday suits' in speaking?" Green Heart yelps with her mouth cover in worrying of what this might have meant for the four CPUs!

"Considering that the most watch might be you, Green Heart?" Purple Heart exclaimed from insinuating that out of the four, the oldest would have been the most attention grabber.

"Um?" Green Heart gasped in shock and surprise from seeing herself and feeling that many would try something to her?

"Alright, alright, enough with the comedy, though as I said, I needed some company, and watching you four chat and gossip can bring a little sunshine my way." The man waves off to calm his Goddesses in seeing things were getting out of hand with one person saying one thing and the other making the wrong conclusion. "Now come, it's time we departed, and while their, our powers shall be in check."

"Why? I thought there were those that had God-like powers in certain universes?" White Heart exclaimed to question that with many worlds, they had those that could almost rival the four Goddesses powers?

"It's not just that, we're beyond those other so-called Gods in those other worlds." Green Heart spoke in reminding the others that the other Worlds God's might not be much of a threat to their Goddesses powers.

"Right, most of them were around to known of who created them before some either lost their God-hood, or passed it on to a new generation that hasn't learned the origin." Black Heart stated out that over the courses of history, many have either passed the legend of their origins in secret or others had told this to family or worthy guardians, etc.

"And comparing the Master's power, he could shake reality or even destroy a planet from possibly setting foot." Purple Heart calmly explained the situation if their 'master' were to let loose his mighty power, one planet might not even be able to withstand it?

"Woh-Woh, I admit, I'm powerful, but that's why I've decided to down our strength." The man being apart of the discussion held his hands to calm his CUP Goddesses, as they were making it sound really bad for him to even step foot on planets…only for them to blow up afterwards. "Besides, over the trillion billion millenniums that have gone over time and space, I've notice many resistance to such God-hood powers to rival you four." The man spoke to ease the four CPUs, stating that as time past by, many new worlds he created had become strong enough to hold when under the power of God-like beings, even those to rival the Goddesses.

"What! To much of us running around, not possible!" Black Heart spoke in surprise and shock, to believe their were others that might even rival their powers, never heard of it?

"Have such creatures come to such an extent?" Green Heart asked puzzled, in wondering if time had brought in such strong life-forms now of all times?

"Just means it's another plan to go and clean it up." White Heart dryly remarked off, in thinking this will be messy when they step in, and the rest, might end up disastrous.

"Master, was this also a reason you created us and wanted us to observe some situations of other multiverses?" Purple Heart asked puzzled, as if suspecting her creator, her master, might have known this truth the whole time?

"Mostly, but as I said, I like some company." The man shrugged off his answer while mostly just wishing for some company, friends as many would say.

"…." The four CPUs were quiet, unsure how to respond?

"Alright my CPUs, it's time, are you ready to go through a new thrill?" The man turns to speak in un-waiting determination, now renewed and prepared to begin something that shall be one for the history books.

"Well, it will be a new start for us?" Purple Heart shrug off to state, as it wouldn't be bad to try something different after so much time in this place.

"Yah, who knows, maybe we'll see something nice?" Black Heart exclaimed in thinking of the positive side of things when they go out to see the world.

"I have wondered how to be in such a place would exist, the calm nature and everything?" Green Heart asked out her ruler in wondering how things that are so peaceful could exist, and longing to see just that.

"Well, I guess it's sounding better then standing around and looking after things here for more millennium? Okay, I'm in too." White Heart shrugged off in giving up and wanting to go with the others, thinking it'll be about more interesting then the jobs they've done for so long.

"Then it's time, let the 'Vision' of a new Chapter in history….Begin!" The Man spoke, as he waves his hands, sparkly dust surround him and the others, as he does the next thing that no one sees coming. "WOOOsssiihhummppOOhhmmm!" With that, they all vanished in a bright light which then faded, and now left this realm empty.

~Station Square~

At this time, we visit a quiet place, a city area by the name of Station Square, where all is peaceful?

"WRruushhmmm….." But then down the streets was a zooming blue blur within the winds, it went so fast, no one saw it coming and only felt a strong wind passing through? "WRusuhhmm…FRrushhmm….." Then the flashing blur went off from the city area to suddenly come to a complete stop right on top of a nice grassy hill spot with a nice tree for shade? The figure was seen looking over the entire Station Square area, but there was just one thing off, this wasn't a human being, it was something….more animal? He was a fifteen year old hedgehog, blue and-peach-skinned, and green-eyes. He's light weight, hyper friction resistant red sneakers with a white strap cuffs, and white gloves with sock-like cuffs. His name is Sonic the Hedgehog, known to be the fastest creature alive, he's a kind, and good-hearted person, but he's always looking for an adventure to make his life exciting which is usually beating enemies wanting to takeover or rule the world, but he some how finds a way to win through it all!

"Man, traveling around sure is exciting, but it's nice to just slow down to take in the scenic view?" Sonic spoke with a sly smile, as he gazes around the quiet city from his nice sunny view. "After all those other battles, I almost wonder what other excitement can get my attention?" The hedgehog looks back on all of his adventures, smiling, and even laughing on a few of them. "Hehehehn, besides fowling Doctor Eggman's schemes, of course?" To him, beating his arch-rival foe was always that one adventure that doesn't get very old much.

"Brusuhh…wrushmmmm…." Suddenly without much warning, a glowy sparkly dust flown right pass Sonic, almost like a trail of fireflies?

"Hugh, what's this thing?" Sonic asked completely surprise, as he thought those kinda insects appeared at night, it's still broad day light?

"PRsisihhumm…" Then without much warning again, they flashed in front of the hedgehog after letting themselves some how sense his presence?

"Woooh, flashy light show?" Sonic yelped from the bright light while shielding his arm over his eyes from going blind?

When the light died down, what surprised Sonic was what he found in place of the strange fireflies? It was a glowing golden letter card spiraling in a rotation while in the center, showed a hidden hooded cloak figure of particles of the same color? "Greetings warrior?" The mysterious hooded figure spoke, as if addressing Sonic's presence. "My little overseers sense that you are one of the lucky few to be chosen?" The being spoke in explaining that what was before Sonic, was something that was….observing him?

"Chosen?" Sonic replied a bit surprised from what he's hearing?

"Yes, they only take this form to allow this message to be seen only by strong challenging fighters, like yourself." The strange cloaked figure spoke to issue over that for the blue hedgehog, this messing is presented to only those strong like him.

"Hugh, you don't say?" Sonic responded with a smile, finding that was pretty much true for him.

"I shall make this messing be quick and simple of it's meaning?" The strange glowy figure spoke in wanting the hedgehog to listen what he has to say. "I am hosting a Tournament among Tournaments in which it is one completely different from anything else the world has ever known?" The voice spoke in stating plans for a tournament, one that by the sounds of it, is very special! "These message seekers shall search, and invite the greatest warriors to compete, all to show the world what you can do, and receive prizes far grander then anyone's wild imaginations could picture!" The figure explained that it searches for potential fighters, wanting to show their skills and earn prizes as a reward.

"Hugh, this almost sounds familiar, say tell me?" Sonic spoke with a hint of suspicion, like he heard this similar deal before? "You wouldn't happen to have the Chaos Emeralds as the prize, would you?" The hedgehog asked since he recalls those are the most prized and powerful emeralds in the world, with all seven accounted for, that is?

"The item that you speak, is not within our hold, but…there will be a power far greater to gain once competing that maybe similar." The mysterious messenger stated that they have no Chaos Emeralds, but the prize itself is something powerful indeed.

"Wow! Okay, now I'm interested?" Sonic spoke with a whistle in finding that pretty sweet to hear? "Where do I sign up?" Sonic waved out his hand in planning to perhaps try out this so-call tournament deal?

"If you wish to compete, there are by far many exhibition tournaments going around to challenge and to impress the judges enough to give any that show promise, the key entry to qualify." The mysterious hooded figure announced that there are many places where one can enter, but they must first prove they can be qualify to partake?

"Hugh, so I gotta fight the small fights before joining the big show?" Sonic slowly spoke when rubbing the back of his head, thinking he has to face the minors first, then take on the bigger challengers that lie and wait?

"Correct, this is happening everywhere around the world!" The mysterious being spoke that while he spoke, the event taking place is happening everywhere. "Those that are called 'Observers' shall serve as council judges to see any that have potential for the greatest Tournament to be under way." He states that the so-called judges will find only the most suited to have a fair shot of competing. "If you have what it takes, then this card shall guide you to where the nearest one is, and you will have access to enter." The being instructed that with the card, Sonic will be one of the lucky chosen picks to partake in this upcoming tournament.

"Sounds cool to me?" Sonic replied with a thumbs up, seeing and hearing this was getting him excited already.

