in California the hit pop star, christoper wildes, was at his highest . He got family who care's for him, fan who adore him, nice house and car, life was anyways he was at the the living room walking up to his room with a handfull of strwberries, over hearing his perant talking about him. what are they talking about he thought to why not he started to listen.

"He need someone he could rely on." his mother said to his father. that why we have stubby he thought to himself eat away a strawberry.

"I know,I know, hey what about the girl he befriended last summer?" his buissnsseman dad asked.

"No, no she already has one,hmm... hey when i lived in wymoing there was this place with for girls, and maybe you and me can go find a girl for him." his mom decided.A girl? he thought

" Prefect we can tell him-' his dad started to say

"Tell him what?" christopher spoke up, walking tword his parents.

"Oh christopher we didn't notice you where there, how long where there?' his mother asked in her sweet voice.

"Oh not to long." he said

"Well sweetie we where talking about you and how responedsbile you are,and well..." she began looking at her husband for the anwser.

"Son, We sence we have you we were talking, we might adopt," his father said.

" Ok,but what with the girl and wyoming?" he asked. his parents stare at eachother with the anwsers.

"Well we want a girl,son and your mother said that in wyoming there's an orphange for girls." his dad try to pull a smile.

"So when are you leaving," chris ask his parents

"hopefully tomarwo at the the most." his mom smile at him