wassup i made a new story

sorry no lemon

but on the bright side there is yaoi :)

oh yeah this takes place around present time.


Ciel didn''t even know why he adopted the cat. He didn't even like cats. For gads' sake he was allergic to cats.

The cat mewled and snuggled against him. If only Sebastian had done the same thing, but he was gone he disappeared without as much as a goodbye.

Ciel sighed and set down the sleek black cat.

"Hmm you remind me of someone," Ciel said as he watched the cat play with a small feathered toy.

The cat mewled in response and jumped up on to Ciels' lap. Ciel smiled and pet the cat lovingly.

Maybe adopting a cat wasn't a bad thing afterall.

The cat meowed for a while then jumped down and headed for the kitchen. the cat bumped the fridge signifying he was hungry. Ciel laughed and realized he hadn't given his cat a name yet.

He thought for a while and decided on the perfect name.

"Imma name you Black Demon," Ciel said looking at the cat that reminded him of a a certian demon butler.

Black Demon just meowed and bumped the fridge again.

"Heh ok fine I'll get you some food," Ciel said taking out the cat food.

Black Demon snuffed and turned around swishing his tail.

Ciel just sighed and said ,"If your not going to eat this then you eat nothing at all."

Ciel could've sworn he saw him smirk like Sebast- No he wasn't going to think about the demon that crushed his heart.

( Black Demons' POV)

It really pained me too see master like this. I never wanted to hurt him. It wasn't my fault that I turned into a cat. I woke up like any normal day but when I looked I noticed I was no longer in human form but a cat.

I ran as not to upset my master. I ran and ran until I was found by the animal control. Then master walked ina nd said he would take me. I was suprised at first cuz masters' not the type who likes cats, but non the less he took him in.

"Meow (translation: I'm tired.) Sebastian/Black Demon said.

I still wonder why he would give me such a name if he wants to forget about me.

"You must be tired let's go to bed," Ciel said tiredly rubbing his eyes that were filled with tears. It pained Sebastian/Black Demon to see his master like this.

"Meow(translation: what's wrong)" I said rubbing against his leg trying to comfort him the best I could.

A small smile crossed hiz face.

"Don't worry I'm fine just thinking about someone is all," He said picking up his cat and walking to the bedroom. Ciel plopped his cat on the bed and collapsed on it himself. Sebastian/Black Demon heard soft sniffles and noticed that Ciel was crying he jumped on him annd said,


CIel looked up and smiled at his pet. He petted him until he fell asleep.

Sebastian needs a way to get back to human form.

well there ya go a new story for yall. chew in that for a while and please review if you do you might find a kitten or a cookie in your fridge. :p