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Oh my God.

CeCe. Came to my house last night. And today, TODAY we start our tutoring and monitoring. Right now I'm checking my outfit for wrinkles or blemishes before I leave for school. For CeCe, I have to be... Perfect.

"Meow?" "Tiff, I'm not obsessing over this, can't I dress nice for someone?" "Meow." "Because one day CeCe and I will have the most beautiful family and own a Space Station." "Meowahaha!" "Space stations are too cool... Whatever, choke on your hairballs, see you at... Whenever."

I rush out the house, trying so desperately to get to school faster.

And when I arrive at school, I make sure to give my homeroom teacher my class-pass. I avoid looking at him, because of his lazy eyes. Yes, both eyes. Not a good sight. He grins... Slightly creepily at me, and says,"Carry on, Raquel. You're a great student, and a great girl, in and out of school." Time to go.

My legs start to get numb as I approach the room Principle Walloch assigned for me and CeCe to study in. She wanted us to start off with academics first, much to CeCe's displeasure. I wasn't very excited about the fact that we had to study in the Art Room, with...

That picture.

It's not that I have anything against a penis, it's just the fact that there's a penis hanging on the wall... It's just, out there. I mean, it'd be the same way if was a vagina drawing, cause I'm not gay or anything. I love penis, and that's good because I'm an eighth grade girl, and eighth grade girls love penises, right?

No?... Yes?... Oh look, CeCe.

She's so pretty when she walks down the hall, or when she's talking to someone, or- OH MY GOD SHE'S COMING TOWARDS ME.

My mom searched online on what to do about my hyperventilation/panic-attack/fainting problem, and it all came back with one solution: Breath deeply.

Now, excuse me if I'm wrong, but isn't breathing APART of the problem? "Hey, loser, let's get started." She looks beautiful this morning, as if any other morning is a difference from this one. She still has little scratches and scars that flaw her lips, but it's overshadowed by miles of beauty that could last forever. CeCe is always dressed in her cute little boat shoes, crop tops and her sexy skinny jeans, ripped at the legs, all the way up to her thighs...

Oh hai there abs. You look nice today. Wait, sexy?-

Jesus Christ on a bicycle, she's touching me.

CeCe's touching me and Oh my God I'm gonna die, she's grabbing my arm and pulling me and I think I just came.

"Move your goddamn feet, quad-eyes." ... Well, at least she didn't call me Bugs Bunny.

We make our way through the hallways, odd looks being thrown towards CeCe as she pulls me along. She does her best and ignores them until we make our way into the Art Room. She plops me down and pulls off her tote bag, then proceeding to sigh longingly. "Well, start tutoring." She takes a seat across from me as I pull out my books. "Er, what do you wanna start with?"

"Are you related to Ty?"

The question comes out of nowhere and I resist to roll my eyes. "Unfortunately, yes, he's my brother."

"How are you related to Ty? He's freaking smoking hot and, well, you're not." I clear my throat as a sharp pain stabs at my heart; I ignore it. I'm used to the feeling, especially when she's the cause of it.

"... Let's just get started."

Half an hour passes by and I see little-to-no progress. At first, she was into it, but now, I can see that CeCe doesn't wanna actually learn anything, but I'm not giving up. I have crushed on this girl for too long, and to give up on her now is like... Giving up on CeCe. I straighten my glasses on my nose and sigh. "Okay, what radical is equal to the square root of four-hundred-fourty-one?"

CeCe fiddles at her long french tips and mumbles,"Isn't 'radical' an adjective for surfers?"

I sigh and push my book away. All my internal shyness is pushed away and I exhale again,"CeCe, what's the problem? I'm trying to help you, and you not even attempting to do any of the work isn't helping either, so tell me what's wrong, so I can fix it." I'm guessing this problem that didn't show itself last night wants to make an appearance now.

"There's nothing that you could do anyway..."

I try sweet talking her. "I'm positive I can fix the problem."

The redhead glares at me. "You can't fix it, smart ass." I recoil at the venomous words and softly ask,"Fix what?"