"One last thing, even those that don't win, may still be chosen to partake!" The strange messenger exclaimed out that even those that don't success, may still have a shot some how? "But those that win are rewarded with something to make them grow even stronger." He also stated that for the luckier ones that win, fantastic prizes will await them, those that can make the fighters even…stronger! "Think of this as a clear way to be as strong as reaching your Super Form from the Seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic the Hedgehog!" The being easily states what the meaning of his words are suppose to link to ways that Sonic once got stronger in similar matters in the past?

"Wait? What!" Sonic yelped from this strange being glowing before him, actually spoke his name! "How'd you know all that? And I never said my name from the start?" Sonic stated out completely off guard, how this stranger not only know his name out of the blue, but also that his Super Form to become Super Sonic, needed all Seven Chaos Emeralds, how?

"All the answers shall be told, partake in this if you like, but be noted!" The mysterious figure spoke in near riddles in getting ready for one last word of advice. "Those like your accomplices and rival foes maybe seen if they are worthy, otherwise, the challengers can bring supporters that are with them." The being simply stated that if the challengers wanted to invite guest, they are allowed to. "All of this and more will be explained later, good luck." The figure finally decided to end his messing, as he has told all that he could now.

"PRuushhhmm…." With the messing received and finished, the figure of the hooded cloak person vanish, and the card was left where Sonic grabbed it? "Brugruhmm…." Then something appeared out from it's context that made the hedgehog yelp, but after calming down, saw it was….a map! With the directions of where Sonic can go to enter in these so called exhibition matches to show his stuff and be counted worthy to partake in the bigger tournament!

"Well Sonic, you wanted something more exciting, I guess this one was just the right calling card for you?" Sonic spoke to himself with a smile in thinking this was probably the next exciting event for him, as he looks to his card where a holomap showed…..some spots to head towards? "Wow, that guy wasn't kidding, there's over 10…no…50….100, over 1000 of these exhibition tournaments going all over Station Square?" Sonic was overwhelmed, and thought that this many tournaments for exhibition matches meant everyone was included? "Either they're inviting the whole town, or they really wanna find as many fighters to get in this tournament?" The hedgehog spoke from thinking what this was all about before shrugging the feeling off. "Heh, then I better get over to join where the action is!" Sonic exclaimed, as he zoom on off at a speedy flash to get to one of the destination spots, question was…which would he pick to enter in?

~Exhibition Spot~

At this moment, we see a small seat up tent that's about the size of a storage warehouse? There were many people going around it or those going inside to sign up to partake in the exhibition tournament happening right now?

"VRuuushhmmm…." The a flashing blur was seen approaching the place, which was non other then Sonic himself! He stops right outside the place, observes what he see's while holding up the gold card, wondering what he'll have to do next?

"I see you wish to partake, challenger?" Spoke a voice from behind Sonic, as he looks to see about an 8ft tall human-like feature person hiding under a dark-purple hooded cloak. This was one of the known Observers mentioned in the messenger that would watch over the tournament?

"Name's Sonic the Hedgehog, I came to see what this place has to offer?" Sonic spoke real easily and casually towards the Observer of what he's got set up here. "And from the looks of it, you're almost trying to invite the whole neighborhood?" The hedgehog made a little joke from seeing how many participants are swarming the place?

"This is only a small set up to find any potential hidden talented challengers that either can or cannot partake in the King's tournament." The Observer man spoke out in what he and the others were trying to do here. "But you, you have the golden card seal, so the overseer's have found one that is a worthy fighter that can truly compete for what is being planned." He exclaimed that for Sonic's case, he's one of the more special fighters here.

"Yeah, thanks?" Sonic replied back in thanking the man hidden in his cloak for the comment. "By the way, who is this….king suppose to be?" Sonic later asked something puzzling, like who this 'King' person was?

"That is for us to know, and for you… find out!" The Observer man exclaimed in mystery, stating that only he and his fellow members know that answer, but Sonic will have to find out on his own.

"Right? It had to be that response?" Sonic shrug off with a minor sweatdrop, seeing he ended up walking into that one?

"Follow us?" The Observer man asked that Sonic follow him inside, which the hedgehog listen without questioning?

"So how many do I have to fight after each win while waiting for the next opponent?" Sonic asked the man who is in his mind, in-charge while noticing a few of the competition so far?

"If you can manage to fight over 100 of these exhibition matches and win, we are order to present a gift to the top winner. And there is no breaks, the fighters are random, so you cannot prepare who you'll face until afterwards." The Observer judge explained out a brief cover up of how the situation is suppose to even work around here, and from the sounds of it, it sounds tough?

"A hundred matches! All in a single day of the hour? You're joking? How are any of these fighters able to do any of that" Sonic yelped in shock before asking in surprise of how anyone could do much of all that?

"His majesty prepares all, those like…you…can handle quite a few armies of robots, if memory recalls?" The Observer judge stated off while briefly recalling Sonic's past actions that are seemingly seem to be no big deals when facing so many overwhelming forces.

"Yeah, I guess your right?" Sonic rubbed the back of his neck in knowing he was caught off guard there, if he could do such an act, there might be others like that too? "Okay, then bring them on!" Sonic smiled with a sly smirk, as he followed to his battle ring area, as the other Observer members prepare for his unexpected fights?

A while later, it had reached about 2 in the afternoon, and the exhibition match was already completed?

"We thank you all for partaking, we have seen enough, and will notify any of you that have shown the capabilities to enter our highness' Tournament Of The GODS!" The Obverser judge spot with his other members standing behind him on a set stage to make the announcements.

There were many of the challengers that were whispering, hearing this sounded like what they went through was small potatoes compared to what is far ahead should they even be accepted in or not?

"And now, the surprising winner of the tournament of these exhibition matches!" The Observer judge soon decided to move on in introducing the surprising winner that has amazingly won the exhibition tournament. "Sonic the Hedgehog!" He spoke in mentioning the lucky winner which in this case, was someone many knew all too well!

"RARRruurghhhh!" Many of the proud fighters and competitors made a loud roaring cheer, knowing Sonic's name and reputation, they felt if anything, they were proud he fought and while some faced him, others were glad he won it all!

"May the winner please step forward?" The Observer judge stated with a wave in asking for the blue hedgehog to approach him and his members on stage.

"Yo, right here pal?" Sonic waved out to walk up on the set before standing before the known Observers.

"Now, here is your prize for surviving and winning as the top best." The Observer members held out a small box, as he soon opens it to reveal the prize! "PRiisuuhmm…." From the flashy lights that appeared from within, after a moment, the prize is shown to be….three small white sphere orbs each glimmering brighter from the reflected light?

"Ohhh?" The crowd 'was' at such a magnificent sight, even Sonic was amazed at the prize?

"Wow, amazing! What are they?" Sonic spoke in astounded amazement, as he asked what these things he was presented could even be?

"These are known by the King's very creation, 'Power Spheres', which is something to be rare indeed!" The Observer judge explained to Sonic that the three spheres are a creation to their 'king' and are very special.

"How's that?" Sonic asked slightly curious about that statement that caught his and many others attention?

"Imagine, you are different from normal people, correct?" The Observer judge gives a brief example of Sonic being different from normal people, as he goes on. "Your Super Speed is what makes you unique, but if a normal person takes these Power Spheres, either by grasping them or eating them, will make them grow with unlimited strength never unlocked before after absorbing their power in their system!" From the explanation, anyone that takes these Power Spheres, can unlock hidden powers buried inside them.

"So you're saying, I take these, and I change myself into something stronger?" Sonic pointed out with a sly smile and a curious thought in hearing this all correctly?

"Yes, it can awaken many abilities to match humans as Super-Humans, such as; Super Speed, Super Strength, Super Flight, and even grants the user some special abilities quote unique to them, and even possibly controlling the powers of certain elements." The Observer judge nods in briefing the known subjects that are known and some that can being of the surprising result? "So if a very strong warrior like you takes one or all, then you will either awaken powers that were lying tormented inside of you, or possibly evolve you with new traits or how you really are inside?" The man explained that any that takes these Power Spheres, shall receive something completely shocking to who knows what it would be?

"But these are just the prototypes, the effects from these things are still unknown, since his majesty is trying to make them be perfect. He only authorized this for fighters that wish to enhance themselves before the start of his tournament?" One of the nearby Observers spoke to explain that their king made these as the early prototypes and that he wished to make them be more perfect, but is giving away the old ones as a little something extra?

"So tell us, will you accept this gift, and if so, are you planning to use them?" Another Observer asked the blue hedgehog in showing the Power Spheres out more, asking if Sonic would like to have them, or maybe perhaps try one to see what happens?

