Chapter 3

, , , - Saturday January 28

The Moon was but a Chin of Gold

A Night or two ago—

And now she turns Her perfect Face

Upon the World below—

Her Forehead is of Amplest Blonde—

Her Cheek—a Beryl hewn—

Her Eye unto the Summer Dew

The likest I have known—

Her Lips of Amber never part—

But what must be the smile

Upon Her Friend she could confer

Were such Her Silver Will—

And what a privilege to be

But the remotest Star—

For Certainty She take Her Way

Beside Your Palace Door—

Her Bonnet is the Firmament—

The Universe—Her Shoe—

The Stars—the Trinkets at Her Belt—

Her Dimities—of Blue—

-Emily Dickinson

Oh god ,,,, Over active ovaries Chase , ,, oh god , please just say this can't be happening., Please ,, Please ,, Please ,, Rayanne, , I am so totally here at your mercy. , Promise you'll not even repeat out loud those 4 words together again. Ever. , Again. . Don't even say any of them by themselves .. You can't use any of those words anymore. , Cause I'm sure they've already left ,, here , I may follow. , So you can't even think them. , As in, , EVER. , Remember, we're all part of this same karass here. , Aren't we all like this karass of '97, or well, something. , And you can't ruin like your own karass-mate, right? ,, Oh God , Please Rayanne, , DO NOT LEAVE THIS BUILDING TONITE WITHOUT TOTALLY PROMISING YOU WON'T BE REPEATING ANYTHING OF WHAT YOU ONLY THINK YOU MAYBE SAW BUT PROBABLY DIDN'T ANYWAY.. , We'll leave it at that. ,, Oh god

THANK YOU! Sweet Emily, and Rayanne

Always Your Friend FOREVER


Bravo Rayanne ,, Mucho Bravo ,, Well that was absolutely THE stage performance of your life, I think, again, for this week anyway. , Which were all pretty spectacular too. Now if we can just get those videotapes back from Cherski. , So you've got to package this one up for Broadway, like I keep telling you. Those really are audition tapes that Cherski has confiscated then, after all! , I'm sure you could do 75 minutes on those Over-Active Ovaries of yours,, live. To a real theatre audience. , Who would appreciate it all - not just performing it all for us. And of course, YES, Emily Webb is the perfect spokesperson for combating this , Over-Active Ovaries syndrome , that you see all over our town. Especially when she's in that dress of hers. Watching it all from stage , somewhere,practically-beside-you , it did all come off looking like a real audition taping for a O-A-O-S commercial. I know Cory was roar-ing as he was taping it all. But I'm sure on your next audition tape we can get you some better production values still, from the stage ,, upthere. If we can get the camera back. And some tapes. And Cory - I think we may need a new cinematographer too. We have all week though, with the rehearsal videotapings. Every day right?

So could anything then, ever, be more priceless than the look on your face, well, and really, Angela's, and Jordan's, butt who's counting, as Emily walked in on them in the dressing room, floor. Now those were instant classic MTV Moments – cause it was like this . MTV - Behind the Veil. , capturing some school spirit,, well, Emily Gibbs's maybe anyway,, and there gathering last MTV memories before ,,, so that first it was like this all subdued Emily voice, 'Well I suppose maybe its Time,, Dear MTV friends,, we should be leaving, for a while , our sweet little Grovers Corner, .. ' then its all this shrieking Emily, 'OMG ,, Over-Active-ovaries ,, Look ,, they're ,,, Angela .. Chase!' , and everybody's heads just started snapping around every which way,, like some kinda last school toll bells just went off. But it did all set up for another memorable exit line there, dear Emily. I figured it would take you maybe about 2 seconds to launch into something like that when I saw our own afternoon MTV mates,,-ing, , well, , spread out all over the spare clock-sticking scenery back there, , but you probably beat that mark even. So we'll just have to let the tape tell all there ,,, once,, before we destroy it. , Or it could really be another really evil thing. So but think it all turned into a big enough production like finale for you? ,, I mean, like no stage management credits possibly taken here for ,, that. From anyone. But then like you wonder what more could any prying pack of over-dramatists like ever asked for either,,, from their own drama club. , And then it only seemed to get Wilder,, with everybody screaming, over mine, backstage there, at the edge of Thornton Town.,, I'm suppose it could be just like he'd have wanted it too. And the camera rolling. It was, wasn't it? Were we really still filming anyway? Going by Jordan's re-action, I'd say probably yes. Or that it doesn't matter. To poor Cory anyway. I don't think he really knows what really hit him. I think Jordan may actually, I mean literally, have flown at him.,, And the camera. , From off the top of Angela. Definitely it was for the best that Mr. Katimski, and everybody else, were still there to hear all that. Somebody had to settle all Our Town's shit back down. And it wasn't going to be me. But I don't put out screams like that for nothing. , Well so now I think I've lost track again,, Ray, what is it we're all here rehearsing for anyway? ,, Please let me know though, we still got all week to figure it back out. I guess. So why didn't I sign up for some of this drama theatre sooner? Had I known there'd be any kind of, like, actual drama ,.,. Oh boy