She stands up, turning away and growling,"Dyslexia! You can't fix dyslexia, can you?" I remain silent as she peers daggers at me. "Exactly." She settles into her seat, and her voice gets softer. "Everyday it's the same thing; Reading and writing and numbers and letters; It's all so tangled and confusing, and I know I can't do a fucking thing about it. It ruins my life, you say right, I step left, you write 'p' and I'll write a 'q'. It just... I hate it."

Silence fills the room, until she speaks again. Her voice cracks along the way. "And I thought you would help me, at least a little bit, but you just criticize like all my other teachers. I'm afraid, Rocky. Afraid of what they'll say if they find some childish mistake on my paper, like a 'p' upside down, and laugh at me. That's why I fail. Do you know how I'd feel?"

The tension in the room wears away, and CeCe picks up her tote bag, quietly saying,"... Can we stop for today?"

I nod and let her go. She stands up and slowly walks away, but not before turning around.

"Don't tell anyone." She turns and gently scoffs, saying to herself,"Like you'd have anyone to tell." She walks away, leaving me pondering about her, and how she maintains such beauty, and a strong heart.

A beautiful, strong girl.


Well, so far, I didn't get to see CeCe undress for gym (Dammit) but I do get to see her jump around in the shortest-shorts of shorts-history. I listen to Coach Williams (Our hot blonde gym coach) talk to the girls, and I'm sitting in the bleachers, trying to spot CeCe-

Oh... Oh WOW.

I found CeCe... I found CeCe sitting with her legs spread open like a pedophile's arms.

Oooh, she shops at Victoria's Secret.

"Alright girls, crunch-up's, then jogging, let's go!" CeCe's groan of dismay is the loudest, and all the girls giggle, only because it sounded sexual.

I didn't giggle.

CeCe pairs up with her friend, also a pro-con artist chick, Dina Garcia, and CeCe lies down. I smile to myself as CeCe's shirt rides up, and I catch a glimpse of her abs. I'd bring my camera to school, but I'm afraid one of the hall monitors might catch me and confiscate it, and then I have to go through the cafeteria to get it back, and I hate going in there since... Well, you know.

But to the point, CeCe's abs definently needing framing.

At approximately eleven-thirty-two AM, CeCe caught me staring at her and gave me the finger.

I wish it was two.


I'm definently getting used to this.

I watch as CeCe comes up, and drops back down. Dina is sharpening her nails, when CeCe finally kicks her off, and gives up... After fifteen crunch-up's. Then again, I, myself can't really do crunch-up's at all, so I can't blame her.

My eyes stay gazing upon CeCe as she's flopped on the ground, and my eyes wander across her body. Her bangs are... Dampened to her forehead, and her face is... Flustered, and hot. And her chest rises up and down, with her shirt risen up to a point where I saw her beautiful abs again. Her legs... Her legs are open again, and I conclude all of my findings.

Red face, sweaty body, panting furiously, spread legs.

Oh dear.

It's back.

At approximately eleven fifty-eight AM, I blacked out for two minutes, and when I woke up, I found a sticky note stuck to my forehead. I recognized the handwriting immediately.

- Stop staring at me you freaking lesbo geek.

P.S. You should really consider taking a spitball-defendant class.

- CeCe

This note smells nice.

I look down at my jeans.

I'm burning my jeans.

Ugh, who even brings paper to gym?


"She like, exploded on me, Tiff. I didn't know that she had dyslexia in the first place, but I should've noticed that something was off when she wouldn't do anything. I'm so stupid."

"Meow, meowww!" I finish making my bed up and Tiffany jumps up next to me, sliding her tail along my arm. "Tiff, I know CeCe can do it, I just gotta get her to believe she can do it."

"Meow?" I blush furiously as my glasses nearly fall off my nose. "No, we're not gonna have a study date. CeCe... She doesn't like me, Tiff. In fact, I'm pretty sure she wishes she never met me. And I also think she likes Ty." I try to think of happier thoughts as my cat ask,"Meow?"

"She was... Making out with him in the hallway." I had been going to the bathroom (I swear I have a bladder problem) and when I saw a flash of red hair, my head was instinctively dragged in the direction of it. But then I saw my brother, his hands placed on her rear, CeCe's fingers dragging through his hair, and their lips tearing at eachother's; After that, I didn't have the urge to be at school, let alone be alive anymore. My brother, making out with CeCe.