"Well I'll hold onto the gift, but as for using them, nah?" Sonic slowly lowers his head with his sly expression not changing, as he gave out his cool expressed answer, which was bizarre in a way? "If these are the prototypes, then I think I rather not worry about some unfortunate effects they have on this cool blue hedgehog if this king of yours said he show more perfectly safe items the next time." Sonic stated that for him, he like being himself without wanting to risk the chance of a permanent change if he ever used the prototypes.

"I very wish decision, most would jump the moment too soon to take something that the king said was still in need of perfecting." Another Observer spoke from hearing Sonic's answer, believing it to be the most wisest thing to be heard all day. "This shows you are strong in both body, mind, and heart." He stated from Sonic's well seen appearance, that he has what it may take to compete in the Ultimate tournament the king is planning!

"REEooowwhhhh!" Suddenly, there was a cat's screeching noise outside the place that caught others attention? "Tweet-Tweet!" Then there was a bird's swanking call, like it was being chased by the said cat which in fact, was going on inside the structure?

"WHah? Where did those two come from?" The Observer judge yelps from seeing a runaway cat and bird flying/chasing around in the room?

"Some neighborhood cat was chasing that bird, and now they're fighting inside?" Another of the Observers reported from seeing the cat chase the bird around and under their legs?

"Watch out, they're gonna hit that…." Another Observer tried to warn the others of where the cat and bird were heading, but…. "Breakishhmm…." Too late, as the cat pounced on a fish tank from catching the bird of it's prey which tipped and broke on impact. "Fish tank?" The Observer finished with a late warning and sweatdrop on his forehead.

"Gaugh?" The Observer Judge yelps from slipping on the water, but he also accidentally knocks into his members with on of them…holding the Power Spheres still open? "Oh no! The Experimental Prototype Power Spheres?" He exclaimed to gasp in shock, as everyone saw those things few out of the box and into the air were some recovering cat, bird, and a flopping fish were seen after a quick flash flood happened from the fish tank's water breaking out?

"Gulphm…." The cat swallowed the first Power Sphere pill that dropped into it's open mouth.

"Gulphm…?" The bird even tried to fly up, but when it was about to make a sound, the second Power Sphere went into it's beak where it swallowed it by accident.

"Gulphm…!" Even the gapping fish on the ground had it's mouth open before the last Power Sphere entered it's mouth and swallowed it.

"Wooh, they actually ate them?" Sonic spoke a bit surprised from seeing some local animals ended up eating his prize, odd really?

"REeoowhh/Arrrckhhh!" Suddenly, the cat, the bird, and even one of the fish was flapping and aching in pain?

"Hey, what's happening now?" Sonic yelped from not understanding the situation, but it seem the Observers felt a bit cautious from what they were seeing.

"Brisisivhhmm…" Suddenly, a bright glow escaped the bodies of the animals on the ground, as it was expending, covering their entire figures until nothing was left?

"This is bad, everyone clear out!" The Chief Observer spoke with an over-concerning voice in seeing the situation is about to go bad, and is ordering everyone to leave at once!

"ARrruughh…" The Observers were screaming to flea the scene, they knew what this meant, and even the other competitors wasted no time leaving the scene.

Outside the finished Tournament tent's ground, all the Observers were running out, and just before something unnatural happened!

"TRrususvhmm….BAmgruvhmm…." Then without much warning, bright lights were shot out of the tournament tents before something ended up exploding from within?

"Fruuvhmm…." We see Sonic zoom out of the place thanks to his Super Speed, and just slide to stop in seeing the entire tournament these Observers performed to find only the worthy challengers, completely fell apart?

But what really caught everyones eyes was what was coming from out of the ruins, as it was something…not human or a normal animal? What appeared where shrouded by some tiny flames burning from the left over explosion, but it almost looks like they were undamaged, they didn't even seem hurt, much less flinch? However, the most fearsome appearance were their red eyes glaring out, as if striking fear into all the citizens.

"RUUUAARRrroorrrhhh!" First up, came a loud feline's roar fitting for a cheetah or lioness, and it sounded fierce?

From the outlook, it looks like a 5 ft tall human girl of age 15 by standard appearance? Her main appearance is of a hybrid human-animal that's physical appearance is distinctly cat-like. A thick, sleek coat of orange fur with black stripes covers her entire body. She has pointed ears, sharper-than-normal teeth with pronounced upper and lower canines, eyes with enlarge red and vertically-slitted pupils, wild fluffy red hair down her backside, a long semi-prehensile tail, and retractable claws on her feet and hands instead of nails.

"PRAAAarruRAaakhhhh!" The next was close to a bird's loud squawking noise that was screeching in the air above as well as the surrounding grounds.

From the outlook, she looks like a 5 ft tall human girl of age 15 by standard appearance? Her main appearance is of a humanoid bird of white-blue skin, violet feather legs, her light-blue wings are shown on her back, and her arms and feet are bird-like with sharp yellow talons with white long nails on edge. She has long red hair going down to her back, and has red eyes that look perfect to be fitting of a predator hawk.

"BRUAAArrrruAaaurgh!" Another that came out was one matching like a sea creatures call, almost like a whale or even a sea-serpent?

From the outlook, she looks like a 5 ft tall human girl of age 15 by standard appearance? Visibly humanoid in some cases, she resemble's various marine creatures in her body structure, and is shown to have red eyes. She is generally covered in silver scales, which give her a pale blue sheen from a distance, and has dark blue spots on her extremities. She shows feminine body features, and her head and face are much more humanoid (her overall appearance seems to be based off that of mermaids), and she has what appears to be coral-like growths which give her the impression of having hair. Where humans sometimes have long hair, her's has rear-hanging caudal extensions of her head's shaped like the tail of a dauphin, perhaps as a cephalic form of dorsal fin. She has two large ulnar fins located distally on her forearms, and has two smaller fins at her ankles, and two clear butterfly wings with light-blue lining on their outward appearance. She sometimes make her feet and hands be webbed like a fish-like creature of the sea. She lacks ears in the traditional sense, but she does have a pronounced nose. She has gills on her ribs, analogous to the placement of lungs on a human, in close relating to a fish able to breath underwater.

"Ohhh, boy, I think I'm guessing those Power Spheres aren't just ordinary pills to make you strong, but change even something normal to….well that?" Sonic replied with a sweat-drop expressed face, seeing something that was totally unlike anything he's ever encounter before?

"ROAARRruguhhh!" The cat girl roared out loudly from feeling a bit soar before finally getting to look around at where she is? "Where…Am…I? And….What, Am I?" She saw herself, very much didn't understand what was happening around her, from who she is or where she's at?

"I would think it's obvious?" The bird girl stated off from seeing the cat girl, recalling some events earlier. "We've some how been effected by what we recalled swallowing, turning us into these….whatever we are?" She looked at herself and the cat girl, seeing their new appearances are something a little different from normal?

"Evolution." The fish girl spoke with a calm and lonesome voice, as she stood up to explain something. "What we swallowed ended up evolving us from our primal states, and somehow….I feel some unnatural power and abilities I've never had as a normal fish?" She looked at her own hands, seeing the webbing and noticing her new-found wings, completely unnatural is the right sense for this?

"Now that you mention it, my wings feel different, yet at the same time…?" The bird girl spoke from looking to her new wings, even feeling her feathers and felt…a difference? "Stronger? Everything about me feels, amazing?" She exclaimed from some how feeling not only her body, but a new inner power was sleeping inside of her?

"POWWwhmm…." Suddenly, the cat girl punched a stone wall that shattered to pieces, and once more, there was no sign of injure on the flesh? "Reoowh? I like this! Forget being normal, I've never felt so much power in my LIFE!" She gazes around the city, and then makes a wickedly sly smile across her face. "What say we test these 'new skills' of ours to the test, girls?" She was asking her new 'friends' in trying their gifts out in the city district, and for kicks!

"Well, being animals, we do tend to cause a riot with the people, why not? I'm in!" The bird girl spoke in knowing as animals, people always never cared about them, or what they do much, so with a smile, she decided to apply for the idea.

"I didn't like being in that fish container, and being looked at or just ignored, I like to just be myself in my own open world." The fish girl spoke in distracting herself, feeling she wanted something, but was always kept in a small world and never to be taken seriously.

"So it's a yes, let's ROCK!" The cat girl replied out in thinking that was a yes, and raised her fist to signal their chance to have some fun, and that's by…destroying things?

"BOommgruvhhmm…." They no sooner were breaking stuff from a few close hard structure supports into pieces. "SLIccehhmm…." Stone structures were sliced in halves like they were paperweights and without much difficulty. "CLRruusffvhmm….." Even waves of the rubble was falling down to create too much smoke to see anything, all anyone knew was of the loads of chaotic destruction?

"Okay, somebody wanna explain why we got runaway animals attacking the city?" Sonic turned to see some remaining tournament Observers standing around, the hedgehog needed answers, and he needed them, fast!

