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Rory barely knew her; the only thing he knew was that her name was Harmony and that she tried out for Cheerios. He also knew that she was Blaine's younger sister and that he loved her more than anything, even Kurt.

Rory could only think about her during class. Even during Spanish he almost said her name, she was sitting right next to him. In Chemistry, they were lab partners, they had to work on an experiment and her being so close to him just made him smile.

(Earlier, in Chemistry)

Harmony smiled at Rory when she saw him as the Chemistry teacher paired them together.

"Hey, Ireland," Harmony smiled at him as she slid into the chair next to him.

"Hey, Harmony. Did you find the Cheerios try outs?" Rory smiled back at her, he knew he liked her the minute he saw her.

"Yeah, I did, thanks." Harmony began to work on the experiment, leaning closer to him while pouring the liquid into the beaker.

Harmony looked up at him and blushed, realizing how close they were.

"Sorry," She blushed, smiling and moving away slightly.

"It's fine, Harmony, it's only for the experiment, it's nothing else." He could've sworn he saw a look of disappointment on her face but he ignored it as she smiled.

(Later in the day, lunch)

Harmony looked around for her brother or someone she knew, she was new and knew no one really. She found no one she knew and she looked around for a table before someone tapped her on her shoulder.

"Hey, Harmony. Need someone to sit with?" Rory asked her, smiling brightly.

"It's fine, you don't have to sit with Blaine's little sister/the new annoying girl. I'll find somewhere." She started to turn, but Rory grabbed her arm again.

"Nah, it's fine, I want to sit with you. I mean, if that's okay." Rory smiled, starting to walk with her to a table alone outside.

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