Chapter 4

The three followed the trail of boxes and stumbled upon a blue floating man in overalls and a beanie.

"Is it an akuma?" Lavi asked.

"No. My eye isn't activating."

"Who dares to disturb the Box Ghost!" The Box Ghost bellowed.

"Box Ghost?" Allen asked.

"Che." Kanda unsheathed Mugen. He was tired of fooling around. He was going to kill it dead, like a ghost deserved. Kanda ran at the ghost but was hit by a box.

"I am the Box Ghost, master of all things cubical!"

"Look Maddie, there they are!"

The three looked over to see the Fenton-mobile roll up. Maddie and Jack Fenton jumped out. Jack held up tangled fishing wire, while Maddie held a bazooka-like thing that appeared twice as big as her.

"Prepare ghost to return from whence you came!" She shot a shot at the shots and missed, but left a green portal beside him.

He laughed and was about to give a winded speech on how powerful his box powers were before he was pulled into the portal.

Maddie smiled. "Good job everyone. Now let's return home and get breakfast."

"But Maddie, I didn't get to blast any ghosts." Jack sighed.

"It's okay sweetie. Let's get the exorcists and the kids fed then we can go hunting again later."


Maddie smiled. "Here," She pulled out a cookie, "Have a cookie."

Jack ate his cookie. "Exorcist boys, let me drive you home!"

"No!" They all cried.

The two looked at them weird.

"We mean to say, it's a lovely morning." Allen smiled.

"Yeah and we want to get some fresh air and take a walk." Lavi said.

"Yes and smell the fresh dew on the grass." Allen ranted.

"And the dying lights of the stars as the sun rise." Lavi added to the rant.

Kanda growled. "Shut up. You just don't want to..."

The two covered Kanda's mouth quickly and smiled.

"Okay then." Jack smiled and returned to the Fenton-mobile.

"Enjoy your walk." Maddie wave to them as they got in the car.

Lavi and Allen waved. As the two drove away, they breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God they didn't have to ride with them.

"So, let's get this straight..." Lavi said, "There really are ghosts here?"

"Apparently." Allen agreed.

"Then is there really innocence and akuma here?" Lavi asked.

"It is our job to find out." Kanda said, annoyed at the two."

"Let's just hurry and find that innocence, I don't want to stay here long." Allen said.


Danny enjoyed the few extra hours of sleep. He put on his clothes, brushed his teeth, and walked downstairs for breakfast. His mom was cooking a lot. He walked over and stole some toast and bacon.

"Where are you going so early young man?" Maddie asked.

"I am going to walk with Sam and Tucker to school."

"That is nice dear. Make sure you take your wallet."

"It's in my pocket mom." Danny sighed and walked out.


"Exorcists, huh?" Tucker asked, "Sounds easy."

Sam raised an eyebrow at Tucker.

"Come on Danny, you can totally take on an old geezer and a cross."

"Tuck, that is not exactly what I am up against."

"They are teenagers, aren't they?" Sam asked.

"Yes." Danny looked at Sam, was surprised at how she knew that.

"I have read a lot of supernatural books." She said. "Exorcists can be boys, girls, young, old, weak, strong, they can basically be anyone. You need to be careful Danny. If the one can grab you like he did last night, they can do bad things to you."

"Sam, I promise you. I won't die or get hurt."Danny promised.

"Good." She smiled.

"Besides, my parents are going to drive them out by tomorrow." Danny betted as they walked to school.