Explain It All To Me

By Trycee

Time-Line: Season 8, Scully's Pregnancy, after Mulder comes back to life and Season 9: After William's birth.

Disclaimer: I do not own the X-Files. This is written for fun not profit.

**What would've happened if Mulder's discussion about him being the father happened in front of her brother Bill and her mother Maggie.

There was a knock on Scully's door, a knock she wasn't familiar with. She did her best to scoot herself off the couch until her bare toes reached the floor and then she waddled her way over and peeked through the peephole. "Oh my god...", she said, yanking the door open.

Two strong arms encircled her but released her just as quickly. "Whoa...you're bigger than Tara was..."

"Thanks...", she said, rolling her eyes at her brother Bill. "What are you two doing here?", she said, excitedly.

Her equally small mother hugged her as tightly as she could reach. "We thought you could use the surprise..."

As soon as Scully turned around, she was met with a teddy bear that Bill had bought for her. "For my little sis...What, you thought you could keep this secret?", he said, pointing at her large bulge.

"No...", she smiled. "I'm so glad to see you both...", she said, seating herself back onto the couch.

Maggie Scully pulled out a fruit and cheese tray from her cloth bags. "I brought you something...I figured the baby was costing you in groceries..."

Scully smiled. "Actually, he...," she glanced quickly at her mother who's eyes had enlargened. "Or she...has been craving pizza..."

"Like Fox did...", Maggie said, fixing a plate and handing it to her daughter.

"Yeah...", Scully said, lost in thought.

Bill sat next to her. "Charles wanted to be here...but you know Charles..."

Scully chuckled. "Yes, I know Charles..."

"So," Bill said, looking his younger sister over. "How are you doing?"

"I'm great...", she said, popping a slice of cheese into her mouth that her mother handed her.

"How far along are you?"

"A little over six months...", she sighed. "I don't even know if I have on matching shoes..."

Maggie shook her head. "Nope...but that's okay...Everyone understands..."

"What about work...How's that gonna go?", Bill said, cautiously.

Scully turned to face him. "Well...I'm planning on working up until I have the baby..."

"Dana...", Maggie said, shaking her head, as she moved around the kitchen putting up the groceries. "That's not a good idea..."

"I have a new partner...John Doggett...He's new to the X-Files...I think there needs to be at least one person familiar with our cases..."

Scully waited for Bill to react but he remained silent. Maggie on the other hand was not happy about it "Dana, I think you need to take it easy...You've been through so much in the last few months...with...Fox going missing...and then he's burial...", she said, looking her daughter in the eye. "You need to let him do as much as possible...I'm just looking out for you...and my grandchild..."

Scully glanced down at her stomach. "I'll think about it...", she sighed. "How's Tara and Matthew?", she said, changing the subject.

"Good...He misses his Aunt Dana...Since you couldn't come there, I thought I'd come here...unfortunately Tara couldn't leave work..."

"Its okay...I'll see them the next time..."

There was another knock on the door, one she recognized. She slid down until her feet reached the floor with Bill's assistance and she waddled slowly over to the door. She glanced back at Maggie and Bill before opening the door.

"Hey, Scully...We needed to talk...", Mulder said, walking in before stopping dead in his tracks. "Well...Hi!" he said, glancing from Bill to Maggie and then back to Bill.

"What in the hell!", Bill said, jumping up and walking over to Mulder. "Am I seeing a ghost or something? I thought you said he was dead..."

"We...We...buried him...", Maggie said, in shock. "Dana and I...I was there..."

"I can explain...", Scully began. "Actually, I can't..."

Mulder glanced around as if he were looking for an escape route. He felt outnumbered and he didn't like having Bill Scully stand directly in his face. "I was dead...it's not the first time...but I came back to life...Scully saved me..."

"We buried you...", Maggie said, as she tried to understand. "Dana?"

"Its a long story, Mom...", she said, walking back over to the couch.

Bill stood there staring at Mulder as if he were an apparition and Maggies hands were covering her mouth in disbelief. "I can't believe it...", Maggie said. "Its like Lasarus..."

"He's no Lasarus...," Bill scoffed. "What did you do, fake your own death?"

"No," Mulder said, side stepping Bill, and coming to sit in the arm chair across from Scully. "I came here to talk to my former partner here..."

"Former partner?", Bill asked. "What...did you two break up?"

Scully glanced over to Mulder. There was a sadness in her eyes but Mulder was staring at her stomach. "Yeah...I would say so..."

Scully turned away and Maggie walked up and placed a soft hand on her daughter's shoulder.

"What kind of mess is that?", Bill said, walking over to Mulder who stood up to the even taller man."So what...you're gonna just leave my sister to handle everything by herself? You're gonna just skip out on everything? If so...you're gonna wish you were still dead!"

"What are you talking about?", Mulder said, confused.

He glanced down at Scully but she was looking off. Bill stepped in Mulder's line of vision. "My sister deserves better than you! I tried to tell her that but she didn't want to hear it because she was in love with your sorry ass! So you're gonna just up and leave her to be a single parent?"

"What?", Mulder said, staring at Bill. "You know, this little speech you're having would be good if it were directed to the right person...because I'm not the baby's father!"

Scully's head shot up. "WHAT?", she said, staring at Mulder. "WHAT?", she repeated.

"Wait...Wait...", Mulder said. "Are you saying, I am the father?"

Maggie was shaking her head vigrously. "Fox, how could you say that?"

Scully stood up as quickly as she could and glanced back at Mulder, a mixture of venom and disbelief in her redden face. He could see tears streaming down her swollen cheeks as she walked swiftly into her bedroom and slammed the door.

"I'm the babies father?", Mulder said, as the information began to sink in.

Bill grabbed him up by the collar. "You just made King of my Shit List!"

"Wait...", Mulder said, pulling away. "I didn't know..."

"How could you not know?", Maggie spoke. "Dana was lost without you...After you'd died...I didn't think I'd ever have my daughter back...but it was your baby that kept her going..."

"Mrs. Scully...you have to believe me...I did not know...I don't think you understand...either of you...", he said, as Bill continued to glare at him. "I was dead...in the ground for three months...and I can't tell you why I was brought back...because you'd never believe me..."

"What? Aliens?", Bill said, rolling his eyes.

"I came back...and I have to admit I was angry with her...", Mulder said, as his heart ached. "I thought she'd moved on without me," he said, as his voice cracked. "I love her...I've always loved her...I swear on my father's grave, I didn't know..."

"What kind of woman do you think my sister is?", Bill asked. "You think the minute you died she went out and started fooling around with someone else?"

"No...I know she would never do that...", Mulder said as a few tears streamed down Maggie's face. "See there's something you didn't know about us..."

"Which is what?", Maggie asked.

"We tried invitro...", Mulder said, slowly. "And our last and only attempt failed...So I thought maybe she got someone else's eggs and sperm...because we couldn't have a baby of our own..."

"Why didn't you ask her?", Maggie said.

"I was working my way up to it...", Mulder sighed. "I know I hadn't been treating her well lately but that's because I thought it was someone elses baby..."

"She never told us that you were treating her...wrongly," Maggie said.

"You know how private your daughter is...She keeps everything including what happens between us to herself...even from me at times...", Mulder said. "I'm sorry...I swear I didn't know..."

"You need to tell that to Dana...", Bill said, pointing towards the darkened hallway.

Mulder sighed. He was afraid of Bill Scully but he was even more afraid of the five foot two woman carrying his child. He turned and walked over to the hallway and stood outside her door and waited a few minutes, trying to figure out what he would say. He heard Bill Scully's footsteps headed his way and so he placed his hand on the doorknob."Here goes nothing..."

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