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It had been several weeks since Santana told her she loved her and in that time it still hadn't really sunk in for Brittany. Almost everything between them had reverted to unusually platonic behavior; it didn't seem like a step back though, on the contrary it felt like both of them had done a lot of growing up. Brittany was out of her crutches most of the time now, it was weird because she resented them but now that she no longer used them as much she kind of missed them. Walking was no longer as exhausting but she was nowhere near wanting to run, dance a lot or return to the cheerios anytime soon. It made her think about her future though, she had always wanted to dance but seeing how easily she was incapacitated gave her a dose of reality. What would she do if she injured herself in the future and couldn't make money? Dancing was still her priority but she needed a back up plan, and she definitely needed to look at colleges.

The beginnings of winter were here; Brittany's favourite time of year was the run up to Christmas. It was Thursday night and just like every Thursday Santana was lying beside her on her bed with their Spanish notebooks out. Lord Tubbington was snuggled up in a ball at the foot of the bed. The blonde was writing an essay Mr. Shue had assigned them, Santana had did hers in ten minutes but Brittany wanted to try do it all by herself with as minimal help as possible.

She was kind of distracted though because Santana was lying half-sleeping on her bed, looking incredibly cute in a red woolly sweater and leggings. She guessed even Santana couldn't wear dresses everyday when it was this cold out.

Santana's idyllic face seemed to suddenly smirk up at the ceiling.

"You're staring"

Brittany gave a nervous laugh and rolled her eyes. "I wasn't staring, I was just uhm…appreciating?"

Santana opened her eyes and looked at her.

The way Santana looked at Brittany was definitely one of the things that had changed since that day. Santana didn't seem as stressed or frustrated around Brittany and she smiled a lot more. Brittany loved this new, almost free Santana but she'd be lying if she said she missed the other aspects of their relationship, hell maybe she even missed their arrangement.

They hadn't done anything since that night at Santana's house in the bath, Brittany wanted to but Santana was true to her word when she said that distance between them would be a good idea. Apart from Thursday's they only saw each other in school and glee club. Weekends were either spent with Quinn or trying to dance in her garage (and for the most part failing). Brittany still hadn't told Santana about her kiss with Quinn, she knew she had to eventually but it was just never the right time. Besides it wasn't a big deal, it's not like she wanted to kiss Quinn and her and Santana were dating. Still…

Most of the time they studied together now. Brittany's heart jumped every time Santana had come over and on occasion reminded her that she loved her, one time she even left and placed a delicate kiss on her cheek. It was one of Brittany's favorite ever kisses she had received. She had smiled for days after that.

"You look cute" Brittany said bashfully, her eyelids fluttering along with her heart. It was quite scary how she was still not used to Santana even after all this time.

Santana smirked and shrugged a shoulder like she already knew.

Brittany rolled her eyes, put down her book and crawled over Santana so she was on top of her and nuzzled into the other girls neck.

"You smell awesome" Santana whispered in her ear and the blonde felt the other girls hand run through her golden locks.

Brittany grinned into her neck as tingles erupted all over her head and neck.

"I had a dream last night," Brittany mumbled into Santana's skin. Santana moaned a little in response and ran her hands down Brittany's back.

"Yeah? You want to tell me about it?"

"It was a sexy dream," Brittany breathed. "About you. I was on my knee's and in-between your legs"

She felt Santana's chest rise and fall quicker.

"I think it's cause I remember sometimes that I've never tasted you down there and I really, really want to" Brittany husked into the other girl's ear and subconsciously pressed her hips down a little harder onto Santana's.

"Fuck Brittany," Santana hissed and grabbed the blondes hair again with both hands. "You're making this hard. I don't want to just go back to what we were before"

"I know," Brittany sighed into her skin and brought herself up so she was straddling the other girl's hips. "Do you think you're ready for us to…move forward?"

She didn't know how else to put it.

"I want to do things right this time," said Santana, her dark eyes staring up into blue. "I want to… you know…take you out on a date and for it to be different"

Brittany could hardly fight the grin on her face. "Are you OK? You must be feeling ill or something to reject sweet lady sex," the blonde giggled.

Santana chewed her lip in embarrassment and rolled her eyes a little. "Yeah, yeah…make fun…"

"Have you uhm, did what you had to do? Cause you said you wanted to be worthy of me, even though I think you already are" Brittany said quietly.

