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Chapter 1

Lucy Heartphillia tightened her grip on the sleeping pink haired child on her hip. The blonde and the girl had just gotten off the train and were standing in Magnolia station.

Lucy was nervous. It's been about 6 years since she last set foot in this town. She wasn't sure what possesed her to leave when she found out she was pregnant, but something made her flee.

She was 19, almost 20, when she gave birth to her daughter. Now she was 25, her daughter was 5 years old, and she decided that she needed to go back to Magnolia. To Fairy Tail. She owed them an explanation.

Especially him...

Lucy wasn't sure if she was ready to face the father of her child. She knew him. Or used to. She doesn't know if he's changed any, but she doubts it. But she knew when he found out, that he'd be crushed that she never told him and left suddenly without a reason.

She'd almost been seen by members of Fairy Tail at the two towns she'd spent the past 6 years in. She'd spent 4 years living in the town that the guild Lamia Scale resided in, but one day when she was near the guild after saying hello to Lyon and Sherry, her recent close friends, especially Sherry-since Lucy had a child, Sherry finally got it that the blonde wasn't interested in Lyon-the blonde saw flashes of pink, red, and black. She realized instantly that Team Natsu was in town, and was probably going to Lamia Scale for something.

At one point during that day, Lucy'd wondered if they figured out how to get through her cloaking spell. Since the blonde hadn't gotten rid of the Fairy Tail mark, she knew they could track her if Master Makarov let them. So she'd paid a mage to create a cloaking spell on her, while she used concealer to cover the pink mark when she was in public.

The next day the pinkette and the blonde were packed and ready to leave town. The two went to Lamia Scale early in the morning and bid farewell to Lyon, Sherry, and the other friends she'd made. Lyon had told her that Fairy Tail had gotten a tip that she was in town. She'd thanked him for the information and left with her daughter.

For the past 2 years, she'd lived in the town that Blue Pegasaus took resisdence. She'd alerted Master Bob that she was in town, and of course told him that she was, technically, still a member of Fairy Tail, but wasn't staying there at the moment. She'd asked him not to alert Master Makarov and her former team mates to her presence and he told her she was welcome to spend her time at his guild. She'd thanked him, and left his office, and towards her daughter, who was being surronded by Ichiya and the Trimens.

She'd instantly regretted leaving her down here. The Trimens were probably flirting with her daughter. Who was only 3 years old!

A slight cough and stirring in her arms, snapped the blonde out of her thoughts. Lucy looked down at her daughter who was rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she yawned. "Mommy?" she asked, her voice coarse from not being used for hours.

"Yes sweetie?" Lucy asked as she grabbed her suitcase on wheels, which had her daughters small pink bag slung over the handlebars, and started to walk down the street.

"Where are we?" she asked, yawning again, showing her small sharp teeth. Her teeth were sharper than a normal 5 year olds teeth. She inherited that from her father.

Lucy smiled. "We're in Magnolia, sweetie. This is the place Mommy escaped to with her best friend and his flying blue cat!" she told her daughter. The blonde assumed that her daughter would want to hear the tale again. She'd told her mother that this was her favorite story to listen to.

As expected, the pinkette asked to hear the story again. "And they took you to the magical place called Fairy Tail! Right Mommy, right?" the 5 year old exclaimed, happily, now walking beside her mother, holding her hand.

Lucy nodded. "That's right! When we got there, everyone was fighting, testing their strengths against each other. Mommy's best friend, who could never back down from a fight, instantly joined in. I was watching in awe and wonder in the doorway, when the most beautiful women appeared before me."

"That was Ms. Mirajane! RIght Mommy? That lady that was in the magazine!"

Lucy nodded. "Yup. You'll get to meet her soon. Along with everyone else. Gray, Erza, Levy, Wendy, Lisanna, Jet, Droy, Gajeel, Romeo, Cana, Macao. Everyone. Loke knows them all too. Before Mommy got his key he joined Fairy Tail."

Her daughter nodded. "Right! He always tells me the story of how Mommy saved his life!"

Lucy smiled, and laughed. "Yeah well, that bonehead wanted to die for something he didn't do. We were all nakama. I wasn't going to let tha happen. Not when I knew I could stop him." she said, and stopped in front of an appartment building.

The pinkette looked up at the building Lucy was staring at sadly. She frowned, not liking how her mother was sad. She tugged on her mother's hand. "Mommy?"

Lucy blinked looking down. "Oh sorry honey. This is where Mommy used to live. My best friend and his cat always broke i nthorugh the window right up there." she said pointing to the window that was slightly open. "They snuck in, ate all my food, destroyed my house, and always made me share my bed." she laughed.

Her daughter smiled at the fact that her mom was happy again.

"Come on honey. Let's go to Fairy Tail."

"Alright Mommy!"