"It's because they took those capsule pills so suddenly, it's having a side-effect on what was driving them." The Chief Observer explained to Sonic on what's happen to the ordinary creatures that are now causing some mayhem.

"And those would be?" Sonic asked a bit puzzled, as he's not sure about what the so-called 'drive' thing was even about, but he would get his answer.

"The cat was driven by 'Blind Rage' in furiously trying to get it's target, the bird?" The Chief Observer explained off the first thing, and that was the cat that was blinded by her rage that effected her. "The bird was driven by 'Sly Tauntment' in teasing it's pursuer in a fruitless effort?" He explained that from the bird, she clearly was in now danger, but was making sport of being chased which fueled the cat's rage. "The fish was driven by 'Calm Regret' which while calm, felt nothing while feeling her deeper emotions in kept." He explained about the fish being somewhat calm, but felt such lonesome in the tank before it got it's freedom. "Please, you must try to stop them from destroying this city while we get in contact with his majesty." The Chief Observer pleaded for Sonic's help while he and the others reecho their 'king' for aid.

"Leave it to me, I got this!" Sonic smiled and pointed to himself in feeling he can handle this, or so he believes.

"Just watch out for…." Just as the Chief Observer was about to give a final warning to Sonic, he was cut off. "Brruussvhmm…." Sonic used his Super Speed to run right off leaving the poor person in the dust who watched the blue hedgehog go. "Any new abilities they maybe capably of using, like elements?" He later finished his warning, but was too late, Sonic was out of sight, and could only pray the blue hedgehog wasn't getting overhead here?

~Downtown Of Station Square~

Later on, in a hall destroyed downtown area that was evacuated, the three evolved animals were still having their 'fun' testing their new abilities?

"Hahaha, now this is fun?" The cat girl laughed off from sitting on a ruined statue, smiled off at seeing the fine work she and her new friends have done.

"True, I've never felt so much, it's overwhelming?" The bird girl flew to land near the cat girl, expressing from her talons the feeling of a grip, completely something else.

"Well, what can we do next?" The fish girl walked across from a made pound of water to the other girls, asking in a calm face of where to go from here?

"VRusuvhmm…." Suddenly without a warning, all three of the evolved animal girls were pushed aside by a blur of wind.

"Gaaagh?" The three evolved animal girls yelped from the force that made them fall on the ground, only to get up looking somewhat surprised in what happened to them?

"Hey! Who's There?" The cat girl snapped with an angry face, demanding the identity of whoever it was that caught them off guard!

The girls soon saw that the blur stopped to reveal non other then Sonic, as he looked to them with a serious face.

"Sorry ladies, but your play times over." Sonic replied off in stating this message, even cracked a sly smile from making this a fun habit of his when facing some opponents.

"A hedgehog?" The bird girl spoke surprised from noticing the structure of Sonic's anthropomorphic figure? "Is he like us, no wait, he's….somewhat, different?" She spoke from trying to understand the difference between Sonic's features and of their own evolve states, they were both of a different sort?

"And he's blue at that which from his species, ar not suppose to be?" The fish girl spoke with a calm expression in seeing that out of everything, the hedgehog they see was blue which is not a 'normal' color of such species?

"Name's Sonic!" Sonic pointed his thumb at himself in introducing himself to the ladies. "Sonic the Hedgehog!" After he finished with his full name introduction, he went to point his index finger at the troublesome girls. "And who do I have the honor of stopping your reckless rampage?" He made it sound like it was a casual event for him, he didn't even seem much worried?

"Nrrrugh! Show off, but if you wanna know, we're…." The cat girl snarled at such ego of Sonic's, as she was standing to present herself. "Ugh…?" Just then, she froze stiff, as if something came to her just now? "Say, come to think of it, do we have names?" She looked over to her other evolved friends in asking this puzzling question out of the blue?

"Gah?" Sonic almost lost his balance from hearing this right, he's facing three fighters that were once normal animals and they don't even have names?

"That's hard to forget, but in our new permanent forms, we need new names?" The fish girl exclaimed off that since they are no longer normal animals, they need new names to better suit their appearance and abilities.

"That sounds great, I say we give ourselves code names, we can live as new beings for all to remember that way!" The bird girl replied with a sly smile in explaining out in adea, their new names shall be something which all shall remember that's more then a normal name, but for a title.

"So….are ya gotta tell me who you are or not?" Sonic asked with a sweatdrop in seeing his opponents are finally settling the debate of picking names to identify themselves with?

"Hehn, if you're in that much of a rush, then you best prepare yourself against me, TerraBlaze!" The cat girl remarked off with a smirky attitude, as she announced who she is, TerraBlaze.

"Not to mention, you'll be facing me as well on either land or air, CycloneThunder!" The bird girl waved her wings out to exclaim her point, saying that her name is, CycloneThunder.

"And lastly, there will be me, AquaFreeze!" The fish girl calmly expressed herself while telling her name to the hedgehog, AquaFreeze.

"O…kay, those are different names, but at least I'll know who I'm facing?" Sonic exclaimed slowly a bit puzzled by such strange name choices, but shrug it off to get ready as he was in battle position.

"The first to take you out, will be ALL MINE!" TerraBlaze no sooner announces, as she jumps in the air with an incredibly fast agility, and spins in the air to plan something. "Seismic Shockwave!" She called out, as she was bringing her kick right leg to stomp the blue hedgehog. "BOomgruvvhmm…" On contact with an inch away from the hedgehog's spot, she created shockwaves equivalent to a powerful earthquake that was breaking the ground apart.

"Frrusvhhmm…" At a lucky notice, Sonic used his Super Speed, but was cutting it close when he ran away from such destructive danger. "Man, that cat-girl is crazily strong, almost like Knuckles?" Sonic stated to himself with a tiny sweatdrop, he's starting to rethink that anyone that can be equal to his strong friend won't be so easy to go down?

"Frruusvhhmm….." Then if that wasn't a big surprise of the day, Sonic looked to see..TerraBlaze running close up to his Super Speed and preparing to strike with her sharp claws.

"Wooh?" Sonic dodges that cat girl's claws, but just an inch before dashing off another direction to get some space. "They're pretty fast on their feet, this must be the Super Speed those Observer guys mentioned, and I might guess they each have something close to Super Strength?" The hedgehog spoke in his mind from the thought of what he heard from one of the Observers, and from the effects of those Power Spheres, this result maybe too much against even for Sonic to handle without taking precaution?

"Heavy Feather Storm!" CycloneThunder suddenly swooped from above Sonic, as she crossed her wings to prepare for her own attack. "Trusfftrusfftrusffhhmm…." She unleashed a storm barrage from shooting her feathers straight down at such a fast speed.

"GAAiugh?" Sonic yelped from the feathers trying to strike him, as he was dodging with his Super Speed before the attack ended just as he skidded to a stop. Then moment he went to touch the feathers, he felt something strange? "Whah, what are these things made of, steel?" To the hedgehog's shock, the feathers were so heavy and sturdy, they were completely opposite of being 'light as a feather' in this case?

"Aqua Shots!" Suddenly while distracted by the weight of the feathers, AquaFreeze held open her palm hands to prepare her attack. "Prusvhm…prusvhmm…" She ended up releasing from her palm hands were water orbs firing straight at the distracted hedgehog.

"Yikes! Wooh!" Sonic yelped from noticing he was almost about to get hit, but used his Super Speed in the notch of time. "BLUsphm-Blusphm…." Sonic saw those attacks burst upon impacting anything they hit, the ground, walls, all of it was breaking the structure from such high pressure force. "First the ground, then the air, now water, these girls got some crazy stuff?" Sonic spoke from dashing around the ground, noticing that each of these girls has some crazy ability over the elements? "But wait, that Observer guy did mention something in which challengers can possibly get elemental powers, maybe that's what these girls have?" The hedgehog's mind told him these things, as his thoughts were clear in knowing what his opponents strengths were.

"BREakkgruvhhmm…." Suddenly, TerraBlaze bashed her fist in the ground, cracking a line path towards Sonic. "BRUGRUufffuhmm…." But as Sonic tried to turn the other way, the cracking path surprisingly rerouted itself to follow the hedgehog before exploding from underneath him.

"GAaaugh?" Sonic yelped from in the air after that sneak attack blasted him up airboard while still getting over something. "Okay, controlling the ground's pathway of choice diffidently smells like she's manipulating it?" Sonic exclaimed from not believing this, TerraBlaze could maniple the Earth itself, not a cool deal to be handling alone?

"BLrruuffruvhm…." Suddenly a giant wind storm was blowing Sonic even while in mid air.