Santana hesitated. "Not much has changed, I've stopped drinking in school though, so there's that"

"I noticed," Brittany smiled. She really did notice, she hadn't heard the glass bottles from Santana's bag for at least a week now. "But, you do realize that I want to date you no matter what, so…it doesn't really matter to me if you're drinking or not, or angry or not…"

Santana blinked away to the side and Brittany knew she had hit a nerve. That was the look the Latina gave whenever she felt like crying but tried not to. Brittany memorized all the looks of Santana, soaking in every detail. It was something she had to do when dealing with a person that didn't talk about their feelings much.

"C'mon I wanna walk you home"

The smile seemed to return to Santana's face as she looked back up at the blonde perched on top of her. "Britt, it's freezing outside, I can walk home myself, you can't walk me all the way to my house and all the way back yourself"

"Sure I can" Brittany grinned. "I was told to do more exercise anyways so" she shrugged. "Besides, I'm trying to be romantic"

"Romantic?" Santana sneered in amusement.

"Yeah, walking home in the cold is romantic, right?"

"Pfft, you won't think so once your tits freeze and drop off" Santana said smirking. "And FYI I won't love you half as much without tits"

"Mhmm, is that right?" Brittany said smirking and leaning down pressing a quick kiss on Santana's lips.

"Britt," Santana breathed and looked up at her looking a bit breathless. "No kissing either, people don't start kissing till they're on dates"

Brittany giggled. "Fine Santana, but I don't really like this new you, or at least my vagina doesn't cause like it's super lonely" Brittany said with a pout.

"You haven't been with anyone else?" Santana asked, a tone of insecurity about her voice.

Brittany sighed and smiled down at the other girl. "Of course not"

"Me neither" Santana said back almost instantly.

Then she remembered Quinn.

"I uhm…" Brittany began but chewed on her lip. Did it even count? She didn't think so.

"What's wrong?" Santana asked as she sat up and wrapped arms around the blonde's waist.

That just made it harder for Brittany to answer.

"Nothing…c'mon let's romantically walk you home"

Brittany felt the cold air as soon as she opened her front door. "Geez," she hissed, tightening her panda hat further onto her head and zipping up Santana's leather jacket that she had gotten in the habit of wearing. She quickly put on fingerless woolen gloves in some vein attempt to heat her hands.

"C'mon you," she said to Santana, linking her arm in the other girl's as they set out.

"Fuck, fuck, fuckety fuck it's fucking cold" Santana growled as they walked down the street, her grip on Brittany's arm getting tighter.

"See?" Brittany said, watching a white puff escape her lips and into the cold air. "This is why we totally should have had sex, body heat, simplest way to keep warm, animals do it all the time"

"Yeah yeah, lesson learned. I'll never refuse you again boss."

"Also," she panted into the air, and moving her legs faster. Walking fast still felt weird. "This isn't romantic at all and that makes me sad"

Santana with her arm still linked around Brittany's halted them both. She seemed to hesitate over something for a moment before unlinking their arms and sliding her hand down Brittany's arm till she got to her gloved hand. Brittany felt the heat from Santana's palm as she clasped their hands together, interlinking their fingers as much as possible.

Brittany looked up at Santana slightly lost for words. Santana had never held her hand much before, and never outside the house.

Santana gave a small smile and a bashful shrug. "Slightly more romantic now?" she asked uncertainly.

Brittany just swallowed a cold lump in her throat and smiled nodding. She squeezed Santana's hand in hers as they began walking again; it was warm and tingly and spread warmth throughout her that defied the current temperature.

Her heart was kind of racing because they had never felt more perfect than in this moment. There was no one around to even witness them and she kind of just wanted someone to see how perfect they were holding hands, she was so happy that she might even say what a lovely day it was to the next stranger she seen.

"I love you" Brittany said quietly after a while, nothing but the sound of their footsteps echoing along the ground.

Santana let out a breath and Brittany watched it swirl in the air. "I love you too"

"Even if my boobs fall off?" Brittany smirked.

"Even if all your limbs fall off," Santana said giving a wary smile and squeezing her hand a little.

