Title: Outsiders

Summary: AU. Brittany is a new student who transfers to McKinley. She meet's Santana and the pair don't get along.

Rating: M (language, drug use, inevitable smut lol)

A/N: I've never really written a Brittana fic before even though I've wanted to forever. It's AU (since canon Brittana at the moment sucks and is pretty much non-existent), but I've tried to keep the characterizations of all characters as close as possible to canon as the plot will allow. Enjoy! Any and all feedback is welcome, tell me if it's worth continuing this or not. I do not own Glee. Unfortunately.


Brittany Pierce wasn't the smartest of girls, she knew that, but she excelled at topics that piqued her curiosity. For example she knew a hell of a lot about cats, birds, the theory of time travel in space-time and other stuff like unicorn mythology. She couldn't for the life of her tell you anything beyond basic mathematics though. She just wasn't conventionally smart like most people. People however, she was good at. All her life she had been popular with people be it family, friends, boys etc. Brittany guessed it was her non-threatening demeanor and general awesomeness that made people like her. And she liked people. People were nice. Usually.

She did have to put up with the weird looks she would occasionally get when she blurted out something before her brain could tell her that it probably sounded pretty dumb. At least she was honest. It was both a blessing and a curse, mostly a curse though as it put her in awkward social situations. Luckily for her she learned to breeze by or ignore the awkwardness from a young age. Most people laughed when she said things, sometimes even when she was being serious. Brittany didn't mind entirely though, she liked when people smiled at her. She liked making people laugh. It made her laugh.

"You ready for your first day then Brittany?" came a soft voice from behind her.

Brittany snapped out of her daze and turned to face another blonde, sporting the same cheerleading outfit and obligatory ponytail as she was. They were both standing outside staring at McKinley high school.

"Yup" she said bouncing on her feet. She then made a popping noise with her lips.

She was sort of nervous but mostly excited about starting at a new school. This was her last year, her senior year and she was determined to make it count – both in her studies and in her life. It was still summer and the cool breeze was a welcome sensation from the heat blaring from the sky's sun.

"You know, it's OK to be nervous, but you honestly have nothing to worry about" came the other blonde's voice, closer now since she came to stand beside Brittany and looked to her.

Brittany didn't know what to say so she just smiled back.

"Besides…" the other girl continued. "You're with me" she said simply, making a delicate hand gesture toward herself.

"Thanks Quinn, but I'm really not all that nervous, just super excited. But you're really pretty and have a nice voice and just like super nice so thanks for like letting me join cheerios and be like your friend and stuff" Brittany said awkwardly and quickly, scrunching her face up. She hoped she hadn't said too much or made a fool of herself. Quinn quirked an eyebrow in response.

"Keep telling me things like that and I think we'll be just fine" Quinn smiled back, placing a hand on Brittany's shoulder. She seemed amused. "We'd better get in though, I'll remind you where your locker is and walk you to your first class. Come" she said motioning toward the door entrance.

The hallways of McKinley were crammed full of students bustling to their classes or hanging around their lockers and throwing things at each other. At first glance people fell into the usual groups or archetypes, goths, jocks etc. none of it really mattered all that much to Brittany, sure first impressions are important, but she didn't like judging people on how they looked which she came to find out a lot of people her age tend to do, much to her disappointment.

She sure hit the jackpot with Quinn though. By chance, Brittany accidentally came to school a week early and it was still the summer break, calendars confused her sometimes. The cheerleading squad (or the "cheerios" as they are commonly referred to as) were out doing a routine, turns out their coach is pretty tough and still makes them work during the summer. She met the head cheerleader Quinn Fabray, Brittany gave an impromptu try-out performance and before she knew it she was accepted into the cheerios, and was the new friend of the most popular girl in school. Brittany had been popular at her old school back in Louisiana but she was still glad her new-found popularity had come unexpectedly and rather instantly here in Lima, Ohio. So much so, as her and Quinn walked down the corridor, people parted ways for them to move more freely, and some of her other fellow cheerios were already smiling at her and saying hello, some even knew her name. She smiled back at them all as Quinn and her neared their lockers. Brittany gave a contented sigh. This was going to be an awesome year. So she thought until…


Another girl from behind them wedged themselves in-between Brittany and Quinn, slamming each shoulder roughly into their sides.