"WAaauugh?" Sonic yelped again, but saw the culprit, it was CycloneThunder's doing. "Great, she can manipulate the wind with her wings and hands, or more of the word, talons?" To the hedgehog, he should have seen that coming from someone who's practically a bird to use the wind.

"PRRususvhhmm…." The without warning, a jet stream of water was heading straight for Sonic!

"Oh-No! I'm guessing who's manipulating the water? WAAaughh!" Sonic yelp in fear at seeing something he didn't like seeing, as he had a strong guess who was controlling the water. "Clrussvhmm…." The hedgehog was taken into the water, as the stream was lashing out against the open waters.

Below, AquaFreeze was behind it's controls from amazingly breaking off a fire hydrant. She was joined by TerraBlaze and CycloneThunder in watching with their own smiles at defeating this hedgehog?

But while Sonic thought he was almost done for, he soon heard a voice?

"Sonic!" Spoke out a young voice that was blinded from the hedgehog's vision.

"Frussvhm….splash…." At that lucky moment, a figure from the air swooped down to grab Sonic's hand and pull him out from the water stream before it could impact in open waters.

The savor was an eight year old child with yellow-orange/white fur, his hair is yellow-orange/white (for his chest), his skin is yellow-orange/white, and his eyes are sky blue. He wears white gloves and socks with small black belts securing them, red and white sneakers. His name was Miles "Tails" Prower, but everyone calls him Tails, and he's best friends with Sonic. Tails can just about do anything if he thinks about it and sums up all the answers correctly. He also has many different creations, and his intelligence matches Sonic's foe, Doctor Eggman. He also has a tendency to talk techno-babble, much to the irritation of his friends. His greatest gift is to fly, not only airplanes, but with the help of his two-tails he uses as a helicopter by rotating them.

"Gaugh-Bluagh?" Sonic was coughing out some water he sucked in, and when he could breath, he spoke to his rescuer. "Tails, boy am I glad to see you, bro.?" The hedgehog sign in relief to know his little buddy manage to give him a quick save just now.

"Like wise?" Tails nodded in response to Sonic's comment before he used his rotating tails to bring them down on solid ground.

The three girls below saw this rescue, and were shocked from noticing who saved Sonic!

"What the, a fox that flies?" CycloneThunder replied completely puzzled in seeing a fox that could even fly in the air like a bird?

"It also seems to sprout off two tails, strange?" AquaFreeze replied to rub her chin in finding Tails' two tails, a strange case for even the evolved creature girls?

Suddenly, TerraBlaze's expression changed when she felt something…danger! "WATCH OUT!" She shouted to her group, sensing that something was coming at them!

"WAaughh…" The three girls scream from just ducking out of the way of….a GAINT BOULDER ROCK? "Clashhmm…." At that moment, the giant boulder had crashed on the spot the trio were and luckily got out of the way.

From the distance, everyone saw who the thrower was on top of a fallen building which only made Sonic's face show a sly smile?

It was a sixteen year old echidna, red/peach/white (for Birthmark and gloves)/black (for nose), and violet eyes. He wears white gloves with pointed knuckles, red and yellow shoes, and green cuffs. He is known as Knuckles the Echidna, known to be honest, independent, short-tempered, headstrong, devoted to his duty and somewhat gullible. He is very serious and usually likes to be by himself, but can be relied upon to help out whenever the planet needs saving. He has a rivalry in some form with Sonic, jealous of his independent nature and freedom. He is also shown to feel quite angered whenever he even thinks that he was tricked especially when people say one thing, but lie to him which really gets under his skin, he is extremely stubborn and is loyal to his duty, although he does go with Sonic and friends to save the world at times, though sometimes he is easily fooled into walking into traps. He's best quality is for having Super Strength to really clobber anyone that dares to go against him.

"Knuckles, are you a sight for soar eyes?" Sonic comically addressed his red echidna friend who jumped down to join the hedgehog and Tails.

"Hmph, you can thank me later for saving your hid, Sonic." Knuckles remarked off from seeing his blue friend was making sport of joking around after he did most of the work.

"Knuckles and I were checking out this exhibition Tournament when we each got invites?" Tails went off to explain why they are here, basically, it's the same situation as Sonic's case? "But then we heard some commotion happening here and decided to check it out." The fox stated out the part where the commotion was the three evolved animal girls causing a havoc in the city.

"And as always, you're in the center of this dilemma." Knuckles dryly exclaimed to remark how Sonic just had to be apart of it some how? "So you wanna explain what we're up against?" The echidna asked Sonic from all three of them looking down to see their 'opponents' who are recovering from their surprise from earlier?

"Believe it our not, a couple of normal animals of a cat, a bird, and a fish eat some capsule pills, turn them into frightful warriors with speed and strength to match our own, plus some elements under their control." Sonic briefly held the back of his head to shrug off in stating the quick, simple explanation of what's happening here.

Down below within a few meters away, the girls recovered from Knuckles' surprise sneak attack, and watched the hedgehog explain to his friends on the situation.

"Now we seem to have an Echidna on our hands?" AquaFreeze stated from noticing the newest person to interfere, and it was Knuckles.

"They just keep popping all over the place?" CycloneThunder remarked off from cleaning the dust off her feathers, staring at the fighters before them?

"I don't care who they are, they're history!" TerraBlaze snapped off in rage, feeling like she just wanted to claw whoever it was that attack them.

"Well ladies, hope you're ready for round two, cause my pals, Tails and Knuckles are iching to join." Sonic turned to smile at the opponents while introducing his pals.

"Then in that case, your flying friend is mine!" CycloneThunder exclaimed off on who she'll face, as she quickly soar up into the air.

"I'll handle her, good luck with your side." Tails spoke to his two pals, as he used his tails to fly up in the air, planning to face his own opponent.

"Okay Hedgehog, you're mine!" TerraBlaze prepared her claws in ready to strike Sonic when….

"No, you handle the Echidna." AquaFreeze held up her hand in stopping her cat friend from jumping ahead into this.

"WHY?" TerraBlaze yelled out with an annoyed face that she wasn't gonna fight Sonic, but Knuckles?

"The hedgehog appears weak to water, therefore, I'm more suited to defeat him." AquaFreeze factored in the info from watching Sonic's earlier reaction, realizing his weakness and plans to defeat him by such means. "You can enjoy sparing with his friend, he appears to be the strongest." She turned to point over at Knuckles, telling her cat friend to take on the echidna since he appeared to be strong while TerraBlaze seem to like enjoying some brawl maneuvers.

"Hehn, why didn't you say so, that's just fine with me!" TerraBlaze replied with a wicked smirk, as she pounded her fist in her palm, cracking it with excitement in what she'll be doing.

"Looks like someone's appearing a bit cocky?" Knuckles smiled off to state on his chosen opponent acting all high and mighty all of a sudden. "Okay Sonic, we each have our fighters, so don't go messing things up by losing to that fish-girl?" The red echidna turned to remind his blue hedgehog friend to not mess up, just cause he's facing someone who can use an element of his one weakness.

"Trust me, I' know my strengths, and trying to overcome this weakness, well, I'll just run along with it?" Sonic showed a thumbs up with a smile expression in saying he'll just 'wing it' to his concern friend.

"Figures you say that?" Knuckles shrug off with a calm expression, seeing Sonic would say something like that? Once that was over, he brought his fist up, and soon jumped up high into the air. "RARrughh!" He makes a loud battle cry, as he held his left fist back in preparing to jab it forward.

"REOORERuugh!" TerraBlaze soon followed Knuckles' plan, she jumped and pulled her own left fist back while making a battle cry, planning to swing it at the right moment.

"BAMGRruvhhmm….." Both fist collided, and created a strong shockwave that blew the other back. "Grruvhmm….." Both Knuckles and TerraBlaze skidded backwards from their blows and away from Sonic and AquaFreeze's fight area.

"Gotcha! REoowwhh!" TerraBlaze lifted her head up with a smile, as she brought for her right hand, gripped it into a fist and charged to deliver a strike punch to Knuckles' face.

"Not qoute?" Knuckles remarked his opponent, as TerraBlaze was about to throw her punch, the echidna was preparing a counter move. "Quake Punch!" Knuckles aimed his right fist to the ground, and delivered a strong punch to it. "BOOMmmgruvhhmm…." That alone caused a shockwave that shook things up to even stun his opposing opponent charging him.

"Gaahahha?" TerraBlaze yelped from a lost her balance at that time, her speed was disturbed from the opposing punch into the ground with that much force to cause fissures.

"Try this next, Uppercut!" Knuckles saw his opponent distracted enough to dash in front of TerraBlaze to launch his next attack. "Powhh….." And he did, he delivered a powerful uppercut very quickly to the cat girl's stomach.

