It was a month after six of the most powerful demi-gods defeated Gaia (mother earth). As a gift from the gods, Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, and Nico DiAngelo were each given a part of their parents' kingdom. Percy was made a god of the sea as Poiseiden's helper and would also be known as "Prince of the Sea. Jason, was also made a god and titled as "Prince of the Gods" since his father was Zeus. Lastly, Nico was made immortal and would be forever know as "Prince of the Underworld". All three friends couldn't hold their exitment for a new chapter of their lives.

The night before Percy's departure to his new home of the Sea, he decided to spend his last night with his girlfriend Annabeth Chase.

"Look, I'm sorry, I couldn't turn down the offer! It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance!" stammered Percy.

"One time offer! One Time offer! This is the second time you were offered! You leaving me! Alone! You don't care that I'll be left alone to die!" screamed Annabeth.

"Oh, don't say that. Of course I love you! Stop being dramatic, jeez"

"Then…. Don't leave"

"Of course I won't leave, not without you anyway,"


Percy thoughts: This is the right time. Right now. Should I do it? What will she say? Is this too forward. Am I that desperate to keep her?

He got down on one knee, holding an opened black box with with a giant diamond ring.

Annabeth: whoah! Is he….

"Annabeth, I love you with all my heart. I can't leave without you. Will you…."

"yes, yes yes yes yes! Of course I'll marry you!" interrupted Annabeth.

"Um… yeah, I didn't propose WiseGirl.."

"Yeah, you did. Don't joke about marriage if you're not serious jerk!"


"Ow, ow, ow, I'm just kidding! So you'll marry me?"

"I guess.." Annabeth answered bored while rolling her eyes.

Percy stood up, pulling Annabeth in for a long kiss while slipping the ring on her slender fingers.

"Are you happy now? I'm not leaving you anymore?"

"mmmm," Annabeth mumbled admiring her ring.

"um….hello? are you in la la land?" Percy inquired .

"I'm just so surprised that you asked me? You could ask anyone, a godess even, why me?

"Are you trying to talk me out of this?" Percy smiled

While Percy and Annabeth were talking over their future together, Nico and Jason also decided to take their loved-ones along with them. That very night, Nico and Thalia were engaged and Jason and Reyna. Everything would be fine….. for now!

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