Hey people sorry I haven't written a story in a while but that is because school sucks and I have had no inspiration.

But now I do, so here is a prologue for a story. Not sure if you will like it here it is.


Hello, my name is Bunny Utonium. I am 14 years old and this is my story.

The year is 2025. The world is controlled by three of the most powerful and most evil brothers the world has ever seen. The first leader was a wise one. He had long red hair, which went down to his lower back. It was tied in a loose band and was mostly covered by a backwards red baseball cap. He also had blood red eyes that could if he looked at you right. He was the eldest of the three brothers and also the most controlling. He ruled over all of Europe and Asia. He loved the knowledge these places had. The second brother was the most evil of all of them. He had onyx black hair that basically stood on end. He had cruel deep forest green eyes. When in public his face is always in a permit scowl. He was also the strongest of the three of them. His body was toned with muscles and numerous exposed wounds. He rules over the entire Western Hemisphere with an iron fist. Nobody knew why he was so brutal all the time, but some guessed it was just the evil that flowed throw his black blooded veins. The last brother was a sweet heart, although you would never tell anyone that. He had short scruffy blond hair and lightning blue eyes. He ruled over whatever his brothers didn't already own. He cared for the people he ruled over and made sure people there were healthy. All three of the boys lived where they ruled for half a year and for the other half lived in America in the only other place that could hold their 'greatness', the Morbuck's solid gold mansion in Townsville. The reason why they go to Townsville for the second half of the year is a mystery but from August 1 to January 31 they are always in Townsville. I am talking about none other than the notorious gang of brothers known as the Rowdy Ruff Boys; Brick, Butch and Boomer.

It was in 2012, when they started and ended their take over. On the day for told by many as the destruction of the world, the most evil of demons created a plan that he thought was full proof. Him's plan was to transfer all of his demonic power into his children to increase their power tenfold. His plan, however, better than he had expected. His power was transferred to the boys but too much was transferred and so Him died. Not caring about the cross dressing demon, the RRB took their new powers and challenged their enemies to one final battle to the death. Overconfident, the three heroines known as the Power Puff Girls accepted. The boys verses the girls, an ultimate battle of the sexes, both fought their hearts out. Even the strongest of the females, who was severely weakened at the time fought. The only problem was the RRB were using Him's power and were dominating their counterparts. Just as the RRB were about to deal the final move, the mint green eyed girl struggled to get up. "You guys are jerks you know that!" She yelled, trying to catch her breath. "You guys will die; I will make sure of that!" And with that all three of the girls were gone. However, the one known as Butch could have sworn he saw his counterpart grip her stomach and mouth the word 'baby', but in the end dismissed it as just a trick of the mind.


"Buttercup, why didn't you tell us you were pregnant?" Her pink eyed, red headed sister asked, while holding on to her sister's right hand.

"Yea," The blond hair blue eyed sister on the left side asked joyfully. "We have always wanted to be mommies of aunties."

"Okay, one more large push." The mid wife said. Everyone held their breaths, not long after an ear splitting cry came that relieved everyone.

"It's a girl." The old nurse said with a smile. "What would you like to name her?" she asked after the baby had stopped crying.

Buttercup looked at her sisters. They had made the deal when their sister had exploded, that the first sister to a kid would name her after their fallen sibling. "Bunny Utonium." The woman smiled and wrote down the name on the birth certificate. "Can I hold her?" Buttercup asked. Again the nurse smiled and then wrapped the baby in a pink blanket and handed her to the new mom. All the non-family members left the room.

"So Buttercup," Blossom asked, softly petting the baby's head. "Who is the father?" Buttercup visibly stiffened. "You can trust us. We won't get mad or stop loving you or Bunny. Now, who is it?"

I don't want to talk about him because I will never see him again." Buttercup said coldly, putting her index finger in her child's hand.

"YOU'RE NOT TELLING US…" Bubbles shrieked.

"Bubbles lower your voice." Blossom order her younger sister. "You don't yell that kind of thing."

"Sorry." Bubbles now whispered. "You're not telling us that you were raped, are you?"

"No, I was not raped." Buttercup said, her eyes locked on her child's. "Anyway, you guys should go check on the Professor; The RRB will probably still be looking for us." Her sisters nodded and left the hospital room. They didn't fly because they knew their colored lines would have been seen and tracked. When her sisters were out of range, Buttercup whispered to her child, "You have your father's eyes, Bunny."


SO that is the prologue. Hopfully the story will get a whole lot better.

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