"GAaaugh?" TerraBlaze flinched back from almost gagging, as she backway while holding her stomach in near pain? "WHY..YOUUuuu….!" She looked up at Knuckles with fury and annoyance in her eyes, she was defiantly not liking Knuckles for being so strong, even stronger then she had expected. "Slichhm…." From blinded rage, she tried to use her other hand and slashed her claws against her close target, but missed Knuckles to only slice off a four pillars holding a building's front doors open.

"You clearly need better aim?" Knuckles remarked off to the cat-girl with a teasing smile, seeing he was starting to get under her skin in having this fight in the bag.

"Then hold still and I'll SHOW YOU! REeowhhh!" TerraBlaze snarled out in fury, as she stood up to let out a roar before jumping to attack the echidna with her claws.

Knuckles manage to dodge before he launched his own surprise attack. "Fire Punch!" Soon Knuckles held up his name-sakes to concentrate in preparing his named attack. "BriifUPhhmm….." At that moment, Knuckles lit his name-sake fist to deliver an ignited flame towards his target.

And there, he bashed his flaming fist right at TerraBlaze's claws that she tried to use as a blockage movement.

"Ach?" TerraBlaze yelped from the attack, as the Echidna's fist was on fire, so she changed her strategy to defied with her claws to block the attack. "POwwfruvhmm…." The flaming attack bashed against her defense, but that distracted her from actually feeling the force pressure dealing greater damage to her. "Gaugh?" She cringed from the blazing punch that was causing her pain, but her distraction left an opening.

"I'm not done yet, here's the finish!" Knuckles proclaimed out with a serious face, as he still had another ace to play. "Deep Impact!" Knuckles soon brought his free fist back to prepare his final strike against TerraBlaze. "POWWHUMm…..!" And he delivered that attack right in the cat-girl's exposed stomach which from the after-force air-burst, could spell instant KO!

"UAgh?" TerraBlaze gagged out with wide eyes, as if she was feeling that strong force of Knuckles' attack pushing her further and further from where she stood. "PRruufvhmm…BAammgruvhmm…." That attack was powerful enough to send TerraBlaze skyrocketing off to bash herself into a building and get buried a bit underneath it's rubble.

Knuckles smiled at his work, seeing he won that battle hands down, and made leave to find out how Sonic and Tails are fairing?

Meanwhile at this time, Tails was trying his best against CycloneThunder within the air.

"Fruvvhmm….." At the moment, Tails was having some tricky time with his opponent! "You maybe able to fly well with the addition of speed to make you difficult, but you seem to lack much combat skills, kid?" CycloneThunder exclaimed off from her observing of Tails movement and found out that while he's good at flight and with speed, he lacks a bit of combat physical strength needed to battle at close range.

"Says a bird that wasn't trying to destroy things when it was normal until now?" Tails remarked from being insulted by telling his opponent that she was once something of a more peaceful being before becoming something dangerous.

"That doesn't matter, now that I'm now evolved, but the rules for flight never change! The skies belong to those that have wings, I don't completely understand how others can do it?" CycloneThunder waved off her left arm with a not caring expression while going into some detail of the rules in the skies. "Weather by wings, even machines or magic, or psychic abilities, they are understandable, but the nature of yours is too weird?" She explained in getting the parts of how those mentioned can take to the air, but Tails' nature is too complex to even comprehend any knowledge of nature?

"Well sorry, but I like flying, and I'll keep flying all my life!" Tails pointed to himself in declaring that no matter what, or who tells him, he'll enjoy flying no matter what.

"Hmph, then it's time I cut your ties to the skies and back on the ground!" CycloneThunder hummed off in finding that declare funny before showing her claws in preparing to get serious in bringing Tails down. "RAAoorrughhh!" She made a loud screeching squawk sound before lashing across the air with speed to match, yet all Tails could do was watch, and….wasn't budging to dodge, why?

"Now!" Tails spoke in his mind from seeing a chanced opportunity, as he takes out some small gold rings from a hidden stash on his person. "Dummy Rings!" Then afterwards, he tossed his mini-rings out and directly at his opponent who saw them coming.

"Slashh…." Soon CycloneThunder slashed her talons across the mini-rings from instincts. "BOOmmmgruvhhmm…." Of course, the moment she did, they ended up exploding in her face all of a sudden.

"GAauughh?" CycloneThunder yelped from the force of that surprise attack she didn't expect, as she was pushed back a bit. "Why you, explosive rings? That won't…." As she raised her arms down from defending and was about to say such a tactic would not help when…. "BRzizizihh….." Suddenly without warning, a stunning paralyzing voltage was coursing over her entire body! "WAAAauugh?" She let off a scream from this effect taking hold, this puzzled her, as she doesn't know how she got caught by this?

"Sorry, they do sometimes explode, but some of them can stun my opponents." Tails explained to CycloneThunder with a smile, as he hovered his tail copter over to her side. "I may not be well fit in combat, but I can use my brain to out-think my opponents with my gadgets and inventions." The young fox explained out from what he lacked in brawn, he makes up for it with his brain which is just a powerful weapon when used in battle.

"You…Tricked Me?" CycloneThunder struggled from being paraylzed by the stun effect of the Dummy Rings, she looked pretty ticked at being tricked by a child?

"But here's a move I can give you that'll be physical!" Tails announced out with his hands on his waist, as he gets himself ready to launch a surprise move. "Tail Swat!" Tails ended up twirling his name-sakes around before making them face against his opponent.

"Whipm-Whipm-Whipm!" And the young fox ended up slapping his twin tails against his foe with each hit adding to the other.

"Gaugh-Gagh-Guuah?" CycloneThunder yelped from each time Tails made an impact on her, it effected her more and more, making her lose some focus maintaining her flight in the air, but….."Frruvhmmm…BOommgruuvhmm…." Soon she lost her ability to stay in the air, and CycloneThunder had crashed down on the ground right where TerraBlaze was defeated near?

Tails smiled with a little laugh from seeing he won, then got serious before he rushed off to find Knuckles and Sonic. Unaware that the echidna won his battle, but for the hedgehog, that's a tricky thing to ask?

Now lastly was Sonic's fight against AquaFreeze, and the battle was with speed against fast water?

"Pressure Tides!" AquaFreeze held up her hands to which started to unleash a strong jet of water. "Prrusvhmm..Splashhmm…." Her attack made a piercing blast blow against the hard solid structures while it still chased it's target, the hedgehog.

"Are we hear to fight, or have a water squirt fight?" Sonic replied out with a joke when he asked the question on this battle.

"You seem to want to intimidate me, but that tactic will not work." AquaFreeze calmly spoke with a dry face, as she continued to control her attack to chase Sonic. "As long as I use your one weakness, you cannot win." To her, she figured out the weak point that Sonic can't win against, and it's with that knowledge, that she'll lead her to victory.

"Boy, if I had a nickel for ever time any opponent or villain told me that?" Sonic comically responded with a tiny laugh, cause it's very true for he's faced such dangers before.

"Your jokes do you little, as all you can do is run while you cannot lay a single attack on me." AquaFreeze remarked off dryly against the fleeing hedgehog, she she continued to make her attack of jet water chase Sonic.

"Wanna bet!" Sonic replied back with a cocky smile in wanting to challenge that remark with his own claim. "Time for a Sonic Spin Attack!" Sonic proclaimed out, as he soon jumps up in the air after dodging another jet stream of water from touching him.

"Bllrrussvvvhhmm…." Then Sonic curls up and spins into a spiky ball before lashing against the oncoming jet water stream. "CLRrusphmm…." Suddenly from a crazy event, Sonic had actually manage to to completely bash away the entire jet stream of water into nothing but droplets.

"Whah?" AquaFreeze yelped in complete shock, she did not expect Sonic to defeat such a strong attack?

"Now, Homing Attack!" Sonic announced his perfect chance, as he started to rotate his body in a fast moving rotation. "PRrususvhhmm…." Then he no sooner launched himself at a fast paste that went straight at his foe, AquaFreeze.

"POWwvhmm…." The attack caught the fish girl completely off guard, as it impacted into her gut. "Gaauughhh?" AquaFreeze let out a gag response with wide eye shock written on her face, not bereaving she miscalculated the hedgehog's will to go for such a bold attack? "PRrusvhmmm..BOomgruvhmm…." The force of impact shot her directly where her other fallen comrades were and made a loud crash boom noise afterwards.

Soon Sonic's spinning body ceased it's rotation, as he landed with his feet on the ground, just as he was joined by Knuckles and Tails after they won their fights.

"And you said we had something to fear?" Knuckles spoke off with a shrug and rubbed the back of his neck in feeling almost let down? "Maybe they were just 'too' strong for you to handle alone?" He looked to Sonic with a cackle in thinking the hedgehog was over his head in taking on these girls by himself.

"Hey, I was just off guard, not to mention, the situation would been under control eventually?" Sonic countered attack on that remark in stating something on his defense.

