Chapter 2

Will and Sylvia were tied to a chair, there mouths gagged and they looked furiously angry.

"Hello again, Will Salas and Sylvia Weis." Chris said, walking forward and pointing his rhinestone gun at them. Chris never looked menacing, with his small looking body, his small downwards nose and his very skinny arms but luckily he has John as a brother. John is the only reason Chris managed to become a minute men. Without him, he would already be dead.

Chris grabbed Will's arm, turned it and lifted his sleeve.

"A thousand years? Where did you get that then?" Chris asked, looking at Will with a red gleam in his eyes. The one he always gets before he zeros someone out.

I wonder how much time he'll give us, Ethan thought but he already knew. A day. No matter how much time they steal it's always a day.

But Ethan wasn't really focusing on that right now. He was wondering how Will got that much time.

He had heard that Will and Sylvia robbed another bank but that much! Really!

This could solve all Ethan's problems. Only if he could…

"Sir? Ethan asked just as Chris slipped his hand onto Will's wrist.

"What?" Chris asked impatiently, turning his head.

David also looked at him. David loved watching people zero out.

Ethan raised what he was holding, which was David's wrist and showed his time.


"Sorry." Ethan said as he felt David's body lurch forward and fall to the ground, dead.

"John!" Chris yelled but Ethan was too quick and pulled his gun out. Ethan took Chris hostage, his arm around his neck and his gun firmly pressed against Chris's head.

John himself was pointing a gun at them, but like a robot could only pull the trigger commanded. By Chris. But seeing the situation he was in…

Chris sighed. "Put the gun down John."

John dropped it and looked into blank space. Again.

'Now…" Ethan grabbed firm hold of Chris's wrist and felt his time flow into him.

"NO!" Chris yelled but couldn't fight it. All of Chris's time (which wasn't that much when Ethan thought about it) slowed down to its final seconds.


Chris struggled and struggled but couldn't get out of Ethan's strong grip.


Ethan shot John straight in the head as Chris struggled.

"NO!" Chris yelled again which was continued with sobs.


Ethan could hear the final clicks of seconds of Chris's life, the one who forced him into this gig.


And hopefully, Will and Sylvia will see this act of loyalty and they will help him find his parents.


Ethan let go of Chris as he fell to the ground, his arm reading:


Ethan turned and took out his pocket knife, snapping the rope off and taking the gags out and throwing them on the floor. Will and Sylvia looked bad.

There clothes were tattered, bruises and cuts covered there faces. Sylvia's hair had twigs and leaves stuck in it and was brown instead of red anymore. Will didn't have any hair so he didn't have to worry about that.

"Thanks." Will muttered, picked up Chris's gun and checked the ammo.

"No problem." Ethan said cheerily, watching them get ready. "Anyway, just out of the blue, can I join you-"

"No." Will said matter-of-factly grabbing Sylvia's hand and started to leave the room.

"But, I just-"

"Yes, you have helped us, thank you, but we don't need any more help. So bye."

"Really? You've just been captured by minutemen and you don't need help. Okay, I'm a former minute men so I know who to watch out for and the locations. I can help. And I'm quick and a good shooter."

Will and Sylvia stopped, turned and thought about it. While they did Ethan checked his time.


Shit. How much time.

"Fine, your in. But don't screw up." Will said and they all ran out, starting a grand adventure they weren't expecting.