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Ageha rolled over in the bed, her hand searching for her beloved Yukari, who was in theory on the other side of the bed, but theory didn't always match with reality. Sitting up and rubbing her eyes after finding the other side of the bed empty and cold, she found she was the only one in the room. With a knowing smile she got out of bed and walked over to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. Ageha had known him for 7 years and Yukari had only marginally become less of a workaholic. 3 years ago when they were married she was convinced she going to be able to get him to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but it had turned into less late night's and more early mornings. There was still the all nighter at least once every two weeks.

Pulling a pink sundress over her head and pulling her hair up into a loose side braid she had learned from Maki-san, Ageha suddenly felt nauseous. Racing over to the toilet to empty her stomach she sat on the bathroom floor until it passed. Rinsing her mouth out and brushing her teeth again she puzzled as to why she would be sick so suddenly. That thought running through her mind she walked out of the bedroom to go find Yukari, who hadn't heard her being sick due to the fact that he was asleep on the couch by the window.

She smiled as she found the finished wedding dress in the middle of the room and Yukari on the couch asleep with design plans on his stomach. She knelt beside him, staring at his sleeping face that she never got tired of watching. She sighed softly as she worried about how long he had been up, how long he had been sleeping here, and a million different other things that she fretted over. Feeling a hand on her head Ageha found Yukari had woken up already. "When did I fall asleep?" he asked.

Looking at the clock on the wall Ageha answered, "Well it's 8 in the morning right now and I just woke up to find you out here." She looked back at his grumpy expression. Yukari put his designs aside and pulled her up to sit on his lap. She put her arms around him exclaiming, "I don't like it when you stay up so late alone. You should have told me that you had a job to finish and I would have helped you! Don't I say this every time?" She pulled away from him to look at him with a little girl pout on her face.

A grin spreading over his face at how she always worried about him, and as he pulled her close again he said, "I know you always do, but I don't want you too. An angel like you needs her beauty sle…" Yukari stopped short as Ageha began to look sick, asking her, "are you okay?"

"Sorry," she managed to say before she ran out of Yukari's arms and back to the bathroom. For the second time that day Ageha had found herself over the toilet, vomiting up her now empty stomach. Yukari ran after her into the bathroom, worried for her now, concern peppering his tone as he asked her what was wrong. Wobbly from her time over the toilet Ageha rinsed her mouth out, "I'm fine, just a little tired and nauseous. Maybe we should both take a nap. The customer won't be here until noon to pick up her dress and it's finished right?"

Putting his palm in his forehead he replied,"Yeah it's finished, and frankly both of us do need a nap." Yukari pulled her into their bedroom holding her close, "but if you throw up again were going to the doctors." He told her as a statement and not a question. Knowing he hadn't heard the first time she was sick that morning, she chuckled nervously agreeing. Her nervous chuckle let him know she wasn't telling him something and Yukari gave her a look that said he knew she was hiding something.

Looking down she admitted softly, "That's actually the second time today."

Yukari's eyes swam with concern as he was told this, his eyebrows rising. "The second time? You threw up earlier?" he asked. Ageha nodded, looked at the worry in his eyes and started saying how she felt fine now, only needed a nap, and how she would be just fine when she woke up. "I'm still taking you to the doctors," Yukari told her. He changed into different clothes that weren't slept in, splashed water on his face and called Mitsu to find out where he was.

"Yukari-chan! How is our little sleeping beauty?" Mitsu called when he picked up the phone.

"Are you at Rosa right now?" Yukari asked, trying to ignore the annoying nickname.

"Yes, why do you ask? Are you worried about me?" Mitsu cooed in girly voice.

"No," Yukari said in a flat voice and adding more tone informed him, "I'm taking Ageha to the doctors right now, she isn't feeling well. It's about 8:30 right now so, we should be back by the time the customer comes for the dress, maybe before depending on how long they make us sit in the waiting room."

"Oh no," Mitsu exclaimed dramatically, "what happened to our Ageha-chan?"

Yukari heard running on the other side of the phone as Mitsu made his way over to V.B.R. Hanging up the phone and going back to the Atelier so as to not have Mitsu run through the whole house, Ageha started to protest about how she didn't need to go. Taking her hands, Yukari looked at Ageha, "You worry me. Remember how you threw up last week too? We are going to the doctor." Ageha nodded, understanding how Yukari was worried, just like she was always worried when he stayed up late. Yukari then yelled down the stairs, "Mitsu stop hiding it's not a soap opera." Mitsu popped out, running open armed at Ageha and wrapped her in a hug as she squirmed.

"You can't get sick Ageha," Mitsu cried, "but if you do I will nurse you back to health," he winked.

"Back off you feind," Yukari warned, peeling him off of her, "you look after the store, we're leaving."

Yukari and Ageha were sitting in the room they had been put in at the doctor's office, waiting for the doctor to come back and tell them what was or wasn't wrong. He had asked the both of them a lot of questions and performed a few physical tests on Ageha. It was 11 am and she was getting restless, not wanting to spend too much more time here and make Yukari late for his appointment at noon. Noticing her fidgeting and constant clock watching, Yukari took Ageha's hands in his saying, "Don't worry about the time, Mitsu is at the store. He can handle it if we take longer."