"So what now, if what you told us is true? Those Power Sphere Prototypes must be making them go rampage, we need to cure them of it's effects?" Tails asked puzzled and curious on what they should do, if they don't find something to rid of what's causing the three evovled animal girls here to settle down, they'll just go on another rampage?

"BReakrriissvhmm…." Suddenly, there was a loud explosion sound which came from a ruin sight the heroes just defeated their foes, but it looked like they weren't done yet?

"Grruughh…CURSE…YOU…..?" TerraBlaze growled from pushing herself free from the fallen rubble. "How…Dare…You….Give Us…PAIN?" The cat girl snarled off with a furious tone, just as CycloneThunder and AqauFreeze were standing up just like her. "GRuvrvuhhmm….." Then without warning, she emanates a deadly heat orange/yellow ray from one of her hands.

"Ugh Sonic, was she suppose to do that?" Knuckles asked his blue friend from not seeing the opponent he fought do that?

"No, but I don't think we'll like seeing it neither?" Sonic replied with feeling cautious in seeing the heat around TerraBlaze feel somewhat intense?

"RARruurrghh!" TerraBlaze lets off a roar from her voice, as she was going to show these fools what dangerous foes they are with her new attack. "Heat Hyper!" She shouted her attack, as lifts right in front of her targets. "BRruuvhhsfruvhmm…." Soon what TerraBlaze created was shot off, dispersing it in a one force direction.

"LOOK OUT!" Tails warned his friends that they had to dodge that attack, and they jumped off from the spot they stood.

"PRRuussvvhhmm….." The good news, was that the attack missed the heroes, but it impacted against a building they were right behind of? "Thisissiishmm….." The entire wall was sizzling from what was there, an entire spot burnt to a cinder with only the outlines burning from such a high temperature force.

"Heeeh, girls, I think we've surprised them?" TerraBlaze smiled at her little display of such raw and high-tensive flames which left Sonic's group completely stump shock at such high-measure of destruction from a single attack.

"Lightning Feather Storm!" CycloneThunder raised her wings to perform the same move as her 'Heavy Feather Storm', but this time was different? "Thousthousthousmm….." She unleashed her barrage of feathers directly at the targets that finally snapped back to reality.

"WAaugh…." Knuckles yelped when he, Sonic and Tails dodged the feathers. "CRususvhhmm…." Those feathers themselves manange to smash through stone, but that wasn't all? "PRizizivhmm….." The gang ended up yelping from the feathers disburse some shooting volts to electrocute them.

"They thought we were down, but they just helped us released our next abilities." CycloneThunder smirked at teasing the heroes from realizing, instead of leading to defeat, it just made them stronger.

"Sonic, I think our win just got turn around?" Tails spoke in concerns with his best pal, seeing the situation change so sudden?

"Okay, so I didn't think that cat girl could use fire abilities like Blaze, and the bird with lightning definitely caught me off guard?" Sonic went ahead to admit his mistake in letting the group underestimate their foes when they had so much tricks under their sleeves.

"Wait a second?" Knuckles cut the two's discussion off in realizing something below them? "Why's there water under our feet?" The echidna asked puzzled from noticing the trail of water going by the three's feet?

"Uh-Oh?" Sonic yelped with worry in realizing if this water wasn't here, then it means….it was set up?

"Frozen Floor!" Suddenly, AquaFreeze's voice spoke which we found her hand inside the water before leashing her move against the gang. "Creakcreak-CREeakhh….." Suddenly, the entire floor's water was quickly freezing up, even trapping Sonic's groups feet in it!

"Ugh-Augh, Nrrrugh?" Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails tried to move their feet, but it was no use, they were stuck in the ice?

Soon the evolved girl trio had approached the trapped heroes, each looking ready to deliver some payback.

"How shall we make these guys pay, my throat feels funny after that last move?" CycloneThunder spoke in wanting to play with these boys, yet felt something in her throat wanting to come out?

"Hmm, me too, my voice is just itching to ring some noise in their ears!" TerraBlaze spoke in feeling an agreement there, as her throat felt something, and it wasn't a hairball.

"It would seem I too feel it, a power to use our voices, let us use that, shall we?" AquaFreeze spoke with a calm expression, as she felt that all three of the girls throats had something while suggesting to use whatever they have wanting to come out.

"Okay!" Both CycloneThunder and TerraBlaze replied in agreement, as they along with AquaFreeze jumps or flew into a triangle distance to lock on their targets from afar!

"Anymore bright ideas to getting out of this?" Knuckles remarked to snap at Sonic, asking if the hedgehog has a brilliant way to get them out of this mess?

"Tails, you're the best at how to think, any fast plans since my feet are stuck?" Sonic turned to his buddy, the two-tailed fox in hopping he's got something to save them?

"Um…? Let me think for a minute on that subject?" Tails struggled to answer because at this moment, he was drawing a blank at this time?

"Howling Beast Wail!" The attention was drawn away from the groups struggles to notice what their foes, as TerraBlaze, CycloneThunder, and AquaFreeze were taking deep breaths to unleash something!

"TOO LATE!" Knuckles shouted off with a worried face that the time to act was already too little too late now!

"BRAAAUUURRRAARRRghh….." Soon all three of the animal girls unleashed a destructive hypersonic attack. TerraBlaze's voice sonic waves were orange/red and the screeching pierce noise was close to that of a cheetah. CycloneThunder's voice sonic waves were grey/white and the screeching pierce noise was close to that of a bird. AquaFreeze's voice sonic waves were aqua-blue and the screeching pierce noise was closely to that of a fish.

"Brace yourself, Tails?" Sonic held up his arms in defense in seeing this triangle attack will hit them from all sides?

"Ughhhh?" Tails held up his arms with his eyes shut to brace for this three on one attack?

"Nrrugh?" Knmuckles growled with his name-sakes over his blocking defense, which might not be enough?

Suddenly, just before the triple attacks would hit, something unexpected happened?

"BRisishKRrusuophmm…." A sudden bright light flashed over Sonic's group, canceling the triple-attacks.

"Hugh?" Everyone from the trapped heroes to the rampaging girls yelped in surprise and confusion, unsure what happened?

Then from out of the clearing mist, everyone saw who the rescuer was, and it wasn't an animal like the rest, but something close to….a human? Or someone that worn a aqua-blue leather hooded cloak. It's plainly adorned with a silver zipper & seemingly pointless silver beaded pull strings for the hood that form a semi-circle in the middle. He appears to wear hakama-esque pants that's the same color as his hooded coat and knee high silver trimmed boots. In addition to this, he wears leather-gloves of his outfit's color theme of some unknown length, as they disappear under bell shaped sleeves. The hems of his coat and shoulder pads where slightly pointed. Only a familiar face seen from inside the hood (as it was the very man seen in the beginning of this story) who had appeared.

"Who's that! Another hero?" CycloneThunder asked from noticing they got themselves another person cutting in their fun?

"I'm unable to tell, he seems different then those three?" AquaFreeze spoke puzzled, even from her gathering of information, this new person showed nothing of importance what so ever, yet he was shrouded in mystery?

"Don't matter, he'll be sorry when we're through with him!" TerraBlaze remarked with an angry face, as she raised her claws in wanting to cut this new opponent to pieces.

"Hmph?" In an amazing event, the man under the hold had made a smirk, it's like he wasn't bothered by such idol threats?

Now the girls were getting angry at this newest person trying to stop them and looking like he's not taking them seriously, so they got serious to really take this man down!

"Forearm Fin Combat-Style: Blade-Edge Sword Fin!" AquaFreeze spoke with her forearm fins out in a cross to prepare for combat. "Shhiishhmm…." She then makes her forearm fins grow larger to become like shaped-edge weapons similar to swords in her service.

"Thunder Claw!" CycloneThunder spoke with her claws up in preparing to use them to make a strike. "Brzizizivhmm….." Then her claws became charged up with a powerful electric thunder force surge that coated the claws themselves.

"Flaming Blaze!" TerraBlaze to a deep breath for a quick moment, taking what she needed for something? "RAAuurroogh!" She let out a roar while inside her mouth was a high-temperature flames that look ready to be launched out of her.

"HEY PALLY? WATCH OUT!" Sonic shouted for the person that save his group to move away from this next attack maneuver?

"THEY'RE GOING TO ATTACK TOGETHER!" Tails warned the hooded man of what the three animal evolved girls would do again.

"ARE YOU DEAF? MOVE IT!" Knuckles snapped at the hooded man for not heeding their words to quickly get out of danger, why?

Sonic's group was about to warn the hooded person to dodge the attacks when…..he only held up his right hand?

"Calm yourselves, misguided beings?" The hooded man calmly and easily spoke with some weighted and gentle voice.

