Sometimes the path of love or true love is difficult, it's full of complications, mistakes but eventually you see the light at the end of it.

Castiel Novak didn't take risks, he didn't trouble himself in games and he stuck to the rules. He worked a simple job as a waiter in a café in Lawrence, Kansas; it was a tiring job full of rude customers but thankfully had found the friendship of Joanna Harvelle so it was more bearable.

Coming from a religious family did no good for Castiel who was practically raised from birth to believe in God, Heaven, Hell and the Bible. At the age of 24 he in his mind was forced into the marriage with Anna Milton. Castiel loved Anna but he wasn't in love with her, he found no spark, no pleasure and no recognition with his own wife. He married Anna in a small ceremony with his father, Chuck, and his two brothers, Michael and Gabriel sat in the front row.

Michael and his father were proud of him and proud he was marrying a Christian girl; Gabriel on the other hand knew of Castiel's "secret" and strongly despised the situation along with Castiel. That was more than half a year ago and now both Castiel and Anna were stuck in a 7 month marriage that had already gone stale and dry but neither one of them faced it.

Castiel looked over to Anna as they lay in bed together one morning in the middle of March and reached out stroking along the bright red hair he loved very much. He let out a small sigh sitting up and twirled the wedding ring around his finger aimlessly.

"Another day" he whispered glancing to the alarm clock on the nightstand. It was nearly half past 7 and he craved a morning coffee. He padded out of the room quietly scanning around the silent house apart from the tick of the clock; he shivered feeling the emptiness and depression of the place he called home. Castiel switched on the coffee folding his arms across his chest tightly.

He stared into space not noticing the magazine in front of him until he looked down and raised an eyebrow in surprise. A young man in his twenties posed completely naked, all muscles, toned and held a dangerous smirk. Castiel stared at the photo feeling his stomach flip and dance at the mere sight of a naked man. He panicked throwing it down and moved away to stare out at the morning daylight. Castiel breathed in and out quickly fighting down the urges inside him which he had held since a teenager.

College was the first time Castiel knew that something was wrong with him, something immoral and sinful. Girls did nothing for him, he had looked, watched and thought about them but they did nothing sexual for him. Castiel then thought of the lads in his college and something inside him breathed out in relief at the thoughts and his cock twitched to the thought.

Castiel was ashamed but now he had started thinking of lads, he couldn't stop. He knew he was gay and it terrified him. Castiel often prayed at night praying to be redeemed, stop these sinful thoughts, but he was never answered. So one time at a party he attended with high school friend, Uriel, Castiel got very, very, drunk and caught the eye of an attractive boy in the year above him.

Castiel couldn't remember much apart from the pleasure of having this senior pushing him down onto the bed and stripping him bare, kissing him all over and sucking him off till he was screaming. After that night Castiel couldn't get enough and couldn't stop himself, he bought magazines that he hid under his bed, kissed random boys behind bike sheds and often found himself agreeing to go home with them on nights out.

It eventually stopped when Gabriel caught him one time with a lad near the house, Castiel was mortified and even though Gabriel was shocked, he supported him. After that Castiel stopped, he threw away the magazine and stopped going out, he devoted himself to his faith and being a good man for his family and his then girlfriend, Anna.

Castiel opened his eyes looking down to his fists clenched tightly and breathed out feeling his insides scream in longing and need, how he longed to be kissed, held, fucked till he came so hard and so long he blacked out.

"Hey" Anna said in a whisper making him jump and turn around.

"Good morning, coffee?"

"Please" she said with a small smile wrapping her dressing gown around her form and turning on the central heating. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, you?" he said pulling another cup out.

"No, I had nightmares"

Castiel turned towards her concerned. "What they were about?"

"I don't remember" she said picking up a letter on the side and throwing it down. "I'm going to get ready for work"

Castiel nodded watching her wander back into the office. Anna worked as a personal assistant in town for a man called Zachariah Grace. Castiel hated the man for making Anna work so hard her eyes had permanent bags over them. He also hated the way she shut him out and never spoke to him about stuff that was troubling her. He looked down to the magazine again and swallowed tossing it into the trash muttering a prayer under his breath.


