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The sound of the clock ticking through the shop seemed to bounce around, uninterrupted except for the sounds of rustles and shifting that comes with making a dress. If you listened you could faintly hear Mitsu turn in his sleep as he dreamed. The place was dark except for a few lamps that had been turned on as the natural light faded. Sitting across from Yukari at the work table, Ageha yawned, the hour and the silence and the light and the work catching up to her. Taking a hand away from her work she stifled the sound, hoping Yukari hadn't noticed her sign of fatigue. He was, most of the time, engrosed in what he was working on, but it seemed that this time he had heard her and looked up. It was hard to mask sounds in an almost quiet house.

"Ageha are you all right? You don't have to stay up and finish this with me," Yukari inquired worryingly. She was 5 months along now with a baby bump – she no longer could wear many of her old clothes because the baby had gotten so big. She got tired easily and felt incredibly guilty because she wasn't able to help as much as she used to. Ageha could see how much her help was needed as she was required to rest more often; Yukari worked more – if that was possible – seeming to finish what Ageha couldn't . She didn't like to see him work like this, it make her worry about his health.

Putting on a stubborn face she stated, "I'm not going to go to bed as long as this project is not finished." She picked her work back up and seemed to furiously get back to her sewing. This time she was determined to stay up with her husband, to help him with the current project so he didn't end up pulling an all-nighter.

A disapproving look sliding onto his face Yukari countered, "It's not good for you to stay up. I can finish this on my own."

"No, I won't go, it will take all night for you to do it yourself," Ageha answered.

"Ageha." The blond dressmaker sighed, "I don't want you to push yourself too hard, it's not good for you or the baby," he said restating his earlier comment. His greatest fear was that something would happen as a result of her working too hard, and there was plenty of work around the shop that she could lose herself in and forget.

Mentioning the baby had halted her protest at least for a little bit, but after a few seconds of silence and another yawn later, new protests started, "I'll only go to bed if you come with me. We both know that you are more tired than I am, you've been working much more than you used to. You have to think of your own health too." She knew that was a big request considering the dress was being picked up tomorrow evening and it was still only half done, but with Mitsu's help they could probably get it done if they worked together and got up at 8. Besides, sometimes you do better work if you take time to sleep, rest your brain, and start again in the morning.

Yukari put down the dress, got up, and came around to the other side of the table. Taking Ageha's hands he looked down into her eye's, seeing the determined glint he sighed asking, "Is that the only way I'm going to get you to go to bed?" He worried about her constantly, always pushing herself to do more than she actually could.

The pout slid off of Ageha's face and genuine concern replaced it, "Yes," she replied, "Even if I went to bed by myself and you stayed here I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing you would be out here all night working on something just because I wasn't able to help you finish."

Yukari weighed the pro's and con's of going to bed in his mind. On one hand Ageha would go to bed and he would get some sleep, but on the other the dress would go unfinished resulting in another close call. Putting her health first he agreed to her terms; he sighed and pulled her up gently from her place on the chair, lacing his fingers with hers as he walked with her to the bedroom. After brushing his teeth and putting on his pajama's he walked over to the bed to find his wife already asleep in bed.

Setting the alarm on the nightstand to 8 o'clock Yukari crawled into the bed beside her and he couldn't help but stare at the beautiful vision beside him. Ageha looked so peaceful when she was asleep, the exhaustion and worry from the day seemed to melt off of her face. She always tried so hard to help him with his work, shouldering more of a burden than he liked to see her lift. Softly he laid his hand on her pregnant belly a small smile falling onto his face. Unconsciously Ageha moved closer to him, snuggling into his warmth. Holding her close he pulled the blankets up over the two of them whispering goodnight into her ear as he fell asleep.

Waking up at around 2 o'clock in the silence of a sleeping house Mitsu rolled out of bed and walked over to the Atelier. The dress was sitting on the table unfinished and the pattern maker had a suspicion on what had happened. There were only a few things that could make Yukari leave his work and Ageha was one of them. Yawning he walked over to the couple's door, opening it and peeking inside at the two snuggling fast asleep on the bed. They were so cute and Mitsu could stare for hours, but there was a dress to finish and he didn't want to disturb the sleeping ones, so closing the door again he went back to where the dress was waiting and picked up the work left on the table and sat in the seat that Yukari had vacated.

