title: The Reason I Became a Witch
summary: 06.) Despite everything that has happened, he is still really her bad boy.
character[s]: Sakura and Sasuke
dedication: To NBIC because they wanted this to be updated on the 27th of February (probably the only time I'll take a request for an update on a specific date)
notes: In chronological order, this happens right the last chapter. A very fluffy chapter though with its own darkness, I guess.

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The Reason I Became a Witch

Night has never been her favorite time of the day. And this dislike for night has grown even more now that nightmares have begun to continuously haunt her as if they were old friends. At times, the nightmares weren't so bad, only killing her beauty sleep, but other times . . . they were dreadfully indescribable. Normal nightmares have her staring up at her ceiling for a few minutes before going back to sleep, bad nightmares have her going to the kitchen and getting a midnight snack, but these nightmares had her up the whole night, provided she didn't wake up the whole neighborhood with her screams.

And tonight is one of those nights… Just one of those nights except this nightmare seems almost too real and it's just too real to just wake up from. And it takes five calls of her name and some very strong shakes to wake her up from her fright. And when she does wake up, she's crying and sobbing incoherently, her arms wrapping around the closest person in the room.

The sudden hug throws Sasuke off for a moment, cleaning his mind blank of any words and questions he had for her because this has happened once before and all because of a nightmare, too. And he would bet that it is the same nightmare this time around. And so he does the same as he did last time. He holds her until her cries begin to quiet and until she regains herself.

"I thought I was back there again…" she says like she did last time. "I really thought that I was back as Madara's hostage… I really thought…"

He holds her closer to him, a sign to her that she doesn't need to say anymore. The anger that had been aimed at her earlier today is long gone. He can't bear to see her fall to pieces again just because of the torture she went through during her time as a captive of not only Madara but of Obito too.

Sakura says no more, and she has calmed down enough that her sobs are silent and her body only convulses just a bit. Her hand fists the cloth of his shirt, her head burying into his chest, her tears soaking the front of his shirt. If she hadn't been so distraught then she would have been happy that he isn't mad at her anymore.

But nothing matters to Sakura tonight. Nothing matters because Sasuke stays with her tonight, stroking her hair and holding her close until she falls back alseep to a somewhat peaceful slumber.

Hm, despite the cold persona he puts on, despite everything that has happened, Sasuke is still really her bad boy.