"I love you so much that I promise in this cold, if we get into a Titanic situation out here, I'll let you float on the piece of wood and you can let me go die in the ice"

Santana snorted. "I should think so, you owe me" she smirked. "But I must admit that's probably the weirdest yet most romantic thing someone has ever said to me"

"Thank you," Brittany whispered with pride. "And now I've made this walk romantic, aren't you glad we're walking?"

"No" Santana grumbled.

"I heard you, Kurt and Rachel talking about New York the other day in glee club. Are you really leaving after the school year?" Brittany asked, her stomach dropping a little.

What would she do without Santana? What was life like even before Santana? She couldn't remember.

"Yeah, it's a serious possibility, I mean, there's nothing keeping me here so," Santana shrugged and looked away.

Brittany suddenly felt even colder.

"Why Kurt and Rachel though? I mean, OK, you and Rachel have been friends for a while, but Kurt? It doesn't make any sense"

Santana smiled a little at her confusion, "It's not so much that I really want to live with them it's just, well, splitting the rent would be easy and…to be honest…if there's one thing I hate about living alone it's the silence. I figure if I shack up with them there would always be noise"

"Oh," Brittany breathed. She understood a little bit more now.

"But," Santana sighed, her shoulders slumping and her body leaning a little into Brittany's as they walked. "It might not happen, its just ideas we're throwing around"

Eventually they reached Santana's house and Brittany walked her up to the front door.

"All this talk of New York though, why are you so interested?" Santana asked, an eyebrow rose in expectation.

Brittany let go of the other girl's hand and clasped her own behind her back. She shrugged looking down. "I dunno, it's just going to be hard saying goodbye to you. I think I might actually die."

Santana looked like she took a moment to register the words. "Woah, woah, woah there Blondie, what? You think I'm going without you?"

Brittany's head snapped up as she looked into Santana's eyes. "You want me to come?" she asked, shocked for some reason.

"Well uh yeah preferably" Santana said as if it were obvious. "Look the whole NYC thing was my original idea, but things change, I've got other priorities now"

"You have?" Brittany breathed as her heart missed a beat, or two.

"Well yeah," Santana shrugged bashfully, "I've got you to think of now, and I'd love if you came with us, there's loads of great dancing schools in the city…but…if you don't want to then I don't know, we'll think of something else"

"But haven't you and Rachel been planning this move for like years or something?"

"Well yeah but-"

"You'd really change your plans for me?" Brittany interjected.

Santana sighed and laughed a little. "I told you Britt, I'd do anything for you"

Her heart was beating so unevenly now that she thought she might have been having a stroke, either way she think she liked it.

"New York with you sounds perfect" Brittany breathed shakily and bounced on her feet in excitement.

"Yeah?" Santana smiled, the dimples on her cheeks deepening and the edge of her eyes smiling.

"Yup" Brittany nodded. She had never been so sure in all her life. She finally had something to look forward to; she had plans, not just any plans but plans with Santana.

"Well…" Santana said slowly, something sly in her tone. "There is a slight problem, fours a crowd huh? I mean you, me, Kurt and Rachel. That's a lot for one place"

"Oh, we'll manage somehow" Brittany grinned happily.

Santana's shoulders slumped as she looked a little disappointed for some reason, Brittany didn't get it.

"OK, well…I hope so, shacking up with two drama queens could be hellish. I mean we'll have to endure twinkle toes and Barbra Streisand the second and you just know those two are going to burst into renditions of whatever gay musical they went to see last, not to mention Rachel's like OCD, she freaks out over a speck of dust yet still has a dusty old vinyl player, I mean vinyl! Then there's Kurt, god I don't know him that well but I heard that guy try to hit a sharp F or high G or some shit and well, I thought someone was squeezing his balls, I always figured him and gellboy were kinky like that"

Brittany giggled, "Don't you need to talk to Rachel about all this first?"

Santana's mouth slowly formed a smirk. "Please, she's been nagging me for weeks to bring it up"

Brittany grinned. "Well, I'm glad she did. Anyways I should probably head back home"

"Sure you don't want to come in and heat up first?" Santana laughed.

"No, if I stay with you," she paused and tucked away a stray lock of hair that had fallen out of her hat. "I don't think I'll be able to leave"

Santana smiled looking pleased with her self and nodded. "OK, well, I'll see you tomorrow in school" she said, tapping her finger against the cold tip of Brittany's nose.

