Secret Burning Passions

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Sephiroth stared at the blond.

The younger man's hair brushed delicately against the nape of his neck, soft yellow spikes like chocobo down. Sephiroth shivered, imagining running his hands through that hair. First, in his leather gloves, tight as a second skin, and then slowly inching them off, finger by finger, until his real skin could lose itself in the silkiness of that hair. Still staring at the younger recruit, he shifted in his seat, letting out a quiet moan. How old was the blond? Sixteen? Seventeen? He had to know the boy's name.

Across the Shinra canteen, Cloud sat, oblivious. His attention was on his meal. Well, that and the handsome, dark-haired man sitting two places to his left. Cloud already knew his name; everyone knew his name. Zack. Cloud tried to concentrate on his food. It was silly to think that a gorgeous guy like that would ever look twice at him. Zack could have anyone he wanted, and Cloud was nothing special. He was nervous about the big Soldier entrance exam coming up, for a start. What kind of future Soldier got nervous? Oh, he was never going to get in... Cloud stabbed a lump of potato with his fork, angry at himself- and ashamed. Only his first day at Shinra, and he was already thinking like a baby.

"Hey, you- it's Cloud, right?"

Cloud's head jerked up.

Zack was talking to him.

"Um, y-yeah..." Cloud's heart raced. Don't say anything stupid, don't say anything stupid, don't say anything stupid... "Um, so, yeah, um, yeah, so, um..." Damn.

Zack just laughed. "Aw, don't be nervous. Everyone's nervous on their first day. You'll settle in. Hey, when you're done, you want me to show you around?"

Cloud's eyes widened. He couldn't believe it! He tried not to lose himself in the velvety caress of Zack's voice, and instead managed a quivering nod.

"Y-yeah, um, so, um, yeah, yeah, um..."

"That's the spirit!" Zack grinned and ruffled Cloud's hair; Cloud nearly passed out.

Across the canteen, Sephiroth snarled...

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