This is the first case fic I have tried to write, so be gentle with me lol. This was an entry in my 30 word challenge, just a little oneshot based off a word (or two in this case). boothaddict77 and mendenbar both suggested continuing so...I did! lol. I hope I do okay.

Booth steps into the dimly lit lab, his footsteps as quietly somber as his face. He glances over at the platform with a pained expression, remembering the horrible scene earlier. He, Cam and Hodgins were teasing each other over the trails of parenthood; all trying to ignore the faint acrid smell of burnt flesh as Brennan studiously examined the remains on the table. It was Angela's soft tearful voice as she climbed the stairs that caught their attention. All looked at the artist with worry but as she showed them her sketch of the victim that worry was instantly shifted to Brennan.

Booth stops right outside the office door, watching the picture before him with an aching heart. Brennan sits at her desk, bathed in a soft glow of light from her lamp. Tears stream down her face, the first since she had fled the platform after realizing whose remains she was examining. She runs her fingers in a loving caress over the cool glass in her hands, memories surely flashing within her mind.

He takes one step forward and it is enough to draw her attention. Her blue eyes so full of sorrow lock onto his, more tears brimming over. She whispers his name once and then collapses over with sobs in a way he has only seen her do once before. Without a word he strides over and gathers her against him, giving the only comfort he can think of. As he rubs her shaking back his gaze lands on the glass dolphin sitting atop the file of the murder of Max Keenan.

I'll post the next part in a bit