OK Sharon,, you have to swear, by all that is really, really, sacred here,, and then even more, , I mean starting with the sacred brad pitt/koala bears collection, then the Kyle/Brads .,,,well, your future class presidency and all,, which I am volunteering to go locker-to-locker for starting right now,, and then like constantly ever after,, over the next two years, at least , that you WILL NEVER. , EVER , REPEAT , well, , I don't know exactly what you think you guys saw. ,Oh god. , I'm still in a huge coma over all this. , just now. I may not come out it until I can leave PA., if then. , You think Jordan is really in any sort of trouble over this? , I mean, all that was nothing compared to gym class. , Oh god.


Oh Angela , I'm so sorry , Really ,, I wish I could be there for you now , I know you're in a total coma state probably still ,, But don't be, really, its all a lot of commotion about really nothing that we're going to say happened anyway, Angela ,, It was all just being at the wrong places at the wrong .. Listen I'm sending over this package , with my mom , I can't believe that I have all this to do still,, just this evening.

And so really , its all like Dorothy was saying anyway,, but via that friend of that Tino guy, , from that one day,, sitting out on the bleachers,, that he said you can't be poking around all through those wicked witch road-kill parts there, Toto .. or was he saying Tino .. too .,. I'm getting all mixed up here. , But you can't let it get to you,, was the point. Really. , And I've got the camera and tapes anyway, , so if any of them want that back, the camera anyway ... everyone's just going to have to be all very cooperative here first. , Maybe this whole video-camera - student practices thing wasn't such a great idea from the start though ..

But listen, so not to change the subject,, Congratulations! , on the new restaurant Angela, and party. , Chez Chases? ,, We're all just so excited for you all over here - So When's Dinner ? , I know I'll be having the Evening Special ! (Could it be any better than Graham's grams of crunchy banana grahams , ala Graham mode? , I don't know why I thought it was always your mom making those - I can be such a Cherski sometimes. I can still hear Brian starting that expression up for us - don't be such a Cherski, Cherski)

So but check out the box my mom's bringing over! , You could decorate a whole lost continent with all the stuff she has. Also, there's a box inside it for you. Your letter got me looking through our den bureau / time machine last night. , So right about now you should be holding that prized, original Le Wiz d'Oz tape we watched. It should have a few viewings left on it still, before it totally wears out. Please play it again if you want some of that same kinda old OZ-ly comfort tonite. Also, I did find some of the pictures from my 6th bd party - you remembered! I like how the dresses got ever more elaborate every year, didn't they? Until we were all what .. 15 ,, and tired of being dressed up like the show ponies? , Kidding. , My mom stopped dressing me at .. well we'll find out. But all the real lasting proof is in that box. So its not to be mishandled, or burned.. without checking with me first. Cause really, we were all pretty gorgeous back in our day, weren't we? , For the first 20 minutes anyway, before things could really start to go off our rails. Look at how our mom's look by the time the evening light's in the picture. , Not sure if those are glints of Glinda or the WWW in their eyes staring around at all of us by then.

