It was a warm labor day friday, young kids are hoping the bell will ring soon. one girl that weekend will get the ride of her life.

Her name is Ella Jamerson,deep brown hair,big blue eyes,peaceful,and well a tomboy. she was sitting there,in the big empty school hearing a kid singing Justin Bieber's baby. Ella was feeling alittle scared thinking'will they like the song, are they going they to let me in,please, please, please.' the door swung opened and smammed the wall. seeing the boy who sang that disgusting song.

"Whew,that was a tough turn." The boy said then walked way. Ella's turn, she walked tword the group of crowd repeating'I can do this,I can do this,I can do this.'

"H-hi I'm Ella Jamerson-"she started to say

"we all ready know your name dear, just tell us what your doing so we can get this done with." one of the teacher/judges said to Ella in the nicest tone of voice posible.

" I'm going to sing hero, by Christopher Wildes," she said while pulling out her guitar and starting to play,

"I'm no superman I can't take your hand and fly everywhere you want to go, I can't read your mind like a billbordand tell you everything you want to know but I'll be your hero,cause I,I can be everything you need if you're te one for me like gravity I'll be unstopable,and I,yes I do belive in destiny,but if your the one for me I'll be your hero,yeah,yeah, searching high and low, yeah I'll wait, wait, wait, wait for you, cause I'll be your hero,yeah be I'll hero, yeah I'll be your..." she sang, then looking at the judges lokked stunned at.

"well?" Ella asked them.

"We'll call you back after the break."