Chapter 5: Of Gods

The small brightly coloured fish swam beneath the surface of the fountain unaware that a god sat on the cool stone lip at the edge. The god watched with a bemused look as his Avatar slipped through the courtyard, her ability making her invisible to the other occupants of the darkening courtyard. The young woman paused as two men came around the corner having a heated discussion; the younger man wore the same broach as the avatar, a strange aura around the man that shimmered in the layer of the world where Westirion resided. The younger man intrigued him; his aura betrayed that he was using his ability in order to look in to the darker corners of the yard, but it was not the petty magic that intrigued the God. This man had stood up to a King.

"I won't agree to your competition unless you can provide what is best for Kari." The younger man stated.

"Is it not enough to love her? I can give her guards, keep her safe." The King argued.

"She deserves to be loved as an equal, she deserves a man who can give her all he has. Kari will never agree to being guarded... being locked inside a palace until old age claims her. She is not a delicate court flower, she is a Green Rider, a Swords Master initiate, a merchant, you cannot take that away from her." The young man sighed and his gaze shifted to where the Avatar stood in the shadows. "Kari if you can't stay still you might as well come in to the open."
The Avatar cursed, as she stood and turned towards the foundation he face paled a bit. The god smiled, she had transcended in to a further layer than usual. She could see him. She ignored the two men she had been watching and approached the fountain.

"Have you come for me Westirion?" She asked.

The god smiled at his Avatar. "The moment in which Mornhavon approaches grows near, there is something I must return to you." He put his hand on her shoulder. "I return to you your memories Avatar."

The woman fell to her knees letting her gift fail. A harsh sob caught in her throat as he felt the memories leave him, he had come to show her what she could be. Westirion looked back at the two men, the younger was running towards the Avatar to aid her, the King looked shocked to see the woman he loved appear as if by magic before him. Perhaps the Avatar did have a chance of saving this mortal country after all.