Have some other pictures in there wanted to show Brian. I'm sure he's gonna deny most of these student practices too – even though I have the photo proofs right there - some that he took! I had forgotten what a Nature! program - wild animal collector he could be in those days. It was like we were repopulating the Ark, sometimes, all the creatures he'd bring into class, , for everybody else to take care of then. He's good about volunteering, alright, then triple-stacking over those hours. Where'd he learn that trick? Before me. So we were talking about all that a while back, talking about that one zoo exhibit-rescue he brought into class, 4th grade? cause he couldn't manage them at home. There's the one picture in there of him looking like a half-drowned little Robert Plant, holding these squawking little chicks, and I think some other kind of mange ball. Is that a sight? , Everything had like blown into those ponds, after some storm or something. But Brian remembers like every little detail about it all. We talked about that stuff when my dad was sick. , He said that was my first volunteer org project, the park cleanup, which sounds about right. If you don't include those early Brownie point buster projects. , And well the third grade U.N. Kids-World local council principal lead thing. , Just BTW, they really did come through for me, the U.N. and everything, when I ran for student council. , So .. oh yeah .. So Brian was telling me about his little harem of robin, and some other, chicks he brought in. For us, to all take care of. He named them, he sez, like Donald D.'s gaggle of nephews. I think, like Lacy-Spacey-Gracey-Chasesy, if it ever comes up in 4th grade trivial pursuit. But it apparently wasn't all that trivial for him when some of them began to die on us there in school. I mean – like you duh-duced that, B? , cause we weren't very good with the pets –da chicks, yet. He took the last two back home with him, right? So wonder how that ever worked out? Probably each got their own little I.C. multi-apparatus setup in his room somewhere. Maybe ask him when you think about it, Angela. So but gosh you look at those pictures and doesn't it seem like we were all having so much more fun back then? , So what rabbit hole did all those lucky little charmers disappear down into? Can you even imagine what Rayanne was like back then? , After a couple bowls of doubley lucky chocolatey Lucky Charms? Whatever she was doing I'm surprised the U.N. council, at least, never got called in about it, or I'd know. Coulda been they were all just too shocked to deal, though. The usual. And then its kinda jarring to see Brian there, like playing. So you know thats been a while ago then. He just kinda shut that window closed behind him, didn't he? , He seemed happy talking about it all though.

EEEHHGG, , I'm sorry but I'm already running late-r again here, Angela. I guess enough with the reminiscing. All the little duties call. But please don't worry about a thing, Galefriend. , Enjoy your picture shows tonite. , I'll see you tomorrow


Hey Angela ,, Stopped by ,,, Could get tickets tonight to see couple of M. Hulot movies at Regent Square tonight. ,, Let me know. ,, Have transport. ,, ,, Lots of commotion in your house tonight? , , , All seems well here


PS ,, What do you think of Emily D's stuff , pgs. 99/111 ,,, You'll be tested next week ,, have outline to share (left inside book, p.99)



…. from page 99 . …. Emily Dickinson

... The Moon was but a Chin of Gold

A Night or two ago

And now she turns Her perfect Face

Upon the World below

Her Forehead is ...

\ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/

I do know this moonlight ,Angela ,,,, I've seen it rise over your house. ,,, I've seen its grace slip from the frames

out through the attic maybe? ,,,, You don't keep a spare moon in the attic, do you?

Well, , so what I do know about these things I can only take from other sources. I think maybe I'm a bit highly imbued with her Emilys just now. , So .. like, those things she'll say - just to see if you might be awake, , maybe. But I can understand from her now, better - that there really is some kind of vernal sin attached to wasting a dance … and to ... wasting moon ambers that pool even around here ... could light even our foot steps, , and falls, , some evening? , Like this

So ... maybe we could step into Emily's music? some .. night? , A street dance? , , I know these moon tracelets can't give out any second chances. But would you? , Dance with me?


I'm so sorry Brian ,,, Your folks said you're out tonight ,,, I'm so sorry I missed any of this ,, But I did want to talk to you ,, and I'm sorry to be missing the movies tonight ,,, And if you could, , I would like to ask you to dance

I think like you owe me, this time. , At a dance, next weekend? , The after show party Sat. at Abyssinia's?

I'm sorry I missed your note B ,,, Got in late But the Emily Dickinson poems are really great - I really like what I've read so far. , Looking forward to seeing her in class next week. She gets an invitation to the dance as well! , You can call me if its not too late for you. I'll see you soon Brian.