title: The Reason I Became a Witch
summary: 01.) This was his fourth foul, and she was not tolerating any more of his mistakes.
character[s]: Sakura & Sasuke
dedication: To girls who just sit by and do nothing. Ladies, know that there are things you can do to influence many events, whether it be small or on the huge factor. Don't let anyone boss you around and use what you can to your advantage. Peace and to Girls on Top~!
notes: Yeah, it's my 46th fanfic, and I've been falling behind in my other fanfictions. Terribly sorry for that, but I completely fell in love with NS Yoon-G's new song and came up with this story, and so ta-daa! Enjoy!

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The Reason I Became a Witch

He walks through the light and translucent fabrics hanging from the ceiling. He is annoyed by these curtains. In fact, he has no idea why these stupid things were always in his way every time he comes here now.

He hears someone call his name. He hates it, the chime-like ring dipped in venomous honey. It was a constant reminder of his and Naruto's slip-up way back then. It was a wound to his pride and a low wound to him in general.

The voice calls to him again and, this time, his hands roll into fists. If they hadn't been so caught up in trying to end the war, if they hadn't left her side that day . . .

"Sasuke-kun! Didn't you hear me call you?" the girl in front of him asks, her eyes dark and calculating as they always were now.

. . . Then this wouldn't have happened.

"Why did you call me here?" he asks, almost demanding an answer. Almost because if he did then any hint of the girl he had known would be gone within milliseconds.

"Well, because . . ." Her hand reaches up and combs at his bangs. She ignores the glare he is giving her. "If I were to talk to you in front of everybody else then. . ." Her fingers trace down the side of his face, the feeling of her long nails running down his cheek almost makes him shudder. "They'd get suspicious . . ." Her finger is just below his bottom lip now. "Wouldn't they? After all, you've only been reinstated for only about a week. Not too many people—"

"Cut the crap, Sakura!" His patience has run thin, and his temper flares. He grabs her wrist, bringing her hand away from him. "You know what I mean."

Her glare matches his, and she snatches her hand away from his. "You're getting too friendly with Konoha. Madara doesn't like it. He's starting to doubt where your loyalty lies."

Like he cared. "And do you?" He strokes her cheek, his anger subsided for now.

She holds his hand in place, not wanting his warmth to disappear so quickly. It is in this one gesture that the old Sakura completely reappears…

"Do you doubt me?" he repeats the question.

She shakes her head. "Never." Her answer is firm, and then she backs away from his touch. "But I can't keep covering for you. This is already your fourth fall-out with him. I can't continue protecting you." And the old Sakura completely disappears once again. "You need to choose, Sasuke-kun: it's either me or your brother's ideals." And she walks back into the shelter of her room, her high-heels clicking on the floor as she goes.

Sasuke watches as she walks away, watches as she turns her back on him. And he has never regretted his revenge more so than he does now.