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Chapter 1

"Komui?" Allen popped his head into Komui's office seeing Kanda and Lavi already seated on the couch. "You wanted to see me?"

"Yes, come in Allen. Take a seat." Komui motioned to come in.

Allen sat between the two exorcists.

"You are assembled here, because we have much reason to believe that we've located innocence in a city called Amity Park."

"Amity Park, what type of name is that?" Kanda grumbled.

"Ignoring Kanda's statement… people have reported ghosts running around town. They could actually be ghosts and there is no innocence at all or there could be innocence with a town infested with Akuma. Your mission is to go retrieve the innocence and slay the Akuma. Understood?"


"Allen… Allen…," Lavi knocked on the exorcist's door. "Allen…"

A shirtless teenage boy with messy white hair opened the door. "What the **** are you doing? It's 2:30 in the morning!"

"Hurry up, get dressed. Are you packed?" Lavi ran past Allen and grabbed his suitcase.

"What's happening?" Allen mumbled still asleep.

"Komui got us plane tickets for America, but the only one running today leaves at four."

"In the morning?"


"I gotta go get Kanda up. Hurry!" Lavi ran out of the room.

Allen threw on a shirt and his exorcist uniform. He packed his suitcase throwing in a few pairs of outfits.

"WHAT THE **** ARE YOU ******* DOING AT THIS TIME OF HOUR, YOU *******?" A voice yelled from down the hall.


Lavi and Allen, with the very unhappy, sleep deprived, sadist Kanda, carried their luggage to the dining room and got breakfast. A finder then drove them to the airport.

"I hate air travel," Kanda grumbled as he set Mugen with his luggage. A security guard had told him he wasn't allowed to bring it on the plane.

"Please remove all metal and set it in these containers." A guard handed each exorcist a bucket. They had on the 2nd exorcist uniform with their own accessories. They all took off their jacket, boots, earring (or in Lavi's case earrings), weapons (Lavi's hammer), and gloves.

"Now boarding flight 180 to America," a voice announced on the intercom.

"I don't feel comfortable with this." Lavi hesitated.

"You watch too many horror movies." Allen pushed Lavi to the loading dock.


"I'm sore…" Allen moaned as he stretched. "Where did Lavi go?"

Kanda shrugged and focused on removing all the stickers that the baggage people placed all over Mugen.

Lavi had called a taxi and the driver drove the weird looking teens to Amity Park's town hall.

The group walked in and followed a receptionist to a room full of the city's important council members awaiting the exorcists' arrival.

"Hello!" The mayor ran up and vigorously shook all their hands. "We are pleased to have you. I do have to say though I wasn't expecting children."

"Believe me sir." Lavi smiled. "We may be young, but were pretty good at what we do."

"I have no doubt of that!"

The group of exorcists introduced themselves with the council members introducing themselves too, they then told the council that the "ghosts" might be Akuma and that they are searching for innocence.

"So if ya see any…" Lavi was interrupted by the slamming of doors.

A man in an orange jumpsuit followed by a skinny woman in a light blue jumpsuit walked in. "What's this I hear of hiring exorcists? We, ghost hunters, have got this all handled. We don't need an old man with a crucifix and a bible."

"It's okay hunny, I got this." She soothed. "We, ghost hunters, have got this all handled. We don't need an old man with a crucifix and a bible!" The woman shouted.

"Nicely handled," The man smiled.

"Thank you, sweetie." The wife smiled.

"To late now, the exorcists have already arrived. They are here." A council member responded.

"What? Where?" The man scanned the room.

"These," The mayor laid his hand on Kanda's shoulder, "are the exorcists."

"What? But their young boys!"

"Jack!" The woman scolded. "There is obviously a cute girl with them."

"Sorry Maddie… your right!"

Kanda reached for Mugen.

"No!" Allen and Lavi jumped to Kanda's sword drawing hand.

"Where will you stay tonight?" A council member asked.

"What type of question is that?" Jack cut in. "They'll be stayin' with us!"

"Why… that's a wonderful idea." Maddie added. "I'll be able to try that new recipe I got the other day."

"And I can pick their brains about ghosts."

"But we were just going to rent a hotel room."

"Nonsense… you're comin' with us," Jack grabbed their suitcases and walked out of the room followed by Maddie.

"What do we do now?" Allen asked.

"… I think that we're supposed to follow our luggage." Lavi guessed.