De Novo

'I'm going to kill him.' It was a mantra that pounded in Dom's head over and over again. For the first time in his life rage sang in his veins and Dom welcomed it.

"Toretto don't do anything stupid!" Hobbs commented unhelpfully. The other man swallowed hard as he instinctively tried to back away. "At first I thought the FBI was playing around, so I did some digging. He wasn't alone."

"Who?" Dom growled coldly as his eyes flashed hell fire. "Who!"

"It wa… Mia. Your sister was the only person she trusted enough to get that close to her," Hobbs answered. Nodding to his turned over car. "Everything that the agency had and my own observations are in the trunk. For what it's worth, I'm sorry."

"Sor…Sorry? You're sorry! Han! Pop that trunk and bring me those damn files!" Dom roared as his entire body started to shake. 'He sold Letty like she … She was my everything!' Sharply inhaling the big man turned, reaching out clutched the roof of his car. Striding up to the tracker, Dom loomed over him the muscles in his legs jumped with adrenaline.

"Why?" Dom demanded.

"Dom! This is some quacked out shit," Han stated freaked.

Dom turned to see his friend hastily put back the files into the flipped over container. Noting the agonized look on his face, Dom felt something in him break. It felt like eternity before he was standing next to Hans. Lifting the container, Dom quickly strode over to Han's tricked out ride.

Taking a fortifying breath, Dom started to empty out the files. Finding the pictures of Letty, Dom quickly snatched them up. Holding them close he gazed down at her face.

"It looks like the law-man was telling the truth," Han whispered. His voice fluctuated as he tried not to breakdown into tears. "Letty was being transported to her buyer while Mia drove to the Mexico border. Hobbs here backtrack everything… right down to the supplies the Brian bought to cover his tracks."

"Why?" Dom's agonized voice demanded as he stared down at the evidence before him.

"I don't thi…"

With a roar Dom slammed his hand down on the metal hood. Unknowingly he put a dent in it. "WHY!"

"O'Conner recently put Carter Verone in prison, however O'Conner wasn't smart enough to cover his tracks or shut down Verone's network. Verone's men, they went after him. It was him or Letty," Hobbs summed up. Hobbs took a deep breath before continuing. "He chose to sell Letty to Verone and his men and I do mean sell her. We were closing in on her when they found out. I buried her autopsy report on the bottom. She was executed."

"No…no," Dom whispered as he swiftly turned away.

It was nearly an hour later that Han with Hobbs help separated into neat little piles. As Han read the psych profiles and Brian's handwritten comments, he found that he could barely stand to think of Brian without a sudden burst of rage.

"Just when I think that there might be some redeeming qualities to the man, I find something in this mess that makes me wish I owned a gun just so I could kill him," Han snarled softly. "Do you think Mia knows about all this?"

"I doubt it. The agency is unsure if she was helping Letty or Brian that night. Things on her side just don't add up," Hobbs answered as he pulled out some of his records. "Some say she assisted, while others think she was an innocent by standard. Her love for Brian blinded her to what was really going on."

"Jesus," Hans swore softly.

The pounding of Dom's feet were the only warning each of them had before he stormed up to them. Dom tossed down a first aid medical kit right before he picked up the psych profiles. As he paced he read and once he was finished Dom would toss the profile into the bin. It was when he came to Letty's profile that he stilled, Dom's breathing became uneven. It took him longer to read her's than the others. Just like her photgragh's Dom kept this close to him.


Later in the evening Han found Dom walking in circles around the cars. 'This is what happens when you let yourself get emotionally attached. When you lose, you lose everything, even yourself.' Slowly as to not startle the predator within the lost man, Han steps to his side.

"Did you read the autopsy report?" Dom asked hollowly.

"Yes and I had my contacts check it out as well," Han replied swiftly. "It's all true. The FBI is trying to keep this quiet but O'Conner is now wanted for crimes against Humanity. Mia is also wanted for aiding and abetting."

"How badly did she suffer?" Dom asked as his voice cracked.

"Dom it was bad, very bad," Han whispered.

"She was holding out for me! Me! While I was busy helping the people who put her there!" Dom snarled as he clutched his hands. "I trusted him after swearing that I would never trust him! He's destroyed my family. Famil…my wife was destroyed! I'm going to kill him!"

"Toretto, you might be a lot of things but you are not a killer," Hobbs stated certainly. He stood close by but with enough width between the other and him. "You might give O'Conner a hard thrashing and break several of his bones but in the end you would send him to us. After everything Letty was put through, death is too quick and painless for him. Life in prison with no chance at patrol is also too good for him."

"And Mia?" Dom inquired as he gazed at the other man.

"At maximum she would get five years adding all other factors in," Hobbs answered as his gaze lowered to the ground. "The fact that she has a child would be enough to make the jury weary of convicting her."

"I need to clear my head," Dom announced as he pulled out his car keys. With sure steps he quickly closed the gap between him and his car. Ignoring the two protesting men, he gunned the engine. With a sharp kick the car roared down the road.

'I love you,' Letty's soft voice whispered.

"I love you too, Letty so much," Dom chocked out.

'You don't get to just leave me! You said you loved me!' Letty argued.

"More than anything I regret leaving you. I should have been there. It's my fault, all my fault," Dom answered as tears cascaded down his face.

'It's ride or die, for us now.' Letty's soft voice whispered.

"Ride or die," Dom agreed as he put more pressure on the gas.

'Dom!' Letty's sweet voice called for him.

Blinking away the tears, Dom saw that the road had a sharp curve, dead ahead was concrete barriers. 'Letty, I'm coming home. I'm finally coming home.' Slamming his foot down on the gas pedal, a peace settled over him.

'Figlio mio, perdona la vostra sorella. Ha perso la sua strada senza la famiglia che guida la sua. Questo per me,' Mister Toretto whispered.

"Dad," Dom whispered as he translated mentally his father's words. 'My son, forgive your sister. She lost her way without the family to guide her. Do this for me.' Clutching the gear, Dom swallowed his distaste. "Yes, father."

'Amate la vostra donna con tutto dentro di voi, essa farà lo stesso,' Mister Toretto advised.

"Dad, I can't love her. She's dead," Dom replied as his breath caught as he translated. 'Love your woman with everything inside of you, she will do the same.' He felt his chest constrict from the pain of his lose.

'Dom!' Letty called for him.

'Famiglia è tutto, prendere cura di loro, e loro si prenderanno cura di voi. Non dimenticherò mai quanto Ti voglio bene. Non mi fiero. Proteggere la nostra famiglia,' Mister Toretto vehemently stated.

"Dad," Dom whispered slightly confused as he translated his father's words. 'Family is everything, take care of them and they will take care of you. Never forget how much I love you. Do me proud. Protect our family!'

"Dom!" Letty's exasperated voice snapped at him from his left. Sharply turning his head, he saw her standing there. Blinking he looked around in wonder. Hearing the familiar sounds of someone getting the crap kicked out of them, he launched himself out of his seat.

"Shit," Dom muttered as he rushed to break up the fight. 'Is this real?'


AN: I do not speak or write in Italian so I am sorry if my translation is off.