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Francis is pissed. He is sitting in his potion class. He looked from Lovino and Antonio. He got nothing against the two but the tension and the wait is killing the French. Those two obviously like each other but the problem is they are not together. First problem is: one of them is dishonest. Second problem is: One of them is REALLY dense. Francis wants something to happen and he wants it NOW.

"Avesome face, Franny." His other friend, Gilbert, snickered as he whispered, not wanting to be caught by their professor.

Francis looked at him and sighed. "Oui, Cher.. I am in down-spirited today."

"Vas is da problem? Your date ditched you?" He joked.

"Oh, please.. No one can deny me except for Little Princess over zere." He gestured to the Slytherin Prefect, Arthur Kirkland.

"And me and Birdie." Gilbert added.

"Oh, zhat wound me.." He put his hand to his chest to fake a hurt look. "Anyway, we're getting off topic.. Perhaps you can help me?"

"Avesome me is ready to help mein less-but-nevedeless-avesome friend with anything." The albino gave him a cocky smirk.

"Right.. Well, L'amour is getting some ignominies!" He bit on his handkerchief.

"..Igno- Vas?"

"You know zhat Antonio and Lovi loves each other but after seven- SEVEN years, nothing! And next year, we're graduating."

Gilbert snickered at his friend's dramatic explanation. "Well, Dat's our Tonio!"

"If you really truly wish on graduating, Mister Bonnefoye, I suggest that you listen in your classes." Their professor stood next to them, hearing their conversation. "Take. Notes."

The two resume writing the things on the blackboard down, receiving everyone's glance. The Slytherin prefect rolled his eyes along with Lovino, The Gryffindor Prefect, Alfred F. Jones laughed it off, Antonio looked at them curiously then everyone resumed to their business.

"Ve'll talk about that later. Kesesese.." Gilbert whispered to his friend who chuckled.

*mochi* Piacere~ Piacere~

In this Wizardry school, there is one jolly group of students that are friends even though they are in different houses.

In Gryffindor, there's Alfred F. Jones and Yao Wang. In Slytherin, there's Arthur Kirkland, Francis Bonnefoye, Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, Lovino Vargas, Gilbert Beilschmidt and Ludwig Beilschmidt. Sometimes, Ivan Braginski join them too. In Ravenclaw, there's the prefect, Kiku Honda and Lovino's brother, Feliciano Vargas. In Hufflepuff, there's Matthew Williams. A very unusual combination but a very troublesome and happy one, indeed.

But right now, we're focusing on the 2-thirds of the Bad Touch Trio and their evil scheme.

*mochi* It's okay! I'm an American! Look! I'm American too!

During free period, Lovino went to the dormitories and plopped on his bed, groaning. Another fucking day. It sucks that a macho potato bastard is hanging out with his brother and it sucks more because a tomato bastard is following him all day.. Not that he's complaining, though.. The bastard had an earlier free period than he does and it's not fucking fair. Speaking of which, he should in this room now. He looked around and saw the green-eyed Spaniard staring at the window silently. Weird. He's not usually silent.

"Oi. What happened to you, bastardo?" He scowled at his direction.

Antonio looked at him with a dreamy expression. Oh, so he's not acting all weird after all. Being Antonio, he always have a fucking smile that makes Lovino's stomach turn and do somersaults.. No literally. That would feel sick but still.

"Hello, Lovi…"He sighed and turned to the window once more. "He's… very handsome…"

Lovino blinked. Who's he talking about. "Who?" He looked at the window. "The cloud?"

Antonio pouted cutely. "Nooooo…. It's a person, Lovi! A person!.." He sighed again. "The way his hair bounce at every step.. His eyes shine like stars and his voice ring like music in my ears.."

Lovino thinks he's gonna puke. Not only because of the words Antonio used but what the sentence is implying. "Well? Who is it?"

"Roderich Edelstein.." He said the name so dreamily.

Lovino was sure that he was gonna puke now. "What..?" He was not the one that Antonio likes? After all this time? All those years that this bastard have been following him? Wait. He needs to be calm. There must be some reason about this.

"Edelstein..? The Gryffindor piano bastard?" He asked.

Antonio glared at him and stood up. "Don't call him that! He's an angel! From the heaven above! He's not a bastardo!"

Lovino's eyes widened. Antonio never shouted at him. NEVER. "W-.. Wh-what is wrong with you?! You're sick! You bastard! I hate you!" He ran out of the room, trying to stop his tears from escaping his eyes. He cannot control himself anymore. Any minute longer with that tomato bastard with make him crazy. Lovino ran to the hallway and bumped to Matthew. Both of them fell down.

"W-watch where you're going!" Lovino shouted as he stood up.

"L-Lovino..?" Matthew looked concerned when he saw Lovino's tears.

Lovino looked back at him and wiped his tears. "God damn it.. Watch it next time, Maple bastard.."

Matthew sighed. "What's wrong..?" He asked, ignoring his nickname.

Lovino shook his head. "Nothing.."

The Canadian sighed. "…. Hey, wanna try some spells..? Attack spells..?"

