Personal note.

I am not going to do a future chapter because I feel like it just ended perfectly! I don't want to ruin it by doing another chapter but for people who felt some things were left unresolved.

In my head:

The reason Anna was acting all strange was because she secretly didn't want to get divorced and felt like her whole life had been turned upside down while Castiel's worked out perfectly.

Sam did find out about Dean's job two years into Cas and Dean's relationship after a drunken night out where it all came spilling out and it took a month for them to get talking again after Dean explained and explained and explained to him why he did it. Sam would eventually forgive him and they would start paying the money back to him.

If you want I could do a sequel to this! A few people suggested it and I was thinking of doing a kid fic after this story so I can either do that or start a brand new one.

I didn't just want to leave it here with a few things unresolved so here's my personal note/chapter.