Lucy smiled, and the two started walking down the road again towards Fairy Tail.


Lucy took a deep breath before turning to face her daughter, bending down so the two were eye to eye. Her daughter blinked, looking up at her curiously.

"Alright. I want you to stay right outside the door for Mommy, okay? I'll tell you when to come in. It might take a couple minutes but it'll be okay. Sometimes they like to throw stuff. Mommy doesn't want you to get hurt. And she has to tell all her old friends about her beautiful daughter!" Lucy said. "Alright with you?"

The 5 year old nodded. "Alright Mommy! I'll be fine right here by the luggage!" she announced and made a big show about dragging the luggage off to the side, and sitting down purposely beside it, crossing her arms over her chest.

Lucy laughed aat her daighter's cuteness, and nodded. "Alright then. I'll be right back." she said and straightened to open the doors of Fairy Tail.

Lucy shut her eyes tight and reached out and opened both doors. She took a deep breath while pulling them open and opened her eyes. She was almost brought to tears. Everything looked the same. Everyone was still fighting, Cana still drinking, Mira at the bar, Levy with her book, Gajeel watching her from a distance, Juvia stalking and cheering for Gray to win the fight, Happy trying to get Charle to accept the fish he offered her, and when he gets shot down, eats the fish himself...and Natsu. Natsu was in the middle of the fight, challenging everyone, being his normal cheerful self.

Although he did seem to act a bit different while fighting his guildmates. Normally there was a true grin on his face. But now there was only a fake grin. A grin that only Lucy could see through to know the truth.

A sob escaped her, as she stepped through the doorway, and into her home.

Even though it was loud and everyone was fighting, that small noise was easily heard by the fire dragonslayer.

His head shot up, forgetting to punch the person he was currently fighting. He looked towards the doors and his eyes widened.

"LUCY!" he shouted, and started to run towards her.

With his shout, heads turned to the doorway. Eyes widened, and people ran up to reach her. Natsu of course got there first.

He grabbed her and pulled her into a tight hug. Lucy was crying by now. "Lucy..." he said, his face in her hair as she cried into his shoulder.

"Na-Natsu..." she cried, hugging him tighter.

"It's okay Luce..." he murmered petting her hair lightly, like he used to before she left. Before she got pregnant.

Everyone was crowded around the two, some crying, some hugging, and some smiling a small sad smile. Their nakama had come back home.

After a minute Lucy pulled away. Natsu grabbed her shoulders though so she couldn't get as far away as she intended to. "Where've you been Luce? We've been looking everywhere for you, for the past 6 years!" he shouted.

Lucy winced. "Well...You almost found me after 4 years...I stayed with Lamia Scale-"

"Lyon, that bastard!" Gray growled.

"Then when I saw you guys, we left. Then for the past 2 years we've been with Master Bob..." every male shuddered at that name.

Mira, who was at the front of the crowd. "'We', Lucy?" she asked. "Who was with you?"

Natsu blinked, as he realized the bar maid was right. EVeryone started nodding too. Natsu leaned closer to Lucy, and sniffed the air by her shoulder. "Why do I smell someone else Lucy? Who were you with?" he asked.

Lucy wiped her eyes, a new joyous light back into them. Quickly she broke out of Natsu's hold and went back to the doors.

"Lucy wait!" some shouted. She turned around and smiled at them.

"Don't worry! I'll be right back!" she said and disapeared out of sight.

"A-are you sure...?" they heard a small voice ask.

"Of course, honey! You were all excited to meet them earlier on the way here right? What about Ms. Mirajane? You said you could wait to meet her!" came the voice of Lucy.

Everyone turned to look at Mirajane, who blushed, shaking her head, indicating she had no idea what was going on.

The doors opened again and Lucy was there, but her right hand was hiden behind her back, and a small set of legs were hiding behind her.

"Lucy who-?" Natsu started, but Lucy cut in.

"Everyone. This is Ayame." she said, tugging the hand that held her right one, out from behind her.

A little pink haired head poked out from behind the blonde. Everyone gasped and their eyes widened.

"Come on, sweetie. Let everyone see you." Lucy said softly, calming her daughter.

Ayame nodded, and slowly she stepped up to stand beside her mother, still holding onto her right hand.

There was a silence, until Mirajane broke it.

"Oh Lucy, she's adorable! Where'd you get her?" she cried, running forward and snatching the pinkette up into her arms.

Ayame freaked out, and started crying. "M-mommy!" she cried.

Lucy's eyes widened and she rushed torwards the two girls. "Ayame! Ayame, it's all right!" she said, trying to clam her daughter down. She looked at Mirajane appolgetically, and started bouncing the girl in her arms, as she cried into her mother's shoulder.

Everyone froze. "Mommy?" they all shouted, eyes wide.

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