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"Hi Everyone! Hoho~ everyone looks soo unawesome today! Let my awesomeness shun you!" Gilbert said as he barged in the meeting room of the G8.

Everybody in the room was shaken of his 'awesome' entrance, except for Feliciano who's still snoozing. Ludwig, who was actually doing his presentation earlier, sighed a his brother. "Mein Gott... Why are you here, bruder?"

Gilbert just grinned at patted his back. "Kesesese~I'm here to be awesome is all."

Arthur scoffed and raised an eyebrow. "You're not even a country anymore. How in the bloody hell did you get in?"

He scoffed back. "Because I'm awesomer than you?"

Arthur's (large) eyebrows furrowed at the albino. "I don't care if you're 'awesome' or not but my concern is you're not included in this meeting."

He suddenly felt someone poking his forehead. "Would you quit that?" The Englishman demanded to the American.

Alfred laughed, amused. "I can't help it, dude! They're getting more bushy when you're angry. Haha!"

Arthur took a few seconds to realize what he was talking about. "You don't know who you're insulting, you bloody American."

Francis chuckled as he patted his head. "oho~! I see someone has a period today~"

The Englishman growled. "Shut up, frog! What in the name of London is wrong with you, people!"

"England-san, Please try to calm down." Kiku attempted as he stood up.

Feliciano woke up from the commotion, he rubbed his eyes. "Ve? W-what's happening? Aa! Please don't hurt me! I didn't do anything wrong." He pulled his white flag out.

"Kol kol~ Falling asleep in a middle of a meeting is wrong, da." the Russian smiled. But Feliciano can see a dark aura around him.

"Aaah! Please! I'm sorry! I surrender!" The poor Italian screamed.

Blue lines appeared on Ludwig's head. He sighed furiously and took a deep breath. "ENOOOOOOOUUUGHH!"

Everybody suddenly became silent.

"Everybody, get out of this room, have a long break and come back if you have a decent hings to tell in his meeting!" The German instructed in anger.

"...Hehe, Now that's the awesomeness that I'm talking about." Gilbert said, gulping. He just received a glare from his younger brother.

"You. Stay here by yourself." Ludwig said flatly.

Everybody obediently got out of the meeting room and spent heir break time on their own.

Germany is drinking some coffee from the vending machine at the balcony, having some fresh air to cool him down.

"G-germany?" Feliciano's nervous voice ringed behind him.

Ludwig turned around and saw the worried Italian. He doesn't really like to see him like that but he looks so cute when he-... Wait. What?

"What is it, Feliciano?" He erased his thoughts earlier.

"Are... are you angry with me because I slept at your presentation?"

The German blinked and blushed. "Well... I'm not angry because of you, Italy." He said truthfully.

The Italian gasped. "Really?"

Ludwig hesitated. "y.. yes.."

Feli sighed in relief. "Ve~ Thank goodness." He smiled.

Ludi smiled as well.

The Prussian crossed his arms. " Well, that was rude! Commanding the awesome me to stay here! That is so uncool. I didn't want West to be that angry. N-not that I regret entering or anything."

As he turned around, he almost screamed to his surprise. It's a floating teddy bear! Oh, wait..He realized that there's a person holding the bear and noticed the hair color and the glasses. Isn't that America?.. He got out of the room didn't he?

"Um.. Excuse me.. Can I go out now?" The mysterious country said.

Gilbert realized that he's standing in front of the door and the shy country is trying to get through. "Whoopsie. Sorry 'bout that." He said as he moved away.

"N-no.. It's fine." He tried to smile but the blush hid it.

Gilbert blinked at him. "U-uhn..."

The blond one was nearing the door when the Prussian called out. "Hey! Which country are you?"

The other one turned back, having his slightly surprised look on. ".. I'm Canada."

"Oh.. Cool! You're one of the biggest country, right?" Gilbert pointed out.

"um.. yes."

"Weird. I always see you in this room but I never get to ask who you are." He rubbed his neck.

Canada widened his eyes. "Y-... you always see me?"

"Well..yeah but you're so silent that no one notice you."

Blue lines appeared on the Canadian's forehead. "Y-yeah, I know about that."

Suddenly, Gilbert just caught an idea. "I know! I'll teach you to be awesome like me! Heh, Well, although no one will be awesomer than I am so I'll make your awesomeness level near to mine so that you will never be unnoticed again!"

Canada shook his head, trying to register what the albino just said. "Say what..?"

Gilbert ignored his question. "What your human name?"

The other hesitated. "M-Matthew Williams?.."

The albino's brows furrowed. "What an unawesome name. Let's change it!"

"Eh?" Matthew questioned. What? Change my name? Okay. This is getting nuts. "Please. I just want to take my own break. I like my name just the way it is."

"How about... Mattie?"

"Listen to the people talking to you!" He tried to yell but it's just like a squeaking mouse to Gilbert.

Heh, Talk about indoor voices. But he must admit that he looks so cute when he's angry. He grinned and patted 'Mattie's' back. "Mattie it is then! Kesesesesese~"

Matthew is getting teary eyed. "I... give up.."

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