"Out of my way assholes" grunted the girl as she strode forward without a backwards glance and went to the locker situated beside her and Quinn's. Quinn rolled her eyes but went to the locker next to the other girl.

"Here Brittany, yours is next to mine" mumbled Quinn, suddenly sounding quiet and strangely withdrawn.

Brittany thought it odd for a girl so usually full of confidence. Well, Brittany had only known Quinn for a week but still she had never seen a more drastic shift. In all honesty though she was barley listening to her friend, she was too busy looking at the other girl that had rudely pushed by them both.

The girl was Latina and had gorgeous long dark hair that fell just below her shoulders. Brittany tilted her head to the side curiously; she certainly wasn't dressed like how most other students were. The girl was sporting knee high boots, an impossibly short black skirt that barley covered her thighs leaving nothing to the imagination, same could be said for her red top and tiny black leather jacket that hardly went past the girls boobs, it almost seemed silly to think it a jacket. The girl was kind of glamorous and therefore seemed oddly out of place next to most other students.

Brittany watched in slight amazement as the girl rummaged through her locker with one hand and ran her other through her hair impatiently and began fiddling with one of her large silver hoop earrings, her face coming into Brittany's view. Brittany held her breath as she took in the strangers olive skin, dark brown eyes, large plump lips and slight crease in her brow. This girl was attractive. Really attractive. Model like almost, Brittany wondered how she managed to meet two of the prettiest girls she had ever seen in her life within the space of one week, Quinn being the other. Brittany however wasn't prepared for what came next.

The girl unslung her backpack from her back and placed it on the floor in front of her. Brittany heard the clinking of glass come from within it. She frowned, and sure enough the Latina bent down and extracted a glass bottle. Jack Daniels. Brittany watched wide-eyed as the other girl downed a gulp straight, her face contorting as the alcohol likely hit the back of her throat. She took another whisk then put the cap back on, shaking her head and sighing seemingly in relief. She shoved the bottle back in her backpack and Brittany was sure she heard it clang with another bottle. The girl kneeled down and grabbed her backpack again swinging it back over her shoulders.

Brittany couldn't help notice how the muscles in the girls toned thighs contracted as she kneeled. Was this girl a cheerio? Brittany shook her head. That can't be it. She hasn't got a uniform on. Brittany felt like she had been staring forever.

"Hey stretch marks" The girl suddenly said to the inside of her locker. Her voice was warm and had a low gravely sound to it, sort of like Quinn's but more dark. The girl's tone however was laced with nothing but coldness.

Brittany frowned wondering who she was talking to, but then before she knew it, Quinn slowly spun around and spoke to the girl.

"I told you to stop calling me that Santana" hissed Quinn anxiously, eying students who were within earshot walking by.

Brittany chewed the inside of her mouth apprehensively, she had no idea what was happening and decided it was probably best if she kept quiet. This girls name was Santana. That was a pretty name she thought, Brittany had never heard or knew of a Santana before, except the singer.

Santana suddenly slammed her locker shut with force, the sound reverberating all around the corridor. Most people in the crowded hallway stopped and glanced their way to see where the noise came from. Once their eyes fell to Santana though they all seemed to divert their attention back to what they were doing, some even hurriedly scuttled away to their classes. Brittany raised her eyebrows. Did Santana strike fear into their hearts or something?

"Or what?" Santana said bluntly, raising an eyebrow.

"Or…or you know people will…" Quinn said looking around yet again, and leaned in closer "cotton on" she said, her voice a little lower.

"Not my problem" Santana said shrugging a shoulder.

"What did you want anyway?" asked Quinn, sounding impatient and annoyed. She looked like she wanted to be anywhere else but here right now.

"I was just going to ask if you could tell your friend to stop ogling me. Seriously, she's been staring at me for like the last 5 minutes and it's starting to freak me out a little" said Santana, her voice dripping with contempt.

