This is Chapter 2. Thanks to everyone for the lovely reviews and Sorry it's been so long before I updated :D

"oh good." she groaned thinking of how close Todd and Lacey were to her
apartment, she fixed her face as best she could before taking a deep breath and
opening the door slightly wondering who the hell was here but she couldn't see
so she sucked it up and made the journey to the kitchen. It was there where she
found Peter fully dressed and making something that smelled amazing, her heart
sank as the sight of him brought back a flood of Memories she wished it hadn't.

"Morning" He smiled. "your fridge is worse than mine.. I had to go to
the store but your all stocked up now" Megan could have swallowed her tongue she
was so nervous and the pounding in her head was getting worse.

em.. thanks"

"What's wrong?" He laughed at her a little.

"no..nothing." She rubbed her temples to ease the pain in her head.

"Come here?"

"What?" she said slightly alarmed not sure she
could do this with Peter when she was sober.

"Come here?" He beaconed
with his finger and she moved to him slowly trying desperately to avert her gaze
from his eyes which were piercing her.

"Here you go?" He handed her two
aspirin and a glass of water, and she smiled both relieved and

"So last night was fun huh?" peter smiled.

Megan cleared her throat "It was?" she smiled weakly.

"How hungover are you?" He chuckled.

"You have no idea" she whispered.

"Do you remember anything?"

"Bits and pieces.." She looked away, and Peter suddenly knew what she meant, she was regretting it even though she swore she wouldn't. He began

to shake his head and he put the pan aside.

"you told me you wouldn't do this" He said a little angrily.

"Do what?" She said innocently.

"You swore to me you wouldn't regret it." He went to her room and got his shoes so fast it made her head spin faster than it was already.

"Peter... I.. come on we were both drunk, I don't even remember most of it" She said following him.

"You weren't that drunk." He sighed as he got up and put on his jacket.

"Peter come on your being unreasonable. We have to work together don't make this awkward"

"You did that all by yourself" he said walking to the door, with her following behind him. He turned to her sharply.

"You know you were the one who came on to me" he said before he left her standing in shock. She didn't even have time to process what just happend when Todd and Lacey came through the door.

"Hey mom" Lacey smiled.

"hey sweetie" Megan try to push her thoughts of Peter out of her head before she went crazy.

"Thanks Megs.. Lace was supposed to come but she doesn't want to now"Todd sighed

"Sure no problem it will be fun." She foced a smile felling like she was about to throw up.

"Aren't you working today?"

"Em.. I think I'm gonna take the Day off" Megan said softly dreading the thought of meeting Peter.

"Why was Peter here?" Lacey asked inquisitively.

"Oh just asking me something...about a case" Megan said uneasily and Lacey knew she was lying it was written all over her face. Her father Noticed this too.

"ok.. well I'll be back monday night? So I'll pick lace up then"

"Sounds good." Megan took a deep breath.

"Ok" Todd smiled and left kissing lacey on the way out.

"Mom what's burning?" Lacey screwed up her face as she smelled Peters pancakes burning.

"noth.. oh shit!" megan yelled and ran to the kitchen taking the pan and tossing it in the sink under the running water. That was it all she wanted to to was curl up in a ball and die.

"Mom it's just a pan" Lacey said shocked as tears formed in Megan's eyes.

"oh mom what's wrong?" She asked hugging her mother.

"Nothing I'm just tired" Megan tried to shrug it off.

"Did you fight with Peter?" Lacey smiled sadly and Megan smiled at her intuitive daughter.

"Well come on he knows you better than you know yourself" she smiled