Chapter 1: The Accident

Hermione was on the brink of a new discovery. She was a researcher at St. Mungo's and she was about to finish up a potion that would revolutionize the wizarding world. It had the power to bring people back from the Cruciatus Curse and return them to a normal state. She had been working on it for years and after researching the properties of a few different plants she decided their combined properties would have just the effect she needed to complete her potion. They were incredibly volatile chemicals combined together. One wrong mistake and... well you get the picture. But she was more careful than that and in a few hours she could test it on her first patients.

"Almost finished Hermione?" asked Maryanne, an associate of hers.

"Yes! Almost done! I can't believe I've done it!" she said excitedly.

"That's great! Congratulations! Then you can finally take that much over needed break," said Maryanne.

"I don't need a break I'm just fine!" said Hermione. She was a workaholic and she knew it but if she didn't do this no one else would.

"Well anyways I'll leave you to it... let me just grab this so I can get back to work..." said Maryanne as she reached across the table for one of the plants next to Hermione. It was like slow motion when time and everything slowed down. Hermione knew what was going to happen before it happened. She reached over to grab it so Maryanne wouldn't herself but instead watched as the vial slowly went over and before she knew it the two women were thrown forcefully to opposite sides of the room in a gigantic explosion into shelves of glass bottles with other magical potions and chemicals. Both were completely knocked unconscious now also unable to get away from the quickly spreading fires.

The phone in Draco Malfoy's office was ringing off the hook. Draco was irritated. Why wasn't the stupid secretary not doing her job? She had one job! Answer the phone and take a message! How hard was that? He didn't know why he was in such a bad mood today. Something just felt off.

"Umm... Mr. Malfoy?" asked his secretary timidly.

"What? Take a message as always!" Draco shouted back.

"Umm... I'm sorry sir, but I really think you should take this... ," she said.

"This better be important or I'll have your job," said Draco darkly.

Draco picked up the phone, "Can I help you?"

"I'm sorry Mr. Malfoy, but there's been an accident in the lab. Your wife is in St. Mungo's."

Draco's face drained of all color. He slammed down the phone immediately jumping up to grab a handful of floo powder. He didn't care what the other person had to say even if she was fine he needed to be with her. Hermione was everything to him. He threw the floo powder down, shouted St. Mungo's and was floo'd to the inside of the wizarding hospital.

"My wife, Hermione Malfoy, is an employee here and she was in a lab accident. Where is she?" asked Draco trying to stay as calm as possible while he just wanted to shout at everyone to get to her as fast as he could.

"Of course, Mr. Malfoy she's on the 3rd floor in room 313," said the witch at the desk.

Draco nodded and ran off to the elevator. Within a few painfully long minutes he had reached Hermione. She looked terrible. There were cuts and bruises everywhere and she was unconscious and completely unresponsive.

"Are you Mr. Malfoy?" asked the healer.

Draco just nodded as he couldn't turn away from his wife.

"I'm sorry about the accident. From what I hear there was an explosion and then people rushed in right after it to get Hermione and Maryanne out before the fires spread. We haven't determined a cause yet, but Hermione is as you see still unconscious but it's because we put her under further to pull the glass out. She should be awake within the next few hours. There shouldn't be any long lasting effects that we know of and the baby is also fine," said the healer.

Draco frowned confused.

"Excuse me, what was the last part?" he asked.

"The baby? Oh you didn't know! Your wife is pregnant! Yes about 2 months along even," said the healer.

Draco turned away from the healer. He didn't want him to see the tears that were threatening to spill in his eyes. Hermione was pregnant! He brought her hand carefully up to his lips and kissed it.

"And your sure nothing else is wrong? She works with a lot of dangerous chemicals," said Draco.

"Everything looked fine. She should recover just fine," said the healer.

"Thank you," said Draco.

"Is there anyone you need me to contact for you?" asked the healer.

"Hermione would be upset if you didn't contact Harry Potter and maybe my parents. Her parents are dead," said Draco.

"I will have someone take care of that right away and now I'll leave you for a few moments," said the healer.

About an hour later Draco heard a knock at the door.

"Come in," he said to the person at the door.

The door opened and Harry and his wife Ginny walked in.

"How is she?" asked Harry.

"The healer said she would be fine. She should wake up any time now," said Draco refusing to get up and let her hand go from his own.

"Did they say what happened?" asked Ginny.

"All they said was there was an explosion in the lab. After she wakes up we'll know who to go after because you know it wasn't Hermione's fault. She's not careless with her materials," said Draco.

"Thanks for letting us know," said Harry.

"You know she would be furious at me if she knew I hadn't told you two," said Draco finally smiling for the first time since he got there.

"True," said Harry laughing.

"So there's something she's been hiding that you should also probably know. Apparently she's two months pregnant," said Draco.

Harry gave a shocked sound. Draco looked up at Ginny and watched as she bit her lip and held her breath.

"And I think you knew didn't you, Ginny?" asked Draco.

Ginny looked incredibly guilty.

"Umm... maybe?" she said in a higher pitched voice, "Ok fine! I knew! But only for a week! She thought something was wrong with her. Miss "Brightest Witch of our Age" couldn't read the signs so I had to tell her. She said she was scared to tell you after she found out because she didn't know how you would react."

"What? How could she think I would possibly react badly? I love her more than my own life!" said Draco.

"It's Hermione! She likes to over think things! I told her to tell you, but I apologize that she didn't," said Ginny.

"And you didn't tell me either!" said Harry.

"It wasn't my news to tell!" said Ginny.

They stopped as they noticed Hermione moving. She stirred a little in her sleep. Everyone held their breath in anticipation as they waited for her to hopefully wake up. Draco tightened his grasp on her hand letting her know he was here.

Without opening her eyes, in a raspy voice Hermione asked, "What happened?"

"All we know is that you were in a lab accident, love. We were hoping you could tell us what happened. I'm so glad you're ok and awake," said Draco kissing her hand again and breathing a sigh of relief.

Hermione clamped her already closed eyes tighter. She had to sort things out in her mind before she opened her eyes. She didn't want to see what was going on. She was completely confused and now terrified. Where was she? How did she get here and why was this person calling her love? She'd never had a boyfriend in her life! What kind of sick joke was this? When she felt that person squeeze her hand she quickly withdrew it in horror.

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