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- Part 01

"I should have seen you for what you are." Fenris said, his tone civil but sharp. "You're a mage. I saw you cast spells in there."

Hawke nodded tired,"Why don't you go yell it all over town, I'm sure there are someone in Kirkwall that didn't hear you."

To Hawke's surprise Carver stepped up beside him, "If you have a problem with my brother, you have a problem with me."

Fenris looked at the small group of people and then sighed, "If i appear ungrateful, I am sorry, nothing is further from the truth." He pushed off the wall of Danarius' mansion, "It's just that.."

"You don't trust mages?" Varric said eying the elf, not sure what to make of him. Not sure he liked him, but sure as hell that he didn't like being tricked.

"I just have bad experience with mages." Fenris offered lamely.

"Hawke here," Varric said, his smile soft, but his eyes were hard as stone. "Is not your average."

"I noticed." Fenris said smiling softly, "I can't ever repay you for what you did." He looked directly at Hawke, "But if you ever need my help, I will be right here waiting for Danarius if he should return."

"Actually.." Carver said, and then looked at Hawke, who just smiled at his brother, "What my brother is trying to say." Hawke continued, "Is that we are going on a treasure hunt in the deep roads, and we could use someone with your talents."

"Alright." Fenris said softly, turning to return to the mansion.

Sitting in Gamlen's house, Hawke was sitting in a flimsy chair staring at the fire, sipping some vile stuff that ought to be wine. He liked it like this, when everything was silent. His mind kept wandering back to that evening, that elf, he didn't know what to think about it. He seemed sencere enough, but there was just something he couldn't put his finger on. Admitted he had suggested that the elf repaid his dept in form of joining the expedition to the deep roads, mostly for Carvers sake. He had heard him mutter under his breath, whining and complaining that everything they did had to do with magic, and maybe that -was- right to some extend, and so he figured that with Aveline indisposed because of her duties as a guard, it would be good with another swordsman, someone that Carver could relate to. He just hoped that it wouldn't become a problem.

Hawke got up from his chair, tip toeing over to open the door where he, Carver and mother slept, he could see Leandra's sleeping form in the bed, and slowly closed the door again. Finally she slept, she had been out of herself since Bethany died, all that anger inside her welling up, blaming both him and Carver for their sisters untimely end. And as much as Hawke understood her pain, he didn't want to be in the receiving end of her outbursts and so had avoided her as much as he could. Feeling slightly guilty that he had sometimes just left it to Carver to soothe mother. Leandra was scared, he could see it in her eyes, afraid that she would lose a child more, and he couldn't really blame her that, neither his or Carvers occupation was the safest there was. So most of the time she would cry when they tried to leave for a job, and Carver would stay back with her at the house, but not without shooting his brother a blaming glare.

Tonight though Carver was at the Hanged man, he had not gone home at all, they had finally gotten enough money to pay Bartrand for the deep road expedition, and so he had gone with the others to celebrate. Hawke had not. He had figured it was his turn to sit with mother, and she had done nothing but ask for Carver, demanding to know if he was alright, and Hawke had not been able to do anything but to try and calm her, telling her over and over that Carver was just out getting a drink with friends, which only seemed to alarm Leandra more, because the streets were not safe at night, so Hawke had pointed out that Carvers friends had weapons too. He vaguely had wondered if she would make the same scene with it was him that didn't come home?

But now she slept, and he slipped out the door to go for the Hanged man and the others.

As he arrived at the hanged man, he spotted Varric and Carver straight ahead, deep in discussion over their drinks. Hawke slipped down in a chair at their table. "You're wrong." Carver said, frowning, "He wouldn't do that." And to that Varric just smiled knowingly, "You're wrong little Hawke."

"Don't call me... Pfft! Never mind!" Carver argued.

"What are we arguing over?" Hawke asked with a perfect mask of innocence to his face.

"You." Carver groaned, "I say you wouldn't bring that crazy mage fella to the deep roads, and Varric insists that you will." He looked at his brother for an answer.


"Yes that would be him.. the crazy mage." Carver huffed down into his beer.

Hawke blinked confused for a second, looking from Carver to Varric, and back to Carver again, "Of course I will bring him." He shrugged, "He is a Grey Warden, - in some roundabout way anyway, but he knows the deep roads." Hawke studied his brothers displeased expression. "And we could do with someone who does, I mean, it's not like any of us ever ventured down there."

"See?" Varric gloated, "You owe me a sovereign. Little Hawke."

"Don't!" Carver growled, but just gave up with a sigh and resigned himself to a deep drink of his ale.

Hawke wanted to ask why they even -had- this discussion, but opted against it, he knew his brothers irrational anger towards mages, and he just knew that he'd argue that Anders was not trustworthy, that he would poison their water with a spell and leave them all for dead, carrying all the treasure out of the deep roads by himself. Hawke would tell him he was being ridiculous, and they would not speak to each other for a day or two. So Hawke just shook his head amused, "Now what does a charming fella like me have to do to get a beer around here?" He asked with a smile at Varric.

"Going to the bar would be an excellent start." Varric laughed.

"So." Carver said, "It's our expedition, right?"

"It is," Hawke said with a tender smile, at his brother. "Well, it's Bartrand and Varric's, but apart from that."

"So if you bring that mage, I want to bring Fenris." Carver stated, staring at his brother as to signal it was not up for discussion.

"Okay." Hawke said, "Suppose that is only fair."

Carver looked surprised that Hawke had agreed this easy, and as Hawke got up to get a beer, Carver's glare followed him in the crowd.

And later as they walked home, Carver broke the silence, "I don't get it." He admitted, "I thought you would.. You know, not want Fenris to come."

"I don't mind." Hawke shrugged. "You two seem to get along just fine." He said wrapping an arm around his younger brother, and the flinch from Carver was not missed on him. "And you are right, it shouldn't all be about magic."

Carver relaxed a little more. "It's been years since you and I agreed on anything." He just said softly.

"I know." Hawke admitted, "I'm sorry." He tightened his grip on Carvers shoulder. "I was busy trying to fill fathers shoes, not wanting to admit that i am just not the man he was, and in that process i failed you all."

"You're drunk Garrett." Carver chuckled.

"Completely piss-faced." Hawke laughed, "I mean it though."

"You didn't fail," Carver said softly, "Don't believe that shit mother throws at you. She is just angry with the Maker, with life. And we are her convenient whipping-boys."

"True." Hawke admitted. "I just feel like I could have done more."

Carver stopped and turned his head to look at Hawke, "You got us to Kirkwall."

"But without Bethany." Hawke said with a tiny voice, allowing himself self pity for a moment.

"But -with- mother, Aveline and me." Carver smiled a little dimpled smile at his brother.

Hawke yanked Carver along, as they started to walk home again, "Do you think you can even make it up into the top bunk without mother waking?" Hawke asked with a laugh.

"We'll have to put that to the test, won't we?" Carver laughed.

"Carver, can I ask something?" Hawke asked trying to focus on where they were going.


"Why Fenris? I mean, I get that you're friends and all. I had just thought you'd chose someone with bigger tits to come along." He laughter roared in the empty street as he heard Carver suck in his breath.

"I'm not some blighted ass-pirate." Carver sulked, "And Isabela's tits ain't that big," He pursed his lips in thought for a moment, "Though they -are- bigger than Merrill's."

"Some things never change." Hawke chuckled.