The other sighed as well. That could do.

*mochi* Wah! You are Italian? Sei! Americano!

The Canadian winced every time Lovino angrily hit the target with all the attack spells that he knows. Whoa, boy.. This will be hard.

".. Is there something you wanna… tell anyone..?" Matthew chose his words carefully.

Lovino growled and hit the target once again. "That bastard actually yelled at me! That Tomato bastard is gonna pay!" He just told his secret but, oh well, Matthew is the one he trust the most after the Tomato bastard.

Matthew blinked. The words in the sentence do not fit at all. "Antonio.. Yelled.. at you?"

"SI! That fucking bastard is mental! He said he loves Edelstein! What a dork! REDUCTO!" The target finally exploded. Lovino panted and gritted his teeth.

Matthew stood up and neared him. "… Lovino.. I think you should calm down and think about it.."

"I did try but the bas-"

"Listen. Antonio said that likes Edelstein… I see a big flaw there.. First, It's kinda random.. They talked like- what- Two times every semester?"

Lovino looked away. "Anything is possible."

"Second.." Matthew ignored his statement. "All of us know that it is YOU that he likes ever since.. I dunno.. WAY back.. And third, I have a big suspicion that he is not acting like himself so.. Why don't you just… go back and try to communicate with him?"

Lovino sighed and nodded after a long pause.

*mochi* We are friends! Fyr?(?) Yes! Spasiba!

The two walked back on the hallway but they found Antonio with Gilbert, Francis, Arthur and Alfred. Kiku was following them too.

"What happened..?" Matthew asked them.

Arthur grunted. "Mister Carriedo attacked Mister Edelstein of Gryffindor."

"It wasn't an attaaaaack~ It was a glomp!" Antonio protested. "Where's My Roddy? I want my Roddyyyyy~"

Lovino tried to look away from him.

"So, as a hero Prefect, I saved Roddy from harm!" Alfred grinned.

"What about Gil and Francis..?" Matthew asked.

"They admitted that they made Mister Carriedo take some Amortentia.." Arthur glared at the two.

Matthew gasped. ".. Love potion..?"

Lovino's eyes widened and looked at Matthew.

Arthur nodded. "That would be correct.."

"We thought dat da hair was Kiku's to play it safe but.. It turned out unawesomely." Gilbert scowled.

"Well, you're going to find a cure?" Matthew asked.

Arthur sighed. "We need to make the concoction first… Our Potions Professor is out.."

"But Artie here is bad at Potions." Alfred snickered.

Arthur glared at him. "Well, you're not perfect at it either and I do not trust these two to make it. That's why Kiku's with us."

Matthew smiled. "I want to help…"

Kiku made a small smiled and bowed. "Arigatou.. I need arr sa help.."

*mochi* Amuleto para labuena suerte~~ …. Heh. …eh?

In the Concocting room..

As time passes, Antonio's condition is getting worse. He was already crying and sought for comfort. Lovino happen to be the only one free of time so he patted the other's back who gladly cuddled him.

When Matthew and Kiku finally finished, they made Antonio drink the tonic. After a few seconds, his expression changed. "….. What am I doing..?"

Everyone sighed in relief.

"Welcome back, dude! Ahahahaha!" Alfred laughed.

"Oh, do shut up, Alfred."

Antonio shook his head and groaned. "I felt like I was sleeping with my mind awake.."

"You were.. kinda.." Matthew said. "You drank Amortentia.."

Antonio paled. "L-love potion..? Who did I..?"

Lovino grumbled. "Edelstein.."

Antonio paled even more. "W-who made me drink it..?"

Lovino glared at the two-thirds of the Bad Touch trio. "The albino bastard and the perverted bastard."

The Spaniard gasped and looked at the two with a hurt expression. "W-wha..?"

"Hej! We're only trying to help here!" Gilbert said defensively. "Birdie, help me!"

Matthew sighed. "Sorry, Gil.. But what you did was no joke.."

Gilbert gasped. "Birdiiiiiieeee!"

Francis regretted nothing so he stood there, chuckling.

Arthur glared at them. "You get detention. No lurking on the hall ways at night."

Gilbert protested some more.

Antonio looked around the room. "I've never seen an Amortentia before though…"

"Douzo.." Kiku gestured to the boiling pot of red brew with pink smokes. "You could smerr it though… Whatever you smerr is the smerr of the one you adore za most."

Antonio smiled. "Really? What do you smell, Kiku?"

Kiku blinked and sniffed at the potion nonetheless. He blushed. "U-Uh.."

"Don't be shy~!" Antonio grinned.

Alfred jumped in. "I'm curious too! Kiku tell uuus~~"

Kiku blushed harder. "U-uh.. Grass and.. Cat fur…"

Alfred blinked, wondering who that is.

Antonio sniffed at the potion. "I smell Tomatoes, pepperoni and…" He blushed. "Ahaha~ Cute! It is pretty accurate~"

Francis neared them. "What else, cher?"

"I'm still mad at you but I'll tell you! Wine, grape juice and some capuccino smell into it!" Antonio beamed.

