Aphotic – lightless, dark

Andromeda, Bellatrix and Narcissa


Not two months after Bellatrix finished her final year of Hogwarts, she was called away from home – to serve the Dark Lord, she said, to fight at his side – and the day that she left was dark and stormy, matching the mood of her sisters. Narcissa clung to her and Andromeda watched, stony-faced, from a step away, more interested in the thunder and lightning than in her sisters.

"When are we going to see you again?" Narcissa asked in a small, tearful voice.

"When the battle's won," Bellatrix told her, smoothing her hand over her cheek. "It won't be long. But the Dark Lord needs me." She gave Narcissa's hands a gentle squeeze, then let go of them and nodded to Andromeda.

Andromeda gazed after her sister with glassy, tearless eyes. She could not bring herself to cry for her, nor could she draw out enough emotion to feel derisively satisfied that Bellatrix was walking into danger and would come home expecting praise, only to find her sister gone.

But when she searched deep enough in her soul, Andromeda could just tell that she would miss her sister someday, for she knew not when she would meet her again.

Author's Notes: Also for the Welcome Home Harry Potter Ficathon on kolms on Livejournal with the prompt:

Bellatrix and Andromeda and Narcissa – Enter three witches – 'When shall we three meet again/in thunder, lightning or in rain/when the hurly-burly's done/when the battle's lost and won'