"You look like shit" Jo commented to him as he strolled into her and smiled.

"Thank you, Jo" he replied walking into the back and hanging his coat up. Jo followed through waving to Ash, the cook, as she went by and stood near him.


"Jo, please don't bring up Saturday night" he murmured wrapping the apron around him.

"Cas! You practically told me your whole life story and you expect me to just forget? You're unhappy in a loveless marriage like the fricken olden days, Castiel" Jo protested watching him wander around finding his pad.

"I love her" he commented finding it and pocketing it quickly.

"Yes but you're not in love with her, Cas, wait!" she said when he went to walk out. "You know what you are even if you won't admit it to yourself"

"I know but what can I do? I am a married man!" he hissed back to her moving to leave again when she grabbed his wrist.

"Break the rules, you did it once"

"What? That is adultery, Jo" he said horrified.

"I know! But who says she will find out? Here" she said slipping him a small piece of cardboard. "I mix in weird circles but this guy here is well…you know…and well one night, Cas, one night of pure mindless sex…"

Castiel hushed her shoving her back inside and closing the door alarmed.

"You want me to cheat on my own wife with a whore?"

"He isn't a whore! He's a rent boy and just one night, get rid of them urges you were telling me about and it's done, you'll never see him again. Think about it" Jo said with a small smile opening the door and walking out.

Castiel stared at the white wall ahead of him in shocked horror. The card shook in his shaking hand and he stared down at the name and number.

"Dean Winchester" he read in a small voice and pocketed it biting his lip.

His Tuesday morning was filled with his regulars demanding coffee, breakfast, and the usual beverages. He worked through it quietly ignoring the pointed stares off Jo as they worked together. He looked up at the time when it hit 12.30pm and sighed in relief going out back to eat his lunch. He sat on one of the chairs looking to his phone to see no messages, no missed calls and sighed feeling more alone than ever.

"Did you throw it away?" Jo enquired standing at the door.

"No" he muttered looking up at the sky. "Why did you give it to me?"

"Maybe because I'm concerned and you need to live a little! Seriously, my heart broke for you last Saturday"

"I am never going drinking with you again"

Jo smirked raising an eyebrow moving outside and inhaling deeply.

"When was the last time you were with a man?"

"Jo" he hissed looking around nervously.

"Oh be quiet! No one will hear me" she said rolling her eyes.

"Before I was married"

"So you haven't been with a man in seven months?"

"No" he muttered opening his drink and sipping it for comfort.

"So why not test it? It's one night and you already cheated on her while dating her with other men so why not test it one more time for the truth"

"With a rent boy?"

"Dean will take care of you"

Castiel stared at her sincere eyes and scoffed.

"This is insanity"

"I am giving you the push here, Cas, but you don't have to do it! Rip it up and forget I ever said anything" Jo suggested crossing her arms defensively.

Castiel scowled looking away and ignoring her smug smile.

"Call him after work" she said walking back inside and shouting to her mum, Ellen Harvelle, his and her boss that she would be one minute. He pulled out the card and swallowed tracing over it with his thumb feeling a flutter of nerves in his stomach, could he do this?

5pm hit thankfully for the lot of them as Ellen thanked them all for another good day of work and left with Jo and Ash.

"It's your decision, Castiel" Jo said lingering behind as he stopped on the pavement. He pulled out his phone and blinked in surprise to see one message on his screen. He opened it up and his face dropped in disappointment.

Babe, Zach is keeping me behind tonight.

I'll be late, don't wait up.

Anna. X

Castiel deleted the message and pulled out the card contemplating his life choices and dialled in the number quickly. It rang twice and he was about to hang up when a voice answered.

"Civil Agency" a cool voice answered.

"Oh I think I have the wrong…"

"No you don't sweetheart, who do you want?"

"Dean Winchester" he answered in a croaky voice.