Brittany grinned and slowly walked backwards away from her, she wanted to look at Santana for as long as possible. Santana gave her a small wave before entering her house and closing the door behind her. Brittany marched off speedily wanting to get back home as soon as possible. She was really cold; she didn't really believe Santana when she said her boobs might fall off but it was so cold she cupped both her hands under them and carried them carefully home. She wasn't taking any chances.

The next day wasn't as cold as the previous, but still coming from further south Brittany wasn't used to it being this cold. She entered McKinley and headed toward her locker. Quinn was waiting for her there donning her winter cheerios outfit, a significantly more conservative combination of red pants with a thick jacket.

"What on earth are you wearing today Brittany?" Quinn said quirking an eyebrow at her.

Brittany looked down at her attire and frowned. She didn't see anything wrong. She was wearing cream woolen winter boots with black pants, a white tank top with matching woolly cream scarf, glove and hat combination, topped off with Santana's black leather jacket. She was dressed in all cream and black, didn't that go or something?

"You look like a sheep, it was so much easier being your friend when you were in cheerios, speaking of which, when are you coming back?"

"I'm just out of my crutches, probably not till the new year Quinn" Brittany said, getting books out of her locker.

Quinn sighed impatiently.

"Sorry, am I not healing fast enough for you or something?"

"I'm just fed up with you floating around Lopez all the time, when we could be hanging out more" Quinn said shrugging confrontationally.

Brittany narrowed her eyes. "Quinn…are…are you jealous or something? Cause you always go on about Santana, she's more than a friend to me and cause you two don't get along I have to go between you, and I don't think you appreciate how hard that is"

"How dare you, I am not jealous," Quinn hissed looking around nervously, coming forward in an aggressive stance. "I told you to never speak of what happened again. Look, Britt, I'll make this easy for you – me or her"

"Quinn I can't just-"

"Tell me when you've made your decision" Quinn said with finality and walked off.

Brittany just stood there stunned in silence. She didn't know how much longer she could take Quinn's erratic behavior. Something was going on with her and had been for a while now, but she didn't know what.

Come their afternoon free period it was too cold out to sit in their usual spot under the bleachers so they walked around the almost empty school corridors talking about anything and everything. Brittany's mind was still racing from what Quinn said to her earlier. She wanted to be Quinn's friend but if she really wanted Brittany to choose her over Santana then she was crazy. There was simply no choice. Feeling her heart swell a little Brittany stopped them just outside the cafeteria.

"Santana," she said firmly, splaying her hands out by her sides almost like she was preparing herself. "I need to tell you something, and promise me you won't get mad"

Santana's eyes immediately narrowed and looked at the blonde in suspicion. "OK," she said slowly, "Spill"

"That night a few weeks ago at the party at your house? You know, where I got too high on E and shouldn't have mixed up my meds?"

Santana giggled and shook her head, "you don't need to remind me Britt. It was hardly forgettable"

"Yeah well, after you kinda…freaked out…in the bathroom I felt sick and I went back to your room and Quinn came in and I was confused, I don't really remember most of it but she kissed me, and I kinda kissed her back for a second but then I stopped it cause my head hurt and everything was blurry and I told her about you and me and she didn't seem happy and-"

"Hold. The. Fuck. Up" Santana said firmly holding a finger up to silence her, a deep frown etched on her face.

Santana's left hand seemed to ball into a fist as her face turned paler.

Not good.

"You kissed Quinn?" she asked, sounding dumbfounded, hurt and angry all at the same time.

"For like a split second yeah," Brittany said quickly "but she knew I took the pill and she just kissed me outta nowhere so it was kinda like a natural reflex thing, I mean yeah her lips are super soft but that was about it, she isn't you and I didn't feel anything, actually I felt kinda like I was about to throw up, and I'm starting to feel the same way now" Brittany let out nervously.

She couldn't loose Santana over this, not over something stupid like this.

"Hold up," Santana said yet again, sounding even more frustrated and confused. "Quinn knew you were high as a kite and just threw herself at you? Did she try anything else with you? Fuck you weren't even wearing a top were you? You were half naked in MY bedroom and she just threw herself at you knowing you wouldn't understand or remember?" Santana exclaimed, her voice getting louder and louder. "I…I can't take this" Santana muttered, her chest heaving with rage. She brought a hand up and rubbed across her forehead. She suddenly stormed, walking briskly off in a speed Brittany had never seen from her before.