Tiffany hisses,"Meow, meow, Meow." I raise my eyebrows. "Tiff, that's... It's not nice to call girls those kind of things." Tiffany points her nose in the air and jumps off the bed. Looking at my alarm clock, I see that it's nearly eleven o'clock and turn off the lights, proceeding to snuggle under my supa comfy covers. My glasses are set on my night stand, and I close my eyes.

I wonder sometimes it CeCe really, truly hates me.

Yesterday was just a blurry preview of her towards me. I know that she really didn't have anyone else to go to, so she came to me. But she still stomps my feelings into the ground.

All the insults, the mockery- What is it for? Now I know.

I think it's all just her insecurities. To fit in with the 'Cool-Kid' crowd, to be popular and pretty. But I can see inside of her. She's really just like a knight- She's got skin made of metal, sharp and shiny and for everyone to gaze and fawn upon, but inside of the amour, she's vulnerable to pain, and sensitive to the wrong feelings. Her dyslexia is her pain, and she has yet to try to fight it, so she keeps her amour shined, and instead, takes her pain out on me.

So, she doesn't hate me.

If she did really hate me, she wouldn't agree to this chaos-

Hey, when did my window open?

"Urgh, I hate your fucking brother!"

Holy Diaz in a porno, CeCe's in my ROOM.

Breathe. Breathe. Can't breathe. Seeing double-CeCe.

... Oooh, two of CeCe. That'd be amazing.

Oh, CeCe's still here.

I scramble out of my bed and turn the lights on, seeing a redhead there with a beet-red face, fist clenched and-

Hm. Does her face get that red when she's in bed? I'll have to test that... Someday. "CeCe, wha- How'd you get in my roo-"

"Tell your skanky brother that I'm sick of giving him chances. We're done and over with, so he can go fuck Angelica and Caroline and Judi and all those other whores in the back of his old ass BMW for all I fucking care." My mouth hangs open as I try to register the words coming from her mouth.

I wonder if she curses in bed as much as she curses now. I'll have to test that too... *Sigh* Someday.

Focus you stupid conscience! "CeCe, please stop yelling, it's really late and my mom might be awa-"

"I'll yell whenever the hell I fucking want to!" She slams the window shut and I gape at her as she stomps across my room and sits on my bed.

She's sitting on my bed- Still haven't washed them since yesterday.

I'm never washing those sheets again. "Look, can I... Stay... Here? Like, for tonight?Again? My mom isn't really in the mood today and she's been bitching at me for no fucking reason. Everything is so stupid lately... I just... Ugh."

"Uh, yeah, yes, sure, of course."

"I got it the first time, stupid." She lays on the bed (Oh my God, never EVER washing these again) and scoots away from me as far as the bed will let her get, and mutters,"We're still not friends. And I swear if I wake up with your arm around me, I'm ripping it off and shoving it straight up your ass. Understand?"

I give weak noise in response and scoot a little farther away from her.

That actually kind of scares me.

I wonder why I'm reacting to her presence in a completely foolish and retarded way when she was just at my house, in my bed yesterday. But I remember that her queen-bee attitude had been shot down yesterday, and she was so... fragile, and hopeless.

"... Do you think I'm pretty?"

I'm pretty sure if I try to answer that, I'll accidently confess my love for her. "Er, yes, you're pretty."

"Why're you lying?" My head nearly snaps as I turn my face to her. How dare she accuse me of not being truthful to a question like that. "Do you want me to be honest?"

"You're really dumb for a smart person."

"CeCe, you are one of the most prettiest girls I've ever seen- Beautiful is an understatement. Without you, I- The world would be incomplete." It's quiet again, until she speaks up.

"Look, you're still a lame-ass-nerd with no social life, and I still don't like you, but... Please, don't tell anybody about my... Problem. I don't wanna face what you do." I'm only forgiving her for that one because she came here in her pajamas and it shows sexy CeCe-abs.

"Cross my heart."

"You better be serious, or I'm sticking a cross through your heart... Night, Rocky."

"G'night, CeCe."

She called me Rocky, again.

...We're gonna get married.


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