"Ah popular choice, okay, do you know Pinewood apartments?"

"Yes" he said looking down the street.

"Apartment 32, can I have your name?"

"Jim" he lied.

"Jim, he'll be expecting you and make sure to pay first darling" she said in an amused voice and Castiel heard the click of the phone and swallowed pocketing his phone.

"Oh what am I doing?" he whispered climbing into his little car and checking his wallet for money. He drove down the street and took a quick left into a bunch of apartments and blinked surprised to how nice they were. Castiel climbed out and looked around for the number 32 and swallowed seeing it upstairs, he climbed the stairs and hovered outside closing his eyes.

"God forgive me" he whispered knocking and stepping back.

The door opened and his breath was taken away for a moment as he looked at him. Short brown hair, a good physique, the looks of a model and the most brilliant green eyes he had seen.

"Jim" he said with a smirk.

"Yes" he whispered nervously.

"First time?"

Castiel nodded still staring at him and bit his lip. Dean followed the action and opened the door wider letting him in. Castiel walked in looking around the apartment and blinked in surprise expecting it to be filthy, seedy, and the typical look of a hooker but found it pleasantly clean, light and the way a home should be.

"So…Jim, what do you want?"

"I don't know" he said hiding his hands in his pockets looking at the floor and back up to him.

"$100 for it all" he said with a small smile.

Castiel pulled out his wallet nervously and checked the contents. "I have $70"

Dean clucked his cheek observing him up and down stepping closer staring into his eyes.

"Done, it's a good job you're pretty and this is your first time doing this" he murmured taking the money and pocketing it. Castiel shifted feeling uncomfortable but couldn't stop staring into the warmth of his eyes.

"We'll take it slow" Dean murmured shrugging his trench coat off his back and throwing it on the couch as he glanced down and raised an eyebrow.

"Naughty" he said holding up his hand.

"Please don't mention it"

"I won't, Jim"

"Castiel" he said quickly making him look up and smile amused.

"I knew it was fake…Castiel? Strange name" he murmured curiously pulling his t-shirt off and throwing it over his shoulder. Castiel closed his eyes inhaling in shakily when Dean smoothed his hands down his chest and over his ribs.

"Don't worry, you're in my hands"


Dean was not expecting this. When the agency called to tell him a "Jim" was coming, he expected a middle aged old man but not this, not a gorgeous looking man in mid-twenties all eager and nervous. His heart leapt when he took him in and learnt his real name, they never tell him.

Castiel stared up at him looking at the plump pink lips longingly and wandered what they would taste like. Dean noticed his staring and before he could think pressed them against his in a hard kiss. Castiel groaned at the pressure and feeling of another man kissing him hard and forcing his tongue into his mouth. Dean felt the groan vibrating in his mouth and chest giving his cock a twitch of interest as Castiel's skilled tongue met his in a heated fight. Clothes were shed quicker than he anticipated and Dean shoved him towards the bedroom pulling away from the red lips and kissing his exposed throat. Castiel whimpered feeling heat run around in his body and moaned feeling the bed underneath him as Dean pushed him down reclaiming his lips.

Dean slid between his thighs and moved from his mouth kissing down his chest relishing the sounds escaping Castiel's mouth.

"Fuck!" Castiel hissed when he latched onto his nipple sucking and teasing it gently before moving down to his ribs grazing his teeth across the creamy skin. Castiel groaned biting his lip feeling a sweat break out across his body as he arched in longing feeling the stickiness of Dean sticking to him also. Dean smirked moving down and pulling back looking down to his groin, he bit his lip and looked up to Castiel with a mischievous look in his eye.

Castiel looked back and Dean couldn't stop the low moan at seeing the lust blown in those blue eyes, Dean couldn't quite get over how blue they actually were.

He nuzzled the skin above kissing along the perfect v section of his pelvis and up to his thighs kissing the inner skin. Castiel wriggled feeling his hot breath, his stubble and his lips move up and down his inner thighs.

"D-Dean" Castiel cried clutching the sheet.

