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Sammy's POV (It's Sammy's mind and personality but in Max's body.)


I groaned.

"Max? Wake up!" A sweet voice urged while shaking me.

Who the heck is Max?

"Your Max, silly." The voice giggled.

"What are you talking about? My name is Sammy." I said with my eyes still closed.

Who was the chick? Why does she keep calling me Max? Again, who is Max? Ugh, I don't want to deal with this. I'm tired, I want to sleep.

"Fang!" The voice suddenly screamed.

Suddenly there was running and thudding and so much ruckus.

What can a girl do to get some peace and quiet?

"Angel! What happened?" A deep muscular voice boomed through the room.

Oh great! Now who's this guy?

"There's something wrong with Max!" The voice squealed.

"Can you stop calling me that! Jesus Christ, my name is not Max! It's Sammy Keyes!" I blurted out. I opened my eyes and sat up. There was a guy maybe about a year older than me, and a little girl about six or seven.

Im guessing the six year old is Angel. She had a heart shaped face, innocent blue eyes, and blonde hair that was in curl. Her name definitely fit her description.

I turned to who I assumed was Fang. He was wearing all black and he had black shaggy hair that reached an inch or two past his ear. He could've been a male model. He was definitely hot enough.

"Oh my God!" Angel suddenly shrieked. "This isn't Max."

"Flock!" Fang yelled. "Get in here. Now!"

Then again, there was running and thudding and more ruckus. But about three times worse.

In the next second, three kids burst into the room. One was around Fang's age and he seemed to be staring at nothing.

His name is Iggy and he's blind.

I jumped. Where did that voice come from?

It's Angel

I looked at Angel and there was a small angelic smile on her face.

"Woah." I said awe. "How did you do that Angel?"

"Before we tell you that, we need to know who you are." Fang said stepping closer.

"Guys what is going on?" A boy with strawberry blonde hair, and blue eyes. He looked about nine. And he looked a little like Angel.

That's the Gasman. Gazzy for short. He's my brother.

I jumped a little again and glared at Angel.


"My name is Sammy Keyes." I said finally responding to Fang. "How many times do I have to tell you that?"

"Max, what are you talking about?" A girl that looked like she was twelve said. She had really messy hair that was either dark brown or black, and she was mocha-skinned.

That's Nudge.

I gave Angel a grateful smile and felt bad for glaring at her.

It's okay

"Guys, believe it or not, this isn't Max." Fang responded to them. Fang still hadn't taken his eyes off of me. Geez, I'm not a criminal.

The others shifted their bodies as if they were about to battle. Angel sensed this and said, "Guys wait. I don't think she wants to hurt us. She honestly doesn't know where she is."

The others quickly relaxed. Fang opened his mouth to say something but then a dog walked in. I watched it carefully. What was those things sticking out of it's body?

"Guys, I'm starving. I want some chow." The dog said. I didn't even flinch. I've seen weirder stuff.

"Kudos to Sammy." Gazzy said, eyeing me.

"For what?" I asked, still watching the dog.

"A dog just talked and you didn't freak out. That's new." Fang replied coolly.

"Eh, I've seen weirder," I shrugged. "So where am I?"

"Colorado." Iggy said. This was the first time he had said something.

"Woah. Back up. Colorado?"

"Yeah. Where are you from?" Angel asked sitting down on the bed.

"Santa Martina, California." I said as calmly as I could.

"No problem. We can fly there. California is practically next door. It will probably take about a day and a half to fly there. I've always wanted to go to California. I hear it's hot there and it practically never rains. Your so lucky I-" Nudge was cut off by Iggy. He had perfect aim too.

"She's a motor mouth." Angel explained to me. Then she turned to the others and said, "Let's all explain ourselves."

"Angel we know nothing about her. We can't tell her about us." Fang said to Angel as if she was a pesky bird. The others nodded their heads, in agreement.

"What do you want to know?" I said determined to gain their trust.

Simultaneously, they all sat on the bed. Even Fang and the dog.

"Name your friends." Nudge asked.

"Marissa, Dot, Holly, Casey, Billy, Cricket- and some grown ups."

They stiffened. Okay..

"Are any of them scientists?" Iggy asked.

"No. But one of the grown ups- Gina- can tell you the future. You know, like a palm reader or something? She's really good at it."

They all breathed a sigh of relief. Even the dog.

"Any enemies?" Nudge asked again.

I stiffened. "Yeah. I used to have three. But in the past two years, it increased to about eleven. Don't ask."

"Why so many?" Fang asked. I glared at him and he returned it with a smirk.

"I solve crimes. I've caught about fourteen criminals (but three of them were willing to go to jail so they don't really hate me in a revenge kind of way), so far. The whole town knows me as some kind of hero. And I have one big enemy, Heather. She's hated me five minutes into the seventh grade. I'm dating her brother by the way." I answered. Me and Fang were like having a frigging staring contest. But frig that, I don't plan on blinking for a long time.

"So what, your a detective? What's your nickname? Badass?" Iggy joked.

"I have a gift." I shrugged. "I can solve any mystery. Or I think I can."

"So, Heather? Why is she your enemy?" Gazzy asked.

"She's been trying to ruin my life ever since we met. *1-She framed me for calling the 'hottest' guy at school. He had a girlfriend who was very strong and very overprotective of him. I exposed her over the p.a. system in school and the dude's girlfriend beat her up in front of everyone. Because at the time we were having an assembly. It was hilarious." I couldn't help it, I cracked up just remembering it.

Everyone laughed with me except Fang. He just chuckled lightly. That guy does not show emotion whatsoever.

"What else has she done?" Iggy asked. I could tell that they were enjoying themselves.

*2-"Another time, Casey gave me a lucky horseshoe. Which he tied to my sneaker, for my birthday, and she jumped me for it. Her and her two cronies. Casey saw while the buses were leaving and he came as soon as he could. But he was too late because I had beat up all three by then." I said remembering that moment when Casey came to help me. I felt a grin come across my face and I bit my lip remembering how much he has done for me for the past two years.

"So who's Casey?" Nudge said teasingly.

"M-My boyfriend." I blushed.

"Heather's brother." Angel said more as a statement than a question. I just nodded.

"So, tell me about you." I said more to Fang.

"Not that much to tell really." He shrugged and looked away.

He's embarrassed. Angel said telepathically to me.

"Question: How can Angel read minds and send telepathic messages?" I asked confused.

"Sammy, listen-" Iggy started but was cut off by Nudge.

"You can't tell anyone-" Nudge was saying before she got cut of by Gazzy.

"If you do, we're finished, toast, screwed-" Then Gazzy got cut off by Angel who looked up at me with big innocent blue eyes.

"So please don't tell." She said simply.

"Is it illegal? Because I have done some illegal things too." I said.

"Our whole lives are illegal." Fang said simply.

"Fang, we can trust her. Show her them." Angel said.

"Stand in the doorway. I don't think I have space in here." Fang said getting up.

I got up too but I saw that no one else had. "Aren't you going to come see?" I asked them.

"Nah, we all got 'em. Even Total." Nudge said pointing to all of them and the dog. So that's his name, Total.

"Got what?" I asked confused.

"Go look." Gazzy urged and pointed behind me.

I turned around saw Fang in the hallway. He had taken his jacket off and there seemed to be two black things coming out from both sides of his back.

"Um. What are those?" I asked calmly.

"Wings." They all said in unison.

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