"My turn!" Alfred sniffed at the potion. "Hmm.. I smell, Tea, books and… R-roses.." He blushed a bit. "Ahaha.."

Antonio pulled Lovino. "What do you mean, Lovi?"

"What the- It's fucking lame! Let go of me!"

"Hey! We need to go. Our business is done in here." Arthur glared at them.

"Awwww~ You smell too! You know you want to~" Francis smirked. "Or are you a chicken?"

Arthur growled. "Why don't YOU smell it."

Francis chuckled and sniffed at the potion. "Hmm I smell… Whiskey.. and Spearmint cigars.." He blinked and recalled the person who smelled like that.

Arthur paled. ".. That is not my brother, correct?"

"..hhmm.. I think it is~ Ohonhonhon~" Francis laughed.


"Awww~ Please, Lovi?" Antonio continued pleading. "I'll make you twelve pizzas!"

Lovino rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Remember that promise, cazzo." He smelled the potion, blushing.

"Well? Well?" Antonio grinned.

"You didn't tell me to say it you so I'm going. Fuck this shit." He stormed away.

Antonio gasped and followed him. "Lovi, No faiiiiiiirrrrrr~!"

*mochi* Chocolate~! Eh? Nande Chocoretto? Yaaay~! Uwaaaaaah!

Arthur sighed as everyone left the room accordingly. He looked at the potion. He sighed and neared it. He breathed in and blushed. He hummed in satisfaction and continued smelling the potion, feeling his stomach stir in happiness.

"What do you smell?" A voice said behind him.

Arthur flinched and looked behind him and saw Alfred. "W-wha? I-I thought that you went out already!"

"Answer me, Artie.." Alfred walked to him.

Arthur looked away. "Why should I tell you..?" He stepped back.

".. I'm curious.." He said with an almost convincing innocent look.

Arthur bit his lower lip. "Go to your dormitory, Alfred.."

"Tell me." Alfred said in a low voice.

Arthur shivered in delight but huffed. "Chocolate. Happy?"

"Tell me more.. Or should I use the Veritaserum?"

Arthur glared at him. "What is it to you?!"

"… Didn't you realize.. I smelled Tea, books and roses.. You.."

Arthur blushed. "I-I.."

Alfred finally got him trapped on a wall. "And I want to smell the real one.. Now, tell me.. What did you smell?"

Arthur sighed. "… Ch-chocolate, latte and b-burge- hmmph!"

Alfred caught his lips with his own, cutting what he was saying.

The Englishman was taken aback but slowly melted into the kiss.

*Mochi* nomnomnom… nomnomnom… Try it! Nooooo!

Lovino sighed. A fucking day, indeed. He felt the worst feeling ever. Being hated by the one he loves the most.. Yes, he loves Antonio but he's too scared to admit it out loud because he was afraid of losing him. Besides, no one really wants to be with him. No one.

He suddenly felt warmth on his back and stomach. He looked down and saw hands and arms. He looked on his back and found Antonio hugging him with his face on his own shoulder. "W-what the?! Let go me of me, chigiii!"

He suddenly felt the other hiccup. He also felt something wet on his shoulder.

"H-hey! Are you crying, bastard?" Lovino asked.

"I-I'm so sorry, Lovi…. M-matthew told me everything.."

Che? Matthew? That Goody-two shoes. I'll kill him.

Antonio continued. "I-I didn't mean to! I-it's you that I love, Lovi. Not Edelstein!"

Lovino's heart skipped a beat, his stomach turned, his head became light and he felt something warm down. He huffed. "Get off me." Hold me close, damn it..

"No! I love you! If you're hurt like that, You must have loved me too!" His hug tightened.

"The fuck? Get off me! What are you saying?!" Don't tempt me..

Antonio turned the other around. "I won't shut up and let you go until you say it to me!"

Lovino's eyes widened when he saw truthfulness and determination in those teary green orbs. "Y-you're crazy.." You're too crazy to love someone like me.

"Say that you hate me. Right in my eyes so that I could stop bugging you."

Lovino's breathing hitched. "S-stop.."

"Say it."

"I-I hate you!" Lovino glared at him.

Antonio's look saddened. "… Y-you don't mean that.." His grip on Lovino loosened.

Lovino shook his head. "You make me feel like this.. It's all your fault.. I hate you! You make me feel so queasy.. every time you smile and look at me.. I-I hate you for that.."

Antonio's eyes widened. "W-what..?"

Lovino growled and pushed the other on the bed and pinned him. "I hate it when you're too dense, damn it! Girls and boys are flirting at you but you didn't know?! Heck, That Fucking perverted bastard's hands are dangerously close on your clothes and you act like it's nothing!"

Antonio blinked. "But he's like that with Gilbert too.."

"I don't care! His hands are all over you!"

The Spaniard smiled hopefully. "So you were jealous?"

"Ugh.. I hate you…" Lovino kissed his lips hungrily and the other did the same happily.

Francis and Gilbert looked at each other, hiding from the two. Success!

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