Chpt 1 Craziness in the study

The prime minister was very pleased with himself. He had won the election, after months of campaigning. He had rode in some fancy black car to number 10 Downing Street where he planned on having a celebratory tour of his new office before visiting the queen.

He past the black iron fencing, nodded to the policeman and then entered through the famous black door with the golden well polished number 10 on it. As soon as he entered he located a staircase, followed it up, and after someone had given him directions entered a door on the end of the hallway that was to be his office. However as soon as he closed the door behind him he noticed that there was something suspicious. It probably had something to do with the four strange young men sitting in there.

The office was large enough to hold a large wooden desk and three comfortable leather chairs around a coffee table just to the right of the door. A window was located behind the desk which caused an ominous shadow to go across the blonde haired man sitting very straight in the desk. The blonde had thick eyebrows, and something in his green eyes spoke of wisdom and something that contained a slight hint that said maybe he was dangerous. As soon as he had seen the prime minster he smiled in a friendly welcoming manner.

His companions however didn't seem to hold his same friendly enthusiasm. A fiery red head sat in the leather chair closest to the door blowing smoke rings into the air with his cigarette. He had the same thick eyebrows and rather feral green eyes that gave an impression that he didn't want to be here. Next to him sat a taller replica of the blonde sitting at the prime ministers desk. The difference was that his hair was slightly longer and dirty blonde. He gave off an expression of being extremely bored, and was resting his chin on his arm looking up at the prime minister. Next to him sat another red head. His green eyes under his thick eyebrows sparkled with curiosity, and he seemed to be an excitable fellow since he was practically hopping up and down in his chair.

"Welcome Prime Minister and congratulations on your successful campaign." The blonde at the desk said while getting up and walking towards him with an out stretched hand.

The Prime Minister shrunk back and tried to reach for the door handle on the door he had just came through. To his surprise he couldn't find the handle, and when he glanced behind him he saw that the handle had completely disappeared as if by magic. The approaching blonde gentleman withdrew his hand when he saw that the Prime Minster wasn't going to take it, but other than that didn't look a tiny bit fazed at the Prime Ministers reaction.

"I suppose introductions are in order. You may know me as Arthur Kirkland, but my real name is England, and these are my older brothers. (He flourished his hand in the direction of the other three men) The red headed idiot who's smoking is Scotland (who was now giving the two a smirk that seemed to say bring it on), next to him, the tired looking fellow, is Wales and the excitable chap is Northern Ireland. We are the personifications of the U.K." He finished.

The introduction hadn't helped anything; in fact it had done the opposite. The prime minister swayed where he stood and grabbed the coffee table for support, and then sat on it causing Wales to sit up quickly. He shut his eyes and slowly counted to ten in the hope that they would all be gone when he opened his eyes again. Sadly when he did they where still there but looking at him. Well they were obviously real people, but no way could they be personifications of the different parts of the U.K, that was insane. Yes that was it, these four young men where mental and he was going to play along with them until he could escape and get the police. After all they had seemed to believe their own craziness.

"I-i-is th-that so?" The prime minister stuttered

The one that called himself England was no longer smiling, in fact he looked mildly concerned and a little annoyed. He could probably tell that the Prime Minister was only humouring him. Still he seemed more friendly than the other three who where glaring at him now as if he was the one who had broken into their offices and announced crazy lies. The prime minister shifted uneasily under their gaze, cursing himself for making some very unstable men angry.

"You're doing fine Prime Minister. I know your confused right now, all of your predecessors where as well, but we're telling you the truth." Said Wales in a quiet voice

"Aye, but yer predecessors whaur a lot more fun! Thatcher had tried tae throw stuff at us, and Churchill had tried tae hit us wi' his cane." Laughed Scotland

"You're not helping Alba. I would like to remind you that you may have your own parliament now, but you still have to meet with us and the Prime Minister here to sign your permission slips" England replied cruelly

Scotland abruptly stood up with the intention of decking his shorter blonde brother one. However Wales grabbed hold of his arm and pulled him down, catching his brother's eye and indicating at the Prime Minister himself. The little squirmish between the brother's had further confirmed his belief he was dealing with mental patient escapees. England cleared his throat.

"Well this went well (which caused the Prime Minister to let out a nervous laugh). But you are a busy man today Mr PM so I will cut to the chase and read what other duties you have left for today, after all we have plenty of time to get acquainted. " England continued

Hearing that he had plenty of time to get acquainted with violent crazy brothers was not what the Prime Minister wanted to hear. He watched as England walked back to the desk as if he owned the place, and rummaged through a draw before coming back with a piece of paper. The Prime Minister was getting a little annoyed now, this was his office and that was his desk, England or whoever he was really, shouldn't just randomly take things out of it

"Ok, you still have to see the queen and fill out the needed paperwork. Don't worry we will be there with you, but we will not be travelling with you. No there are too many reporters out there today, we will meet you at the palace with the queen. Go straight to the palace after we are finished here. Sadly it looks like France and his boss wanted to drop in and say hello today, honestly his timing is always lousy, and depending how fast I can get rid of him we'll go and visit Alba's and a few of my own parliamentary bunch. All just formalities today though." England read to the room as a whole.

The Prime Minister didn't know whether to laugh or cry. France and his boss? Was this crazy English fellow trying to tell him that there was a personification of France as well? However he didn't have much time to mull over these things, as the atmosphere had suddenly changed into an unpleasant one. Scotland and England where glaring at each other again, the other two brothers were snickering in their chairs.

"Ah think ye protest tae much Albion. After all aren't ye the one who comes running tae me tae get Frances latest fashion magazines and music? Perhaps I should be a little jealous o yer twa relationship?" Scotland teased

"Shut your gob Alba, you promised me you wouldn't tell anyone that. Plus all his songs are usually in English anyway." England said And for a moment he forgot to keep his businessman like behaviour in place.

"Oh Aye? Tha makes it better?" Sneered Scotland

The Prime Minister glared pointedly at the clock. It looked like he was going to be late to his meeting with the queen, and these jokers where going to be the ones that made him late. Still if he didn't appear maybe the police would come and save him. Wales and Northern Ireland noticed where he was looking and interrupted their brother's argument. England whorled round and saw the time and muttered a curse that he had assumed was under his breath but everyone could hear it clearly.

"Look at the time! You have to leave now Prime Minister. The car will be out front, we'll see you there." England told the still frightened Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister nodded, he could almost taste freedom and safety. He got up quickly, and in what he hoped was a calm manner walked to the door. Almost there. He paused as he realized the door handle was still missing. He turned questioningly to the brothers who where all stirring and it looked like they were drawing a chalk circle and symbols on his carpet. Northern Ireland noticed the PM and kicked England not so gently. England turned and let out a surprised oh and clicked his fingers, then hurried back to what he was doing. The PM turned to the door and saw the golden handle was back. He grabbed it, turned it, and flew from the room and down the stairs.