"Santana wait," Brittany started going after her, "where are you going?"

"To kill Quinn Fabray" she spat back over her shoulder.

Crap. Crap. Crap.

"Hey cheerio slut," Santana barked at girl by her locker and grabbed her by the arm "what class is Quinn Fabray in right now? And don't even think about lying to me cause I know you all know each others timetables"

"T-T-T-Trigonometry" the girl stuttered out looking petrified.

"Gracias, hoy se llega a vivir" Santana said and was off again in another direction.

"Santana wait! Don't do this!" Brittany called out to her and followed along behind her. She knew it was pointless, Santana was zoned out and there was no way to drag her out of it.

Brittany's stomach lurched with dread as they arrived at Quinn's class and Santana literally kicked the door open with her boot.

The whole class was talking and the teacher wasn't even here. Crap. Not good. Everyone went silent as they all jumped at their classroom door being practically barged down.

"YOU" Santana growled spotting Quinn in the middle of the class and the blonde had already jumped up in her seat, possibly to make a run for it.

Santana lurched forward grasped a single hand around Quinn's throat and slammed the girl with a thud into the classroom wall. Everyone just looked on with shock, even Brittany panicked not knowing what to do or say. There was no one around to help or stop it.

"S-Santan…ah…" Quinn gasped for air as Santana clasped her other hand around her throat and was lifting her up by the neck, cutting off her air supply. Quinn's arms and legs flailed about helplessly. Brittany ran forward to them and tried to get Santana away by putting a hand on her shoulder, but Santana shrugged it off as a mere inconvenience.

"Let's make one thing clear Quinn, I don't like you and you don't like me. Fine. I have no issue with that," Santana said, eerily calm considering she was all but slowly killing the girl in front of her. "But you ever throw yourself at Brittany again, or take advantage of her or manipulate her or hurt her ever again and I WILL not hesitate to end you, do I make myself clear?"

Quinn's neck and the sides of her face were turning red and purple, some of her veins popping out, she continued to gasp and clutch for air as the class watched in horror.

"I said, do I make myself clear?" Santana shouted at her.

"…Y-y-y-es…." Quinn all but gasped out.

"Good" Santana said flatly, withdrawing both hands and letting Quinn fall to the floor gasping and choking.

She spun around and strode out the classroom leaving murmurs behind her.

"Santana, that wasn't OK" Brittany called out to her as they rounded the corridor and into another one. "You could have…seriously hurt her…you were scaring me…" Brittany said, her voice shaking and tears tingeing her eyes.

Santana turned around and there was no longer anger swirling behind her eyes, she just looked lost and exhausted.

"I'm sorry Britt, I never meant to scare you," she said quietly. "I just want to protect you"

"You're not protecting me by attacking other people Santana" Brittany countered and walked up to her.

"I know," Santana cowered and looked down. "I don't know what came over me, I'm sorry…but…but I would have let her go, you were there, so I would have let her go, you know that right?" Santana said sounding anxious, her eyes pleading with desperation for Brittany to agree with her.

"Yes Santana, I know," Brittany sighed exasperated, "but that's not the point, you shouldn't have done that. We can't be together if you're going to act like that. I want to be with you Santana, I want a future with you, but in order for that to happen you need to take care of yourself"

Santana swallowed thickly and her watery eyes looked at Brittany with shame.

"You said you'd do anything for me so prove it, you're going to start seeing Ms. Pillsbury and deal with all this pent up anger you seem to have. Your mom totally wanted it and now I want it. You said we were the two most important people in your life, so…how important? More important than your ego?"

Santana opened her mouth a few times then shut it; she looked so withdrawn and shocked. Brittany's heart swelled but she knew she couldn't just drop this.

"OK," Santana said quietly after a while.

"OK," Brittany breathed out in relief. "Meet me at the lockers after school OK? I'll walk you home, I'm not letting you go home and get stoned or drink yourself into oblivion over this"

Santana's eyes went wide as if Brittany had read her mind and nodded meekly.

"And you better hope nobody told a teacher what happened in that class too" Brittany added before heading away.

She sensed Santana needed to be alone right now and to be honest so did she, the adrenaline was still coursing through her veins. She couldn't concentrate in the rest of her classes for that day and she didn't even eat lunch, she sat staring into space replaying how angry and hurt Santana was. She never wanted to see the girl like that again, much less be the cause of that look.

