Megan studied case files by the dim light in her office, everyone had pretty much gone by now. Home to their families mostly, man she wished she had a family to go home to. but right now her work would have to keep her company, she wasn't in the mood to think about that above anything right now. She turned on some music on her computer which usually helped make the place feel less like a morgue at this time of night and went back to her files. He saw her the second he got off the elevator and walked to her office taking in the sight of her, shoes off, feet on the desk as she read her files while her foot tapped lightly in time to the music, all he could do was smile as he leaned against the door frame and smirked to himself.

"Whatcha doin there?" He asked as he stood perched.

"Shit!" She jumped scattering the contents of her case file on the ground trying to catch her breath as her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

"Holy shit Peter you scared me"

"I'm sorry" He laughed. "What are you even doing here it's like 11pm"

"It is?" she said genuinely surprised as she glanced at her watch and sat down at her chair.

"Well I'm working what are you doing here, thought you had a hot date?"

"Yea well turned out to be not so hot.." He rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably.

"She was... well let's just say her friend didn't accurately describe her"

Megan couldn't help but laugh "Was she not what you expected?"

"let's just say she was larger than life... and not just physically.. she almost pulled me in her cab when I tried to get rid of her" He blushed shaking his head as he tried to get the image of her out of his head and Megan couldn't help but laugh.

"god.. I'm sorry"

"Oh it doesn't matter.. I think I'm gone past the whole blind date thing it never works out for some reason"

"Wel you know what they say.. fish and sea come to mind"

"Yea.. hey you wanna go get drunk?" He smiled.

"Are you insane?"

"No. It's early... wanna go grab a drink?

"You go ahead I've...stuff to finish"

"Megan I know exactly what you've got to do and it can wait till tomorrow.. come on. You owe me a drink from the last night you didn't come out.. come on I'll let you pay" Peter smirked cheekily.

Megan stared at him weighing up her options and then nodded in response

"emm... ok" She shrugged. "but I'm not getting drunk"

"That's ok. I'll get drunk and you can look after me" He laughed.

"On second thought the drunk option sounds good" She laughed as she put on her shoes and coat.

The next morning Megan woke to her ringing phone and groaned as her head began to pound, she could feel every glass of wine, every shot of tequilla and every Vodka martini hit her in the one swift punch. She reached to her phone about to turn it off when she saw it was lacey calling so she tried to sound as sober and awake as possible as she answered.

"Hello" she said hoarsely.

"mom?" Lacey asked as she evaluated her mother's peculiar tone of voice.

"are you still in bed?"

"Yea.. I'm tired" She said trying to sound a little less like a zombie.

"Ok, well Dad has to go to California for 2 days can I stay with you? I seriously don't wanna go"

"If it's ok with your Dad it's fine with me honey" Megan sat upright hoping it would help the pounding in her head but it made it slightly worse, it was only then she realized she wasn't wearing any clothes and she frowned a little.

"Cool cause he's dropping me over now.. see you in 10" she smiled to herself hanging up.

Megan opened her eyes properly for the first time.. it was only then when she saw her clothes strewn across the room.

"Man I must have been wasted" She whispered to herself, as a loud bang from her kitchen made her jump as she ran her thoughts for any version of the true events of last night from her throbbing head.

"oh shittt.." She whispered as she looked to the opposite side of her bed and saw a pair of mens shoes.

"shitt" She got up quickly and ran to her closet and put on a jeans and a sweater the first ones she laid her hand on, still racking her brain for any memory.