Beeeeeeeeeeeep …



Groaning Yukari reached his arm back behind him to turn off the alarm. He turned back to Ageha, who was up and scrubbing at her eyes with one hand and resting the other on her swollen stomach, a lazy smile adorning her face as she turned to her husband and gave him a bleary half-asleep good morning. The bright morning sun was streaming through the curtains and it fell around her making her look exactly like she was glowing. Work leaving his mind at the sight of the angel in front of him Yukari smiled back at her and slid over to wrap her in his arms, murmuring a good morning in her ear as he did so.

Leaning into him Ageha answered him with, "Aren't you glad we went to bed?"

"Maybe, with what still needs to be done we'll have to work hard. Are you ready to help?" Yukari asked back.

"Of course," she stated with an enthusiastic tone. "Now, we should get up and get started." she remarked, giving him a peck on the lips and standing up. Stretching she walked to the bathroom to wash up from a night of sleeping in her clothes. Smiling at her enthusiasm to help Yukari got up and stretched too following his wife into the bathroom and joining her at the sink, picking up his own toothbrush.

Finishing up in the bathroom the two walked back down the hall to the Atelier, where they thought they had a dress waiting to be finished. When they got their though, there was a beautiful white wedding gown, sewn and waiting for its finishing touches in the middle of the room. Looking around the room in shock to find the answer to why the dress was finished, sure enough Mitsu was slumped against the table and gentle snoring could be heard.

Shaking his shoulder Yukari asked, "Did you finish that?"

Looking up groggily Mitsu mumbled, "huh, Oh yeah. You were sleeping so soundly and cutely together I didn't want to disturb you. I thought you could use this dress finished too, you've worked too much lately."

Embarrassed at being watched the blond designer stuttered, "I..I do not."

"Sure you don't," Ageha chimed in, "You should go take a nap for a couple hours Mitsu, you've probably been up all night."

"No I haven't, I've only been awake since 2, but a nap does sound awesome." He said as he got up and stretched, walking to his room.

Turning to her adorable husband, Ageha's face lit up again exclaiming; "Now we just have to put the finishing touches on it!"

Smiling at her enthusiasm Yukari gave her a peck on the forehead, saying, "Then let's get to work, you wedding dress lover."

"Okay! This dress is one of my favorites, right after the one you made me for our wedding," Ageha stated dreamily, remembering her wedding day.

*start flashback*

Ageha stood in the bride's room at the church with an open white garment bag in front of her and her sister, mother, Mamoru, Maki-san and his wife Kazuha standing around her. Yukari had insisted on making her dress, not allowing her to even peak until today, the day she was supposed to walk down the aisle. They even made her wear a blindfold at fittings, now she was standing in front of the finished dress on her wedding day freaking out. It was gorgeous and she had to stop herself from crying, not wanting to make her eyes all red or ruin Kazuha and Maki's work.

"Calm down Ageha or we won't be able to put you in it." Mamoru soothed the bride with frazzled nerves and stars in her eyes all at once.

"Okay," Ageha obeyed, straightening up and pulling herself together.

The girls sent Maki-san to go help Yukari get ready while they slipped Ageha into her dress, fawning over how perfect it was for her, better than any of the other dresses she had modeled over the years she had worked at Velvet Blue Rose.

With the hair and makeup that Team Maki-san had done she looked into the mirror and didn't think that it was her in the mirror. Surely this was someone else looking at her from the other side of the looking glass, because she felt like she was in a fairytale or a dream and she was going to wake up and it would all be over. Pinching herself to make sure she was awake, she winced at the pain knowing she was awake.

Turning to Kazuha with a big grin on her face, she gave her friend a big hug, thanking her for everything. In turn Kazuha put her hands on the beautiful girl's shoulders and looked into her face, "Don't thank me. Thank Arisaka-san, it's almost time for you to walk down the aisle."

"Oh my gosh, are you serious?" Ageha stated in shock, starting to freak out again.

Tugging on her dress to get her to lean down and then carefully smushing her face so as not to mess up her makeup, Madoka using a commanding voice not natural to her commanded, "Calm down Aunty, Uncle Yukari is waiting for you and you don't want to look all funny do you?"

At the sudden words of the 6 and a half year old, the smile returned to her face and she gave her niece a big hug whispering a thank you into her ear.

Now standing beside open doors to the chapel she watched her bridesmaid's and the groomsmen walk in followed by Mamoru as the maid of honor and then Sakura as the ring bearer and Madoka-chan as the flower girl. Both Sakura and Madoka looked so cute and Ageha couldn't help but give a small squeal in her mind at how cute they were, before all of a sudden it was her turn to walk down with her father. Remembering what the little girl preceding her had said she stepped out into the aisle with her father.