"Okay" Dean said spreading his legs wider and moving off to get the lube and condom. Dean ripped it open with his teeth making Castiel bite his lip at the action as he put the condom on and squirted lube onto his fingers stroking the entrance.

"Oh!" Castiel cried as his fingers entered inside him. Dean scissored his fingers inside him widening the hole watching Castiel moan and wriggle on the bed.

"Dean please" he begged looking up to him with wild hair and a flushed face.

Dean smirked grabbing his hips and staring down at him as he pushed inside him with one slow thrust. Castiel opened his mouth in a silent shout and cried out as he pushed into the hilt.

"You okay?"

"Y-yes" he said breathlessly closing his eyes not realising how much he had actually missed this. Castiel wrapped his legs awkwardly around his hips as Dean leaned down kissing him hard and thrusting his hips into him and sliding in and out of the hole quickly. Castiel brought his hands up hesitantly to his shoulders gripping it tight and squeezing his eyes shut as Dean thrusted into him over and over again. The pressure was building inside him and he longed to have him touch him there but knew he wouldn't. Castiel grasped his own cock sliding his hand up and down in time with his thrusts feeling the clench of his balls and his moans filling the air.

With a long cry Castiel climaxed between them squirting white fluid into his hand and onto their stomachs, Dean quickly followed stilling on top of him moaning into his shoulder as he climaxed and filled the condom. Castiel couldn't help but feel the difference and frowned wanting to feel it inside him but simply drew in a breath looking to Dean. Dean raised himself up onto his hands and pulled out kneeling up, Dean removed the condom tying it up and throwing it into the bin.

Castiel moaned at the loss but closed his eyes still feeling his orgasm inside him.

"How was that?"

"Amazing" he breathed staring up at him as Dean dropped down with a nod.

"You telling me the truth when you say it's your first time doing this?"

"This is my first time with a…" he said gesturing at him.

Dean nodded running a hand into his hair and tilting his head observing it. "I like your sex hair"

"Thank you" Castiel murmured bashful. Dean nodded watching him shift up wincing a little and move over pulling on his underwear and jeans.

"Here" Dean said pulling open his drawer and passing him a card. "This is my personal number; it means you don't have to go through Lillian at the agency"

"Are you sure?"

"Oh don't worry, I'll tell them anyway, but call me on that and I'll be there"

"Really?" Castiel murmured staring down at it.


Castiel nodded stepping up and walking into the living room collecting his coat and t-shirt.

"Let me guess, you regret it?" Dean called to him following him in.

Castiel stared down at his wedding ring and knew he should turn around and say yes but it wasn't, it felt so right and he hadn't had sex that good in months. Sex with Anna felt like more of a chore than anything and he hated himself for thinking it but sex with this man, this Dean was amazing and the best orgasm he had had in a good while.

"Yes" he lied but knew Dean could see the lie in his eyes.

"Call me anytime, Castiel" he said shoving his hands into his jeans staring at his flushed face, excited eyes and rosy lips. Castiel nodded quickly opening the door and slamming it shut behind him feeling the cold wind hit him suddenly.

Dean stared at the door and frowned feeling something stir inside him, something unusual and foreign like he didn't want this unusual, married but gorgeous man to leave his flat. Dean couldn't deny the sex was good and he was clearly skilled but lacking in some areas and for once in his life hoped he called again.


Castiel opened the front door and slid inside the empty hallway. He shut the door and pulled off his coat hanging it up getting a whiff of cologne and sex. His stomach stirred along with his groin and he climbed the stairs towards his bedroom poking his head through the bedroom door to see no one there and sighed.

Castiel moaned a little at the pain climbing into bed and under the covers feeling his heartbeat in his ears. His heart raced and his breathing quickened feeling the guilt settle in. He had cheated on his wife with another man; he turned restlessly into the pillow and felt tears sting his eyes.

"What have I done?" he whispered clinging to the cushion and trembling all over as he pictured Dean over him and knew he wanted it again and again.

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