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A/N: This is the first in a series of fanfictions about my Magical Diary character. I'm not sure if I'll be descriptive of her or not, probably later, but her story will be given in bits and pieces. I didn't like the way Magical Diary played out in some parts because I didn't think my character would act like that, and I'm a big fan of 'this character is my creation I want her to act like I designed!' and so, this series of fanfictions will be about her relationship with Damien and how it differs from in the game. (major events are the same, text is not)

Piece 1: Lies

From the moment of their meeting she had noted how delicately he treated her. Beautifully, sweetly, as if their meeting was something foretold. She knew it was too perfect, and it made her uneasy. So why did she stay with him if she felt uneasy? That question was the foundation of their relationship. Why did she always stay?

The answer was her dreams.

Since her childhood, she had been haunted by terrible dreams. Dreams that she had never told anyone about, not even him. Not even when he was supposed to have told her his deepest darkest secrets. But even when he did that, she was too petrified to tell him of her dreams. She didn't trust him, so what did it matter if he lied to her too?

So in the end, it was the lies that held them together, wasn't it?

But it was something else that made her offer her soul. Something Damien had given her unconditionally from the day he had reached his hand out to her. Whenever he was near her, whenever they were together, she was no longer haunted by the dreams. With him was the only moment of reprieve she had. The only joy. She no longer woke up hours before everyone else unable to fall back to sleep. She slept soundly, walked with happiness in every step, and smiled without thinking.

That was why she gave in when he said he would die. Without Damien, there would be only nightmares. Voices warning of dangers and betrayal from those she trusted most. She trusted Damien the least, and yet he was the one who made her nightmares vanish. What would happen when the day arrived and she truly trusted someone with her heart? Would she stop dreaming, be comfortable, and then lie awake at night only because of the absence of the dreams frightened her? Because now she trusted someone, like they warned her not to do?

So she offered her soul, and all her love, hoping that saving him would at least repay the favor he hadn't even known he'd done for her.

He had given her his wonderful lies.