Brittany's eyes if possible went wider as the realization hit her that Santana was talking about her. Before she could stop herself she…

"Oh! Sorry…hi, I'm Brittany" she smiled politely, extending her hand out to Santana.

Quinn actually smacked a hand against her own forehead and looked to the floor. Brittany already sensed she had made a mistake and by the look Santana was giving her she was now beginning to understand the fear that drove the other students away. Santana's eyes fell slowly to her outstretched hand and looked as if Brittany had offered her a diseased animal instead of a friendly handshake. Brittany withdrew her hand after a few awkward moments of silence, although Santana's judgmental glare said it all. Feeling the usual social awkwardness creep up in the air, Brittany did what she usually did to get rid of it – talk.

"I'm new here…I'm…I…uhm, I'm a cheerio" she stammered out. It was the only thing she could think of to say. She never had trouble with talking to people before, but she felt really nervous and intimated by this girl. Santana raised her eyebrows and stared at the uniform Brittany was wearing.

"No shit Sherlock" Santana deadpanned, rolling her eyes.

"Oh…" mumbled Brittany, feeling embarrassment tingeing her cheeks. "Well uhm, I like to norm-"

"OK, hold up Barbie" Santana interjected, raising her hand in the air to cut Brittany off.

"It's Brittany" she mumbled. Santana ignored her.

"I really have a strong urge to punch you in the face, so how abouts you like stop talking OK? Cause the only reason I'm not already beatin' your ass up right now is cause I hear you can lose a lot of brain cells if you get hit on the head, and you seem like you need to keep the small amount you already have. We clear?"

Brittany nodded dumbly, uncharacteristically lost for words.

"Good" Santana stated pulling a lighter from her jacket pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes from the other, lit up one, inhaled and raised her head upwards, blowing out the smoke that was now protruding from thick lips into the air above. This girl was smoking right in the middle of school.

Brittany was rooted to the spot stunned. The corridor's were now practically empty and her and Quinn were no doubt a little late for class but she didn't know wither it was OK to leave. She kind of felt like she needed Santana's permission to leave.

"Well this has been fascinating…" Santana began dryly. "But I gots to go learn or some shit" she said throwing her cigarette butt down on the floor and stomping out the embers with her heel. She strode away down the corridor, bag clinking away, whilst Quinn and Brittany stood there watching her leave in silence. Likely both waiting until the other girl was out of sight before daring to speak. When they watched Santana turn the far corner Quinn grabbed Brittany's arm immediately.

"That's Santana Lopez. Do yourself a favour? Stay well clear. She's dangerous; just…don't go near her OK? She's not the type we want to be associating with" Quinn said quickly, her hazel eyes staring into Brittany's blue with a rather serious expression.

"OK…" Brittany nodded slowly. Quinn sure was nice worrying about her like that, but she's a big girl, and she hadn't really planned on ever talking to this Santana Lopez again.

"She's like very attractive though, don't you think?" sighed Brittany staring idly at the corner the girl rounded only a moment ago.

"Uh…" Quinn shot her confused look "Sure if you say so, shame about her personality."

Brittany nodded in agreement, taking her own backpack from her locker.

"Well…" Quinn began looking down at a sheet of paper Brittany recognized as her own timetable. When had the other blonde taken it? "Looks like we're not in the same English class, because you have that first this morning and I'm in history, so you probably have English when I have history and vice-versa. Shame." Quinn lamented.

"It's OK, I mean we're not gonna be in all the same classes. I just dunno where mine is" Brittany said looking around at a sea of lockers and doors.

"I'll show you" Quinn smiled at her, hooking her arm around Brittany's, walking them both down the corridor. When they were walking, Brittany asked a question that had been confusing her ever since their encounter with Santana.

"Hey uhm, what did Santana mean by…uhm that nickname she gave you? You looked kinda nervous"

Brittany watched Quinn gulp and look around even though there was nobody but them walking down this hall.

"Nothing, well…It's a long story" Quinn said bringing her other hand up and rubbing her forehead in thought. "I promise I'll tell you later, just please, don't repeat what she said" Quinn said rather pleadingly.

