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A New Meeting

As Val and Havi quickly realize that Ruruka's attention was on the city on the horizon, they wonder what it was that could hold Ruruka's attention with such avail. He wouldn't respond to any questions or callings, he only glared once at Val when he splashed Ruruka with water. After that, it was as if Ruruka deemed Val unworthy of irk.

It only took about an hour and half until they reached the city of Vincher. Once they were in the city, Val and Havi looked for a place they could rest the horses as they asked around about the 'sleeping treasure' that Havi had heard about. After some time of asking around, they were directed to an elderly man's house. He was the city storyteller, and if you were looking for anything that had connections to a story, or of mysterious origins, he'd know. The man's name was Gerold, and it took some time for Val and Havi to get him to the point.

"Ah, two young travelers I see. I used to travel once apon a time when I was your age, youngin's." Gerold said as he sat down in a chair after having let Havi, Val, and Ruruka into his home.

"Yes, and we're looking for a special item that," Val started to explain, but was promptly cut off by Gerold's next words.

"Ah! You look to be a wizard and a warrior. Treasure hunting, legend seeking, or just traveling?" Gerold asked curiously, with an expression of one making a story out of information they are gathering.

'We're going to end up being some great hero group to the children of this village if that look is any indication.' Val thought to himself as he sighed before answering the question. "We are hunting treasures and legends left behind of others. Which leads to why we are here," Val tried again to get Gerold to the point, it was once again a failure.

Havi found some amusement watching Val try to get the old man to the point. Val was a straight forward person, so he hated walking around the bush several times just to find that there are berries you want to pick. So, knowing that Val would be in a bad mood later if it went on much longer, Havi decided to try and help move the conversation in the direction it needed to go.

"We came to hear a story, would you enlighten us?" Havi asked Gerold, overriding what the man was going to say next.

"Surely, that's what I do for a livin' here in these back woods. What story do you want to hear?" Gerold asked as his interest was picqued about what story these strangers wanted to hear.

"The 'sleeping treasure'." Havi answered as he sat down in a chair that faced Gerold's chair. Val followed suit when he saw that Gerold was about to start the story.

"Ah, the 'Sleeping Treasure of Vincher'. A good story, though few adults will listen to this story. But here goes. They say that the 'Treasure' is a creature of beauty and love that had a strong enemy. They fought, for you see, the creature was the protector of Vincher, and it's enemy was evil itself. Well, one day, there was a strang vistor in the city that went to see the protector of the city to give proper greetings. Well, the gift of greeting they gave the protector was poisoned, which left the poor creature sick and weak. That's when the Evil decided to attack and beat the creature once and for all. Well, the creature wasn't so easily defeated. The creature took the fight outside of the village and seals the Evil within itself in the caves outside of town. There it's been sleeping, waiting for someone to come along and free them from the sleep." Gerold finished the story but then continued, this time with facts about the creature.

"We don't know much, but this event did happen, or something similar. There was a creature that protected our city. It's specie is unknown, however we do believe that it's near extinction. The one sleeping in the caves is probably one of the last of it's kind.

"Thank you." Havi said respectfully as they leave the residence to go look for a place to rest and talk about what to do next. However, a certain someone who had been causing mischief lately, decided they'd take a little detour. Ruruka jumped down from Val's neck and took for running for parts unknown to Havi and Val. They chase him and try to talk him into stopping. Ruruka ignores them like they don't even existe in his reality, and keeps running.

Val looks around and sees that they are nearing the moutains and that they are headed straight for some tunnles. And where there are tunnles in mountainsides, there are caves and cave systems. They lose sight of Ruruka's form in the caves, but Havi uses his magic to try and find a way to follow Ruruka as Val lights a torch that's at the entrance of the caves.

"That's convient." Val mutters to himself as he follows Havi. They are silent as they walk through the caves. They didn't want to disturb whatever, or whoever, lived there naturally. Afterall, they were the intruders, not the ones living there. Havi points to an opening that had light coming through, and Val followed into the room like cavern of the cave.

What they saw left them speechless. There was Ruruka, with actually almost visible hearts floating around, and off of him. Ruruka, wans't the only one giving off these hearts. There was a second large eared bunny that was equally enraptured with Ruruka? They were cuddling on a rock in the center of the cave and were oblivious of Val and Havi who had entered the cave.

"What's Going on?" Val and Havi ask in the same breath.