The doctor then came into the room and sat down in a chair opposite the couple announcing, "Well, I have good news for you both. Ageha-san is 7 weeks pregnant."

As soon as they heard the news both Ageha and Yukari looked shocked, but soon Ageha's eyes lit up with joy. Turning to Yukari she looked into his eyes exclaiming, "Did you hear that Yukari? A baby!"

Looking at her and how excited she was, Yukari's face softened to one of love. He smiled answering, "Yes, I'm so happy." He hugged her before turning back to the doctor.

"I'd like to do some other tests to determine the health of Ageha-san and the baby, so I'd like you to come back," the doctor told them. Agreeing on a time and date, they set out back to the shop, making it back just as the customer arrived to pick up her dress.

The customer had just left and Mitsu was dying to know what had happened at the doctor's office. They had come back right when the customer had arrived, so he had no chance to ask them about it, but he knew nothing bad had happened because Ageha was happy. It was always so easy to read the both of them, they were like open books. The three of them were working on different things in the Atelier when Mitsu finally got too curious and asked, "What did the doctor say?"

Ageha and Yukari stopped and looked at each other, their eyes seeming to ask each other who should tell him. Yukari turned to Mitsu and told him the news and as soon as he had said it Mitsu popped up and gave Ageha a big hug. He congratulated them over and over again, proclaimed that he was going to go make some red rice and went to the kitchen.

Yukari pulled Ageha over to the couch, sitting her on his lap and hugging her close. "Are you okay?" Ageha asked him.

"I'm just worried if I will be a good father." he answered her. "I'm also concerned for you. Will you be okay?"

"You'll be a great father; you had the best role model and I'll be okay, I have you here." Ageha assured him. She was sure that he would be the best father for their child, and the way he was concerned about her was sweet. "Well, should we tell my family the good news tonight?" she asked Yukari kissing him and smiling.

"Yes we should," he said, "but we should wait on telling my mother. I don't want her to run away from work again."

"Your right," Ageha agreed, "and we need to tell my family in person. You can't tell people this kind of thing over the phone."

"Okay, should we have dinner with them tonight?" he asked.

"Good idea," she agreed, "I'll call them right now."

Ageha pulled out her cell phone and called her mother informing her that she and Yukari had something to tell them over dinner tonight, asking her if she could call Hibari and Makoto over to join them too.

Hanging up the phone Ageha turned back to Yukari stating, "Now that we have that tonight, I think we should get our work finished." Reluctantly they both went back to what needed to be done, wondering why Mitsu had been gone so long.

That night, they all sat around Ageha's parent's dinner table. Hibari and Makoto were there and their two little girls, Madoka and Momoko were with them. Mitsu had tagged along too, but nobody had minded as he was almost like family. Dinner was over and the conversation moved to the news that Ageha and Yukari had for them. Everyone was so excited, as they hadn't seen the couple outside V. that often.

"We're all dying to know what it is you have to tell us," Hibari told Ageha with lighthearted impatience, "What is it?"

"Well, um…,"Ageha began, glancing at Yukari who put a hand around her waist, "I'm pregnant."

Everyone began congratulating them at once, except for Mitsu, who just sat beaming and telling the table what had happened that morning. Madoka and Momoko got up from the table and ran around to hug the couple babbling about how they were so excited to have a little cousin to play with.

"That so exciting," said, "do you know how far along you are?"

"The doctor said I was seven weeks already," Ageha replied.

"Congratulations!" her mother said, "Have you called your mother and told her the good news yet Yukari?"

"No not yet." he confessed, "I don't think it's a good idea at the moment, we don't want her to skip work to come down again."

"She deserves to know. Go call her right now, use our phone."Mrs. Shiroi protested, pushing Ageha and Yukari into the kitchen and putting a phone in his hands. "Call her. Now," she commanded leaving them alone.

"Well I guess we can't argue with that," Ageha said turning to Yukari who sighed and agreed. Yukari punched in the number and waited for her to pick up the phone.

"Hello," Ran answered on the second ring.

"Hello mother," Yukari greeted.

"Yukari! How are you doing?" she bubbled.

"Ageha and I have something to tell you," he answered.

"What is it?" she asked. Yukari could hear the excitement bubbling in her voice at the fact that he had called her with news. Yukari didn't often call her to tell her things due to her impulsive behavior when she heard whatever they called her about.

Yukari took a big breath and responded saying, "Today we found out that Ageha is seven weeks pregnant."

"Really? That's so amazing!" she cried, "I'm going to come see you right now."

Yukari shouted, "No, stay at work."

Ageha took the phone from Yukari adding, "The baby won't be born for months, wait to come see us later, closer to the due date."

"Okay," Ran said in a voice that implied that she was pouting, "I love you both and I WILL see you in seven months." Ran hung up and Yukari sighed and hugged Ageha. It had been a long day, and they were ready to go home and sleep.

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