"Yeah sure, don't sweat it" Brittany said genuinely.

"OK" sighed Quinn, looking somewhat relieved and patting Brittany's forearm thankfully.

They arrived just outside of Brittany's English class and Brittany peered through the window on the door and saw that it had already started. Great. She'd have to walk in late.

"I'm just up there in history" Quinn said pointing down the hall to a faraway door. "Meet me after?"

"OK, thanks Quinn" Brittany said as she watched the other blonde smile and sprint away up the corridor. She swayed on the spot for a few seconds, held her breath and opened the class door.

It was a rather small classroom and all heads looked in her direction as she entered. She looked to the middle-aged, fat man she assumed was her teacher.

"Sorry I'm late…I'm new and uhm…got lost" said Brittany.

"Well then, that's OK, miss…?" he inquired.


"OK Pierce, take a seat" he said motioning a hand toward the classroom.

Brittany spun around gracefully, the class was divided into two rows of eight tables on each side, each table were rather tall and the students sat on high stools, two students per table. The walls at the back of the class were nothing but high bookshelves. She began walking down the middle pathway looking from side to side, every seat appeared to be taken, but she kept walking. To her relief people were smiling politely at her, she reached the second last table from the back where a tall boy sat next to another boy with a Mohawk. The tall boy gave her an awkward smile, the boy with the Mohawk winked at her. She smiled shyly back.

She was thankful for being a cheerleader, wearing this uniform must have given her some sort of status. It sort of repelled the usual stares a new person would receive. Brittany smiled; it was sort of her very own superhero outfit.

There was only one free seat in the whole class and it was behind the tall boy and at the very back of the classroom. Brittany looked to who was sitting behind the boy with the Mohawk. Her stomach suddenly felt heavy as Santana Lopez came into view. Typical. The Latina rolled her eyes at the sight of the approaching blonde. Brittany placed her backpack down on the floor underneath the table and was about to sit down when…

"Nuh uh. That seats taken" said Santana firmly, glaring at Brittany.

Brittany stood there looking around confused. She began to panic. There were literally no other seats, she looked back toward the front but the teacher was too busy having a conversation with two girls at the front. The boy with the Mohawk had now spun around on his stool and was muffling a snicker with his hand, glancing between Santana and Brittany.

"Yeah. Don't you see? The ghost of my great aunt Tana is sitting right there" said Santana, her lips forming into a malicious smirk.

Brittany knew the girl was mocking her, but she sort of believed in ghosts and didn't want to chance anything.

"Well uhm, can you like tell her to move or something? Cause I need to sit" said Brittany awkwardly, twirling on the spot a little, the pleats of her cheer skirt swaying slightly.

"Sure" said Santana suddenly smiling sweetly at her. The girl then hooked one of her feet around one of the stool legs, pulling it out for Brittany.

"There. She's moved" said Santana.

"Thanks" smiled Brittany.

She bent over and pulled out a pencil and notepad from her bag and put them on the table. She went to sit down on the chair, but in an instant, Santana with her foot still hooked around one of the stool legs pulled the chair toward her and away from Brittany.

The next thing the blonde knew was she was tumbling backwards. She fell down her tailbone slamming into the ground, and her back colliding with bookshelf behind her. Before she could register anything but the instant pain, she saw books fall around her from above, a few of them whacking her on the way down, two even hit her directly on the head. She winced and opened her eyes, her vision somewhat blurry. The classroom was now all facing her, and all she could hear was the eruption of laughter that came directed at her.

Brittany reached an arm behind her back, rubbing it. It ached badly and her vision was still kind of blurry.

Brittany's eyes fell to the floor and saw Santana's foot slowly slide Brittany's stool back to its original position. She followed the tanned leg up, past the girl's torso and finally locked eyes with the Latina.

Santana's eyes were dark and Brittany couldn't quite gauge them, all she seen was the triumphant smirk that Santana's lips formed.

Brittany groaned.

It seemed there were some things her superhero outfit couldn't protect her from.