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Harry walked down the aisle trying to get to his office, but kept getting stopped every time he made a three inch advance. It was like no one wanted him to get his paperwork done! Just like at school, no one ever wanted him to just get his homework done, they always had to give him something else to do. Like, say, defeat a certain dark wizard. It still baffled him that hundred upon hundreds of grown witches and wizards made just a boy defeat the most powerful wizard their world had known-he had just been a kid for Merlin's sake!

Realizing that he wasn't going to get his paperwork done on his latest closed case anytime soon, he sighed and gave his attention to whatever the young boy wanted. He looked like he had just gotten out of some high end college the muggles had. High and mighty and way too cocky to be wise.

"So, anyways, here's a file on your next case and I need this to be copied and sent to the Unspeakables ASAP, you got that?" Harry nodded, clearly not pleased that the newbie's work came before his own, and more importantly, not paying attention. And then something sank in. The newbie, THE NEWBIE, of the department was telling him, HIM, HARRY FUCKING POTTER, what to do.

Oh. Hell. No. That don't fly.

Everyone knew that even though Harry wasn't the Department Head, they didn't order him around. They didn't give him their work just because they didn't want to do it. They didn't order him around. They didn't tell him what to do. It just wasn't the way things worked, and with Harry's defeat of Voldemort no one ever questioned the fact that he was more like the head while not having to be the guy to deal with discipline and hirings. Everyone knew that, so when the newbie decided to go against the unspoken rules, the entire floor went deadly silent. It was the kind of silence that created it's own noise.

"What?" A dangerous growl left Harry's throat. "I. Don't. Take. Orders. And. I. Don't. Do. Other. People's. Paperwork." Then the idiotic man had the nerve to defy him.

"I'll do whatever I please, thank you very much." Harry's eyes flashed with a madness that was rumored around the ministry. All of Harry's partners had switched to other departments or other partners because of that mad gleam he had when he was angry at someone. It rarely ever came out unless Harry was making an arrest or battling someone. No one but his partners ever saw that gleam and they never talked about it if they could help it. Until now.

Now everyone knew why Harry went partnerless. They were all honestly afraid of him. Even Mad-Eye Moody at the back of the room flinched at the look he was directing to the newbie. Everyone was thinking the same thing. That newbie must have a death wish, because people all over the Ministry knew about the status quo when it came to Harry Potter. He was the Savior of the Wizarding World, who wouldn't want to at least work with what he wants? But clearly this person either didn't fully understand the reprecussions of what he was doing by defying Harry Potter or he was suicidal.

"No, you won't. You're going to go to your cubicle with your files. You're going to do this paperwork by yourself. You're going to do that, and then if you want to live, you're never going to come near me again. I don't work for lesser people. And I don't take orders from worthless pieces of scum like you. Dismissed."


"I said DISMISSED!" he roared at the top of his lungs. The other employees had the sense to drag the git away to the atrium and to escape from the famed wrath of one certainly furious Harry Potter.

After that, he went back to his office. He managed to get ahead in all of his paperwork and sent it all to the appropriate people before it was time for him to leave, so he went to the head of the department.

"Kingsley." The man didn't look up from his quill.


"My work is done, I'm leaving early." His tone was clipped and left no room for argument.

"Ah, You're still mad about the new kid?" He chuckled and didn't wait for a response. "Well, I can say I'm one hundred percent proud of you. You showed all the other people just why I let you work alone and don't let you get written up for anything. Hell, you scared the shit outta Moody."

"I did?" The fact that anything could scare Moody baffled him, even more so that Kingsley told him he was precisely the thing that could frighten him.

"You did. Just wait until the newsletter comes around next week, they'll have a picture of your face. It was rather impressionable, although I'm sorry to say I wasn't around to see it. Have a nice remainder of your weekend."

"You don't need me to come in?"

"No, we've got nothing but trials for either people to remain in Azkaban or execution. It's nothing that'll let them get away. I don't need you until Monday."

"Thank you sir." Harry walked out and into the Atrium where he almost ran into none other than Draco Malfoy.