Too much headache for Tezuka to bear.

And the cause?

Yuka Fumito.

Of all the people, why did it have to be her?

Maybe he expected a lot from the woman whose skills in tennis were unquestionable. Maybe…but damn it! Yuka is outstanding!...a fact Tezuka had admitted…with slight disappointment.


Tezuka almost jumped out of bed as he heard the ring of his phone. Unlikely-a manifestation that he's not in the best of moods.

"Yes?" Tezuka answered without checking who the caller was.


Fuji? The stoic captain cleared his throat before bringing back the usual composure he has when to talking to people.

"Earlier ,….was a disaster..don't you think?" Fuji asked..and Tezuka could picture out how the tensai's face was graced with 'that' smile…again.


"So did Fumito – "

"Nothing's going on between us, Fuji."


Fuji heard Tezuka's deep sigh from the other line, and he knew that further conversation would not be a very good idea.

"See you tomorrow….oyasumi.." Fuji finally said.

It took few seconds before Tezuka gave out a reply and Fuji thought that the line was temporarily cut off.

"Oyasumi…..Syusuke." Tezuka said.

Fuji stared in space with wide eyes. 'Syusuke?' Did he just hear Tezuka say…..Syusuke? No, no….that must be –

"Fuji?" Tezuka called out from the other line.



Fuji wondered.

"…for hurting you…I mean…when I drove you away…that was…well…sorry.." Tezuka slightly stammered, still in the coolest way.

"I understand."





"…don't ever fake a smile….again.."


…and the line was cut off.

The days that followed were the best for Fuji. Everything between him and Tezuka went back to normal, and even Yuka seemed to completely don't care as she didn't even showed herself whenever both guys are together. Fuji's fine with it. He's just not sure if it was fine with Tezuka as well….and then, 'that' unexpected thing happened.

"Game, Fumito, 7 games to 5!" announced the umpire after an almost two hours of drawn-out tennis match between Yuka and Fuji.

"I warned you that I'd win."

"Ah…" came Fuji's short reply as he shook Yuka's hand.

"I think your determination not to lost Tezuka was greater than my will to have you break up with him…gomen…I really shouldn't have drag you into – "

Yuka cut him off with a sharp glare.

"You're the one who'll be staying away from Tezuka, Fuji….and he was telling you the truth when he said that nothing's going on between the two of us." Yuka declared as she grabbed her duffel bag and hoisted it on her shoulder.

Fuji stared Yuka in confusion and slight annoyance.

"So what's the point of having me stay away from him, then?" he asked.

Yuka heavily sighed and brushed away few strands of hair that covered her face before finally facing Fuji with her intelligent green eyes.

"The point. Well, it just so happened that I like you so much and that my eyes hurt when I see you two together. Now if you still think you've convinced everybody that you're just friends, then might as well consider me a lost lamb who knows what's true and who'll never ever join the flock….See the point now, Syusuke Fuji?"

..and then Yuka left.

Fuji stood still on where he was originally standing, processing what he just heard. Yuka likes him, and Fuji wasn't sure if it was a good or a bad news. Maybe both. Good news since nothing's really going on between her and Tezuka. Bad news, because Yuka's attracted to him.

"Complicated." Fuji muttered as he gathered his things and headed home.

Few days later…

"Anything wrong, Yuka-buchou?.." a gentle feminine voice teased.

Yuka didn't bother to look back at the owner of the voice, and focused instead her gaze at a 'certain' person inside the tennis court. She was currently watching the men's tennis team from her classroom at the 2nd floor, and was in some thoughts when her visitor entered. An interruption.

Yuka could now hear the footsteps of the intruder coming close, but still didn't move an inch.

"You wouldn't get anything done if you keep on staring Fuji's – " the other gal stopped whatever she was about to say upon realizing the object of Yuka's stare.


"Back-off." came the other gal's voice which sounded more like a threat than a command.

Yuka smirked. She could feel those piercing black eyes which usually frightens most of the members of the women's tennis team, looking straight at her – glaring.

Zakuro Amane.

The 2nd year trump card of the women's tennis team. The person whose skills in tennis is 2nd to hers. 'Difficult to handle', as what Oishi commented during one of their joint practices.

"Tezuka-sama is mine." Zakuro once again warned, glare still fixed on her captain.

Yuka sighed as she withdrew her stare from Tezuka's figure and faced her teammate.


"I believe I warned you not to lay your eyes on Tezuka-sama,,"

Yuka slightly tilted her head as if in deep thought.

"You did?"

Zakuro answered her with a frown.

"Fine." Yuka finally answered, dismissing any argument.

Just as she was about to go out, Zakuro grabbed her wrist, which Yuka then pulled away.

"Amane, this isn't one thing we – "

"You were confident when you said that you wouldn't let Tezuka-sama get through you and Fuji. I assume that confidence still stands."

"Of course." Yuka immediately interjected, feeling a bit annoyed now.



"I'll go ahead." Yuka finally said as she headed outside.

She heaved a sigh and leaned against the door the moment she closed it.



Zakuro was more than convinced that Yuka lied to her. She stared back at Tezuka's figure down the court, and clinched her fists.

Never. Never will she allow 'anybody' to intervene. Even if 'that' is Yuka.

Carried away with the depth of her own thoughts, and the silent jealousy and desperation that was building up inside her, Zakuro Amane didn't notice how she was now looking straight on Tezuka's pair of brown eyes….she never noticed…


Zakuro brought her hand to her face as if to confirm. She glanced back in panic to the tennis court…and there she saw Tezuka - looking up at her..with those eyes….jaded with confusion..and worry?

As if by instinct, Zakuro immediately took some steps backward to hide herself from the captain's view. She stared in space in wide horror as the encounter hit her.


Author's note:

As disappointing as this may seem, but I'm ending this story on this chapter.

True. A nice plot could be made right after this, so I decided to do I sequel. As of the moment though, that's it for "Shattering Confidence".

Thank for the read!