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Here is the final chapter of Bunny's Story.



"Yea, Butch is Bunny's father." Buttercup said it almost like she regretted it, which she actually did. "It has already been known that Butch and I were together, so I guess this has to be reveled as well."

"Why did you never tell me you were pregnant?" Butch asked. He was obviously sad, but there wasn't much surprise in his voice.

"Because," Buttercup shot back. She wanted to get away from all of this. She wanted it to be like when Bunny was young. She wanted Bunny to be wrapped up in her arms, sleeping. Buttercup didn't want any of this to be known.

"Because why?" Butch yelled, no longer sad but angry. "As her father I have a right to know this!"


"Because I didn't want you to know!" Buttercup yelled gripping Bunny's arm tighter.

"That's not a good enough answer! What is the real reason?" Butch yelled back. There was a moment of silence when everyone's eyes were on Buttercup and everyone's minds were thinking the same thing. Everyone wanted to know why Buttercup had kept Bunny's father a secret.

"FINE! I didn't tell you I was pregnant because I thought you would have killed her!" Buttercup yelled. Butch looked almost disappointed, not in Buttercup but in himself. "If you have forgotten all three of you tried to kill us 15 years ago. What would make you think I would tell you or even let you near my newborn child after what you did?" Buttercup exploded. "I mean seriously! When we were together you were different and then you just turned on me and tried to kill me! I'm surprised you even need me to explain all of this!" Buttercup let all over her anger out. All of her feelings and thoughts from the past 15 years had all come out at once. She sort of felt good to finally get someone else to hear them. Butch looked at his counterpart with sad eyes. He did remember it, all of it. He had blamed Him's demonic power all this time but for the first time he blamed himself. He had known about Him's plan longer than his brothers did. He could have told Buttercup of it and she might have understood, but he didn't. He always thought Him was too stupid to do anything right.

"I'm sorry." Butch whispered. He swallowed hard and walked right up to Buttercup so they were face to face. "Look, when we acted 15 years ago it was because of Him. I bet you wondered how an immoral demon was able to die. He gave us, my brothers and I, his powers. Without them he died, and with them we were as bad as Him." The girls were shocked and Buttercup took a few steps back.

"How… could he do that?" Buttercup asked scared.

"It doesn't matter how he did it, it just matters that he did. We attack you three because that was the main goal of Him's powers. The powers seemed to have gotten the mind of their psychotic owner and that was passed to us." Butch explained. He took a few steps closer to Buttercup with concern in his eyes. "How could you ever think I would want you?" Buttercup didn't respond. She just looked up into his eyes. She remembered everything they had shared; the times floating about the city, the way he had held her during long nights alone, the way he pressed himself close to her when they were kissing. She almost wanted all of it back, but that was not the way the tough Power Puff Girl thought.

"Does it really matter why I thought it?" Buttercup said pushing her feelings aside. Butch, then to her surprise, placed both of his hands on the sides of her face and brought it up closer to his to kiss her. Everyone was surprised to see this sudden show of affection. The kiss was short but sweet. When Butch pulled away, Buttercup angry expiration had melted to the face he loved to see.

"I have never loved anyone but you." Butch whispered in her ear and she shattered. All of Buttercup's anger and heart break were gone. In that slit moment all of her defenses were broken and he just walked right into her heart like he had been there the whole time. It was then that Buttercup did something only once before, she cried. Butch pulled her into a tight hug and stroked her hair. Bunny was shocked to see her mother like this. She had always known her mother was too strong to cry.

"Mom," Bunny asked walking up to her mother. She had to help her mother feel better, it was half her fault for bring her mother down like this. "I'm sorry." Buttercup turned to look at her daughter and took her into a hug.

"You have nothing to be sorry about." Buttercup said.


10 Months Later

"Bunny, get down here!" Buttercup called from the living room. Bunny rushed down the main staircase, which was furnished with a new family picture, so fast she almost tripped many times. She had moved into the house with her mother a few months after the secret relationship was found out.

"What is it, Mom? I was just with Dad, he was…" Bunny froze when she the living room. There were balloons and streamers everywhere. "What's all this for?" Bunny asked looking around.

"It has almost been a year since you brought our families together." Buttercup said happily.

"It is just to say thank you." Butch said coming up behind his daughter and walking over to his wife.

"Thank you so much," Bunny cried happily running over to her parents to give them a big hug. Just then, the door bell rung and Bunny went to go get it. "Aunt Blossom, Uncle Brick, Aunt Bubbles, Uncle Boomer, what are you guys doing here?"

"For your party of course." Bubbles said with a cheerful smile. "May we come in?"

"Why would I say no?" Bunny laughed as the rest of her family walked through the door.



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