Shattering Confidence

(Nirvash Serpentine)

Tezuka never had a girlfriend. Yet it doesn't mean that he's totally oblivious to the stares and audible murmurs that people of the opposite gender 'intentionally' throws at him, hoping perhaps to be graced with his attention which is usually reserved for people whom he valued most. He understands them – and this is all the more reason why he always puts up a façade that separates him from women without losing his composure and social respect to those who admired him. All he wanted was for them to understand him as well; though by heart, Tezuka knew it would be way so close to impossible. He was, after all, Kunimitsu Tezuka; - Seigaku's pillar of support.

As he went inside their homeroom class, everything happened just like how he imagined and expected it to be. Greetings of 'good morning', collective gasps from few of his female classmates at the far end corner of the room, followed by chatters and laughters – obviously his admirers, and of course, there were those scornful look from other guys, who seemed to 'hate' him for some reasons which Tezuka knew came out of envy or jealousy.

But nothing among these routinary situations fascinated him much like how a certain blue-eyed boy does everytime Tezuka sees him staring at the Sakura tree right outside their classroom. Head resting on one hand, as one leg crossed over the other which was swinging to and fro. It was a thing Tezuka had always admired…a type of simplicity that always brings calmness in his heart.

But then,….Fuji never ever became simple..- one thing Tezuka was aware of but a fact that is always buried down to somewhere else everytime they're together.

"I've heard rumors that Yuka is planning to propose to you this Valenitnes..hmm…let's see…she's the captain of our girl's tennis team and shares the same interest as you do, Tezuka….I think you'd make – "

"She'll never do that." Came Tezuka's abrupt reply.

"Oh…I see.."

"..and don't believe in rumors,..because they're usually not true."

Fuji's smile widened as he looked at his captain straight in the eyes. Tezuka fought back Fuji's taunting glare but decided to withdraw as he felt himself suddenly went out of breath, which apparently became his habit everytime he sees 'those' eyes.

"It's quite unusual of you to speak of that way, Tezuka-buchou….Mind if you tell me the real score?" Fuji teased.

"I don't see the reason for me to explain myself."

And with that their conversation ended.

Later that evening, as Tezuka laid down his bed, he thought of the conversation he just had with Fuji.

"Yuka Fumito." …Tezuka unconsciously muttered as he recalled how the said lady easily defeated Inui and Momoshiro in two different single matches during the joint training camp they had last month. Those were utterly one-sided matches, with Yuka effortlessly tearing apart Inui's data and Momoshiro's dunk smashes.

She's strong, independent, focused and a passionate person. And Tezuka concluded that indeed, rumors are far from reality.