Ageha's eyes immediately found Yukari standing at the alter with Mitsu as the best man. The love of her life's eyes found hers and smiled; Ageha had to stop herself from running down the aisle. Walking at what seemed like a snail's pace they reached the alter and her father put her hand into her soon to be husbands.

The preacher then began, "We are gathered here today...," but Ageha was too busy looking into Yukari's loving face to pay much attention to what he said until it came to, "Do you Yukari Arisaka take this woman, Ageha Shiroi to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, to love and to cherish, till death do you part?"

Not taking his eyes off of Ageha he smiled and said, "I do."

Turing to her the preacher started, "Do you Ageha Shiroi take this man, Yukari Arisaka, to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, to love and the cherish, till death do you part?"

A smile spreading over her face too she replied, "I do."

Continuing on the preacher announced, "I now pronounce you husband and wife." After exchanging rings the preacher made his final statement, "You may now kiss the bride." Pulling her close, Yukari kissed her and she thought it was the best moment of her entire life.

*end flashback*

"Of course it was the best; it was especially for you on the best day of my life." Yukari responds after Ageha snaps out of her daydream. "You looked like my own personal angel, and you still are." Smiling, the said angel hugged him, pulling him in close. Kissing the top of her head he brought them back to the matter at hand, "Weren't we going to finish this dress?"

Looking up she agreed, "Yes we were." Unwrapping her arms from around Yukari she turned back to the dress asking, "What needs to be done?"

Taking her hands he led her over to the dress and started to point to all of the things that needed to be added.

5 o'clock that evening after putting the last bead on the couple stepped back to admire the dress that was officially finished just in time. "It's a beautiful dress, I know the customer will just love it," Ageha fawned. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door downstairs in the main shop.

"A close call too." Yukari sighed walking down to the main shop to greet the customer. Hearing the shop door opening, Ageha walked down the stairs to join her husband. When Ageha joined them Yukari said, "Ageha you stay here and I'll go get the dress," and went to remove the gown from the mannequin. Smiling at the customer and the three people with her Ageha led them over to sit on the couches while they waited.

"How much longer until the wedding?" Ageha asked the bride.

"Two weeks. I'm so excited to see the dress finished," she answered with a big grin on her face.

"I was the same way, but Yukari made my dress for our wedding and he didn't even let me see it until the day of," Ageha smiled back.

Walking back downstairs all eyes were drawn to Yukari with the dress in his arms. He held it up so that everyone could see it. Immediately there were happy exclamations from everyone, Ageha included. "Ageha why don't you help her try it on?" Yukari asked.

"Okay!" Ageha agreed, taking the dress from him and ushering the bride over to the changing room.

Later that same day at around 6:30pm Yukari and Ageha sat in the doctor's office at one of Ageha's appointments, waiting to be called in. Finally, after what felt like an eternity waiting in a near empty office they were called. Being led back into a room the nurses did a few measurements and asked a few questions before bringing out the ultrasound machine. Turning the machine on Ageha laid down and they spread the gel over her stomach using the probe to spread it around.

Taking Yukari's hand and squinting up at the fuzzy pictures on the screen, Ageha asked, "Can you see the baby?"

Smiling the nurse replied, "Yes, right here, and it looks to be healthy and growing nicely" as she pointed to a white blob on the screen that looked like a head. When the nurse moved the probe the couple could make out an arm and what looked like it might be pair of legs. "Would you like to know the gender?"

"Do you want to know?" Yukari asked looking down at his wife.

"Yes, is it okay with you?" She answered looking up at him.

"Of course it is." He replied.

Moving the probe around some more the nurse examined the screen, "Congratulations, you're going to have a boy."

"A boy Yukari. That means he will look just like you." Ageha grinned squeezing his hand.

Smiling back Yukari looked down at her, "We don't know that."

Laughing Ageha answered, "Of course we do. You look exactly like your father and your little brother the same. I bet your dad looked exactly like his father too."

The nurse smiled and printed out the fuzzy triangle pictures of the baby. Handing the pictures to Yukari the nurse wiped the gel off of Ageha's stomach. Sitting up and pulling her shirt down Ageha jumped off of the bed and gave her husband a big hug, a humongous grin adorning her face at the same time. Receiving her file and from the nurse they made another appointment for next month and left the doctor's office. Getting in the car the two made their way back to the shop.

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