As the last bell rang Brittany headed toward where she was meeting Santana.

Brittany leaned against the lockers looking at Santana considerately. The other girl looked tired as she rummaged through her locker for something.

"Haven't got a bottle hidden away back there have you?" Brittany smiled.

Santana slowly turned around, her brow creased in harassed confusion. She looked lost.

"Huh? Wha…uh…no" she mumbled, looking at Brittany with a vague look in her eyes, almost like she was looking right through her.

"Are you OK?" Brittany asked gently.

Santana seemed to snap out of it. "Yeah, I'm fine Britt, thanks for…well…everything…"

"That's what a partnership is about, isn't it?"

"P-partnership?" Santana stuttered uncertainly, looking around at student by passers. "We're not partners, or girlfriends, well not now…yet…or whatever"

Brittany laughed softly and shook her head in amusement.

"What?" Santana frowned.

"We've been partners for quite a while now Santana. A partnership is about helping each other, building each other's dreams and supporting each other, especially when they need it the most. You can lean on me whenever you want Santana, just like I know I can lean on you, although I need to be careful when leaning on you cause you're totally a lot smaller than me and probably can't take as much weight"

Santana's eyes glowed with affection as a small laugh escaped her lips. She looked down and shook her head possibly trying to conceal a blush.

"What's so funny?" Brittany cocked her head to the side, a smile plying her lips.

Santana let out a sigh and shook her head once more, brown eyes lifting uncertainly to meet blue. "You're adorable," Santana said quietly.

Brittany's smile faltered if only for a second because her heartbeat was in her throat and she felt it as she swallowed. Her smile turned into a toothy grin.

"Welll," she drawled out, bouncing on her feet a little. "Considering my moms like the anti-Christ or something I figure nature had to make me kinda adorable to balance things out"

Santana chuckled, a low delicious sound.

"So uhm," Brittany continued, tucking a lock of blonde hair behind her ear. "I guess I'll see you Monday?"

"Yeah, see you Monday" Santana sighed, almost sadly. "No, wait" she halted as the blonde made to turn around. "I know I've left this a while, and, well, I-I-I was uh, just…wondering…if you were still up for…you know…that date?" Santana asked shakily, tumbling over her own words. "I mean what I'm trying to say is that will you go out on a date with me? Although I actually have something specific in mind, it's perfect actually but we need to-"

Santana's words were quickly swallowed up by Brittany's mouth suddenly on hers, right in the middle of the school hallway.

She took Santana's lower lip between her own and sucked gently as she brought both her hands up and cupped Santana's face, leaning into her more that the other girl stumbled a bit. They both breathed out as they parted and Santana looked a little stunned. Brittany's heart had rose up and now felt like it was pounding inside her throat.

"Sorry," Brittany mumbled and looked around, the hallway wasn't crowded but there were people at the far end that were looking their way.

Santana's lips slowly formed a small smile. "Don't be," she said quietly.

Brittany's heart subsided with ease as she let out a relieved grin. "So uhm…it's Friday, we could go out on a date tonight, Benny's maybe?"

"Britt," Santana giggled with a sigh. "If you were actually listening to me when I was talking," she said in mock disappointment. "You would have heard that I've already planned our date, and we definitely can't go at night"

"Oh? Now I'm curious," Brittany said. "Where are you taking me? When are you taking me?"

Santana came forward and ran her fingertip down the front of her own jacket Brittany was wearing. The Latina chewed her bottom lip and looked up into blue eyes with mischief.

"We'll be gone all weekend, it's at least a two hour drive so, depending on traffic…" she trailed and grinned.

"We're taking…a road trip?" Brittany asked confused but delighted.

"Not as such, but the place I want to take you is practically on the other side of Ohio so, we'll be leaving tomorrow, and it depends, if I get tired driving we could stop off at a motel somewhere?" she said lowly, her eyes roaming across Brittany's chest then up over her eyes.

A clatter of a locker in the background distracted them both and they pulled apart, Brittany looked around to the source of the noise but nobody was there.

Brittany swallowed and nodded. "Where are we going though?" the blonde asked, her voice suddenly soft but uneven.

"It's a surprise"

"I love surprises," Brittany squealed clapping her hands together.

"And I love you" Santana said back simply.