My first Dead is the New Black fic.

Hope you enjoy…

I absolutely love Ryan and Daisy.

Daisy got ready as she was going on her date with Ryan. They had been dating for over four years now. She was just putting the finishing touches to her outfit. She looked at herself in the mirror. She had straightened her hair. She was wearing a strapless light blue dress that ended above her knees. She was wearing strappy silver heels with it. She put some light blue eyeshadow and added lipgloss. She put her blue studs on and smiled.

Poppy came through the door. "Why doesn't someone look pretty for their date." Poppy smiled. "I'm proud."

Daisy smiled. "Thanks. Did you get your wedding dress?"

Poppy walked over to Daisy's bed and sat on it. "YES. It is so beautiful. It is white and has a black bow around it. And it's strapless." She shrieked like a little girl. "I can't believe I am getting married to Liam."

Poppy went off into dream land. Liam was Count Dracula's grandson and they had met at a party. They had hit it off instantly, now they were getting married. For awhile, things were intense in the house as the fight between shifter and vampires ensued but it was all calm now. Rose and Nicholas were already married and had a little one on the way.

The doorbell ringed. Daisy shot up. "I have to go. Bye Poppy." She ran downstairs, but Rafe Giordano had already opened the door and let in her boyfriend, Ryan.

Ryan glanced up at her as she descended down the stairs. His eyes glazed over and his jaw went slack.

Rafe glanced at Ryan and rolled his eyes. "Boy, keep the jaw intact." He snapped his jaw shut

Daisy blushed. Ryan nodded still dazed. "Yes Sir. Shall we go Daisy?"

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