(Sebastians POV)

Sleep eventually came and I was awakened in the morning by the sun beating on my back. I sat up and looked at my form. 'Im still a cat.' I thought bitterly. Because paws aren't exactly the best apendages out there. I rose on all fours and leisurley padded into the kitchen. I jumped onto the counter and grabbed a rag with my jaws.

I attempted to hook it on the fridge handle but failed. "Curse you fridge," I mumbled. I threw the rag again and it looped onto the handle. I smiled inwardly and jumped of the counter. I leaned up and grabbed the rag inbtween my jaws pulling on it softly until the door actually opened. I looked at the open fridge and sighed in annoyance.

"How am I supposed to do this," I said to myself looking at all the vegetables and such inside the large isolated container known as a refrigderator.I took a step forward and I avoided the small puddle of water in my path. I look at the carton of eggs and then the closet. I propped open the fridge door with five or so potates that had been in the fridge drawer.

"Okay then now to get some rope," I said softly as not to wake the master I knew was still asleep. I knew already that it was still early by looking out the slightly open window. I padded over to the closet and leaped onto one of the shelves. My search was not fruitless as I spotted the rope on the top shelf.

I took another step then felt a slight jabbing pain in my front left paw. "Damn," I mumbled. I looked at my paw and saw the tiniest of splinters there. It was slightly painful, but I'm a demon. I can handle this. Like a boss. I ignored the small bit of pain that was there when i stepped on it and leaped up to the top shelf. I grasped the rope in my jaws carefully. In order to avoid any toungue splinters.

I leaped all the way down landing on my feet, but I would've done that if weren't a cat anyways. I bounded back to the fridge and tied the securest knot around the egg carton I could manage being in this form. I tossed the remaining rope over the fridge door and walked to the parallel side of the fridge. I tugged on the rope and the eggs came falling down with the rope. I put my cat-like reflexes to use and the eggs landed on my back. Carefully, I placed them on the floor and used the rope to drag them across the floor to the stove. I leaped up the rope still in my mouth and heard a loud gasp from behind me. I was startled and the eggs fell down to the floor the egg blood flowed out and sloshed on the floor, but Ciel didn't mind. All his attention seemed to be on me.

"Young Master," I gasped out forgetting that I had a cover to keep. He looked at me in confusion then his eyes showed realization.

"Sebastian," he breathed out his voice letting hint of the hurt he felt. I felt a pang of hurt knowing the betrayal he probably felt. "PLease you must underst-"

"You could talk, yet you never told me you were Sebastian. You BASTARD!" He screamed out a single tear staining his pale cheek.

"I only hid my identity from you so you wouldn't have to know what happened," YEs, I lied to alll of those reading this. There is indeed a reason why I'm like this now.

"If there is a reason tell me, Godamnit!" He yelled out. If only he knew the severity of the punishment that would occur if this secret were to leak out to anybody. ANYBODY. Period.

"I can't," I said taking in a breath after realesing the one I had been holding. He shook his head and looked at me with blazing sapphire eyes. "Yes. You. Can. You are only choosing not too," he stated crossing his arms. He really can be childish at different times. "I really cannot," I stated letting a little of my aggitation leak out with the sentence.

"Why Not?" he questioned a thin eyebrow raised. Why, is he so stubborn if he wants me to say it. I'll say it damnit. "Because I care for your well-being!" I spat out quickly. Really I don't know how he will react there's only so much I can go on from his expression and body language.

He let out the softest of gasps and nodded as if he understood. Wich he most likely didn't. He smiled slightly and finally registered the broken eggs and their egg blood on the floor. "Sebastian! " He yelled angrily turning at me.

Oh, young master...