"Ugh?" Suddenly, the three evolved creature girls yelped, and before they were an inch away from touching the man, something happened? "Brisisivuhmm….." There was a sudden ray of light that was shinning on the girls that made them frozen stiff, as it was effecting them some how? "Brriiinghm/Brrriiinghm/BRrriiiinghmm…." Suddenly, their eyes glowed strangely, and what's more, the color began to change differently? TerraBlaze's eyes were now iris, CycloneThunder's eyes were now emerald, and even AquaFreeze's eyes were now green?

"Fisisisvhhmm…." While the heroes watched this, the ice that trapped them was evaporating at a fast rate before it was gone and they weren't stuck?

"Wooh, what…how did he do that?" Tails spoke completely surprised that the unknown man not only saved them, but that the ice melted so quickly when this man appeared?

"Got me bro., I'm not sure myself?" Sonic shrug his shoulders that to him, he doesn't know the answers either?

"This force, I've never sensed it before, yet,…I can't describe it?" Knuckles spoke with a deep thought, this stranger single-handedly took out three powerful animal girls with more power and elements under their control from taking those Power Spheres?

Soon the man's light faded, as the three girls landed on their knees with their eyes open, and strangely, their expressions seem…..less destructive?

"You have great power, but you must first know how to tap into it." The man under the hold calmly spoke to the girls, before holding his hand out for the three to take. "Come with me, I shall help in aiding your lives to live for the better…..My Amazon Warriors?" He spoke in giving them some sorta group name, a name which caused TerraBlaze, CycloneThunder, even AquaFreeze to flinch at the very thought, yet felt….it was alright?

"Yes….we shall." AquaFreeze calmly spoke, as she took the man's hand with her webbed hand.

"Thank you?" CycloneThunder replied with her own thanks while giving her claw to the man as well.

"You've cleared our eyes to the truth?" TerraBlaze congrats the man while placing her paw on his hand, feeling the man some how had fixed what was making them go crazy in the first place.

"Wait a minute?" Sonic's voice cut in to which the blue hedgehog approached the hooded man with a question? "Aren't you forgetting they leveled an entire city here?" He pointed at noticing everything that was some how Station Square was a bit in ruin?

"That….can be fix right…." The hooded man's inside mouth smirked without facing Sonic while he helped bring the Amazon Warriors up to their feet. "Snaphm…" Then with a snap of his free hand, he soon replied to the hedgehog? "Now."

"Brriisishhvmm…PRrruussffhhmm…." Then without warning, an entire flash of light covered the entire area, and by the time it died down, everyone saw something shocking? The entire city which the now called 'Amazon Warriors' leveled and wrecked was now completely repaired! Everything was back in place, almost like the entire event had never even happened at all?

"The city, it's completely…." Tails slowly was saying with his mouth a bit hang open from seeing this?

"Alright?" Knuckles finished for the two-tailed fox, as their expressions were the same. "Almost like there was no battle to begin with?" The echidna exclaimed from seeing that whatever the heroes did against the evolved animal girls was not even around, like it was never disturbed one bit?

"Please…" The moon under the hood spoke while helping the three now less-rampaging girls up to their feet while continuing. "Forgive these girls, they have been free from the raw distortion that fueled them, and are now not reckless creatures wanting to destroy without reason." The man explained that it wasn't TerraBlaze, CycloneThunder, or AquaFreeze's faults, they were merely lost, blinded by what was happening before a cure to what set them off relieved them.

"So you're saying you cured those Power Sphere prototype capsule things that gave the side-effects in the first place?" Sonic pointed with a little curiosity that this new person hiding his face knew what the cause these girls got from and just fixed it?

"Indeed, especially since I created them, I know how to reverse such effects." The man nods from behind his hood in admitting he has such knowledge.

"Created them, then are you this 'King' person?" Tails repeated before quickly asking if this person that came to help them was the 'King' those Observer guys say they serve, was this man right before them?

"I am indeed." The man behind the hood showed a bit of his hidden face, showing a sincere and happy expression in letting this gang know, he was indeed 'the King' and the one who started making the tournament.

"Just what king are you of what place, or even that, an actually name?" Knuckles asked off a bunch a serious questions he like to have answered from a little suspicion?

"That…is left to be a secret." The man known for now, as 'the King' simply responded before giving a little bow to the heroes. "Until next time we meet, I look forward to seeing you all enter in my grandest tournament to rival that of the GODS! Farewell…" The King exclaimed in wishing to see this gang partake in his tournament, one which warriors levels are near to that of Godhood just before saying his goodbye. "BRrususfhhmm..CRrrussRuuffuuphmmm…." Then he vanished in a bright light, and not just him, but the animal evolved girls, A.K.A., Amazon Warriors were gone too?

"You know, this day keeps getting stranger and stranger by the sonic second?" Sonic rubbed his forehead in being completely lost, as this day started of weird, and it just kept getting more each time?

"We could nearly about handle those girls when they got all that power, and he fix them in a blink of an eye." Knuckles exclaimed out in his dry suspicion from seeing after all the trouble the trio had, one person arrives to make it all better? "Not to mention, he repaired all the damages like they never existed?" The echidna pointed out that even with a lucky win, it would take time fixing up damages, but this King person did it all faster then even Sonic could, not by speed, but from…a warp effect?

"It's amazing, really?" Tails spoke from collecting his thoughts before speaking to the others on what he thinks about all this? "He must be very strong, and if he's hosting the tournament, you think others like him or those evolved girls would compete?" What the two-tailed fox spoke made even Knuckles and Sonic look to the other before thinking it over in their heads if such possibilities was even possible?

Sonic smiled at this and came to a realization point. To go against opponents of such high caliber, it's understanding why the tournament's name is suppose to show fighters that can almost match like the Gods in ancient times or as how people saw them?

"Well guys, I think we better find one of those Observer guys to get a bit more Intel?" Sonic spoke to Knuckles and Tails, much to their surprise on what the hedgehog said before what he said next really made a huge impact. "Cause before we know it, we're gonna compete in what maybe the biggest adventure we've ever had!" Sonic stated off, and with a smile in feeling pretty confident, in thinking this is one adventure he does not want to sit out of. And soon the gang went off to where the Exhibition Tournament comity were, hoping to get some answers, and even more for what is soon to be the fresh start of…..Sonic's Battle in the Tournament of the Gods

VISION NOTE: The most battle moves used, are some of the collected data I have in my 'Random Thoughts' work on Sonic's group. However, as this story progresses in the future, some 'new' moves will be made and created around such a time.

The new characters, TerraBlaze, CycloneThunder, and AquaFreeze are my own OC's which I've form together to be known as 'Team Amazon Warriors' since they are an animal of one of the popular female animal crossing of a species with abilities that fit them closest. Such as Earth & Fire, then Wind and Thunder, and lastly is Water and Ice, each fitting those of Land types, Air Types, and Sea Types.

Plus, these were OC's I created to be some interesting plan cast for a TMNT's 2003 fanfiction story, staring there creation as mutants, and with the character, 'Angel', having an important role in their creation?

The four Goddess in the beginning are to act as the chosen warriors for the 'King' character in this story. But they are also characters from the popular game 'Hyperdimension Neptunia' which states who came from a certain game related creation? Purple Heart came from a scrapped Sega Neptune, White Heart came from based on Wii, Green Heart refers to the Xbox & Xbox 360, and Black Heart was based on the Playstation 3.

So if you liked this this, you all can give me your replies, cause this development will be much slower then the other postings, might be a month or 2 or even 3 months before the next one comes up? While I'll be choosing characters from series and my own OC's, I think I can try to have something of allowing other OCs from other Authors to be added, or even make appearances, or even just guest appearances? Because as I've seen tournament stories made, there's only numbers of how many, while in my own, it's base to have multiple tournaments. Think of Beyblade, from one tournament to the next, you get it, it's somewhat like that, but will be operating differently. In any case, enjoy this story, and if you're interested about an OC work screen time, here's the list below:

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Once again, I am only still so new at this work, so as I said, this shall be a slow development of this work's progress. I can only do so much from getting inspirations to create this while working on my other works, so if your patient, that's good news for me to know. Now, I shall continue my plans, but I will say that in the next chapter, I'm hoping for something of where a lot of known characters and OC's shall make their appearance, OR...shall be kept hidden under cloaks to keep their identities and appearance secret until the start of the tournament itself! That way, it makes for a far, grander surprise when we see who will appear, or who won't appear til much later, that's the puzzling mystery to spice the flavor. But even still, any of them will face challengers that are not even close to being 'human', but something close to a mighty being, a God or Demon, just about anything you never saw can happen here? So now, have a wonderful time enjoying this, and I'll see what I'll do about this later in the future of my workings. Enjoy...