[[ I had this great idea for a kind of Devil May Cry crossover with Misfits but only taking the Misfits context to my own characters and making them people who received abnormal powers during a storm. With that in mind, this is my first proper fanfic that I've gotten around to writing and I have a thought out plan for this story. Bare in mind I am aware my grammar isn't the best and I'll also be jumping back and forth between in time because Dante has flashbacks throughout and to help paint a clearer picture of my own characters background. Rambling over, hope you enjoy it :) ]]

Chapter 1: Introduction

His eyes glanced over in the direction of the young brunette woman who was standing talking to a group of people. She had a sort of grace about her, elegant and classy but not the type of girl who taught she was better than all of those around her. She had the same deep green eyes as her brother Ben, a old friend of his from back when they were part of rehabilitation programme. As he kept a close eye on the girl - whom he known to be Cassie, he couldn't help but think back to his early years when he was only discovering his demonic powers.

"You're new here, huh?" The dark haired male said with a crooked smile. Dante just nodded his head in reply, not really wanting to make friends in this prison. They were out in the yard with the rest of their inmates with the guards keeping a close watch over the young teenage boys - especially Dante.
"The name's Benjamin but you can call me Ben." He continued to speak even though Dante had no interest in holding a conversation with him. "You and me, we're not so different. I can tell by just looking at you." This made Dante raise his head to gaze at him, a confused look slowly forming on his face.
"What are you talking about?"

"You know," Ben said while giving him a playful nudge, "We have powers, strengths that exceed that of a normal human being." He spoke in a whisper now before quickly glancing around them to make sure no one could hear or see them.

He then proceeded to stand in front of Dante and slowly raised his hand as if to extend it in a handshake. Dante's eyes flickered downward to Ben hand but was shocked when he noticed the bright orange flames that dance upon his skin. They quickly extinguished and Dante looked up at Ben once more.
"I want out of this place and I'm sure you do to. I have a plan."

If only it had been that simple. Dante let a faint sigh past his lips as the group and Cassie left walking different directions. He could tell she was happy here, a soon to be college graduate but he had to step in now. He had given her as much of a normal life as possible but the demons were coming more often now and in large packs. If he was to live up to his promise he had to have her close at hand, to have her within a safe distance from him.

He began to follow her but knew he wasn't the only one. Already he could sense the presence of demons closing in on her, waiting until she was on her own to attack. Dante could tell she could sense it herself. Cautiously looking over her shoulder and jumping at the slightest sound. She started to pick up her pace when the first demon came swooping down - a Sin Scythe. She turned her head to look up at the gory demon and screamed loudly, causing Dante to withdraw his sword and intervene. Cassie had fallen back in shock, dropping the books she was carrying in the process. Her eyes remained closed as Dante lunged at the demon, taking it out with one swift swing of his sword.

"Come on, get up." He said in a smouldering tone, his hand extended for her to take. She opened here eyes to see the white haired man dressed in red as well as the unusually large sword in his hand. She had been brought up not to trust a man who carried a weapon but right now he was her only hope against the demons. Fighting her fear she reached out with her hand to grab hold of his. He picked her off the ground with ease and they started to race through the streets with Dante fighting off whatever demons came in their way.