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Chapter 3: confrontation

"Usagi-san I think we need to talk," Takahiro said gravely.

Both men sat on the couch opposite from each other. Not to be cliche but the tension could be could be cut with a knife. Neither one of them knew what to say.

"Well...Usagi-san...I need to ask you something.." Takahiro said.

Usagi tensed, preparing himself for the worse. Millions of scenario's ran through his head but none of them could prepare him for what was to come

"Yes?" Usagi tentavely replied.

"I'm going to be blunt here," Takahiro said, "Are you in a relationship with Misaki?"

"hahaha...It's a crazy question I know but I need you to deny it... just to asure myself.." Takahiro nerviously said.

"I can't do that Takahiro," Usagi said.


"Me and Misaki are in a relationship," Usagi admitted.

"WHAT!" Takahiro yelled, jumping up from his seat, "H-How could you do this to me...how could you do this to Misaki! He's a minor! What were you thinking? Huh Huh? Usami answer me!" Takahiro yelled.

Before Usagi could reply, someone else joined the conversation.

"STOP Nii-chan, he hasn't done anything wrong!" Misaki yelled from the top of the stairs.

Misaki ran down the stairs but in his hurry missed the last step. Falling towards the the only thing he could do was put his arms up to protect himself. Misaki waited for the impact but it didn't come. Instead he felt the familiar feeling of strong arms around him. Misaki cracked open his eyes and saw Usagi looking at him with panick filled eyes.

"Are you okay?" Usagi-san asked looking Misaki over to check for any injuries.

"I'm fine, I'm fine," Misaki said trying to stand up, but having a problem since Usagi was still holding on to him.

"Let go of him Usami, or I swear..." Takahiro threatened.

"Takahiro, calm down," Misaki said standing up and facing his brother.

"But Misaki, he-he's forcing you into a relationship! you can't act so calm about this!" Takahiro yelled, not able to comprehend what was going on.

"No he's not! How can you say that! You have known Usagi for 10 years, yet you still say those things about him!" Misaki yelled back.

"Yes I have known him for a long time and that is why I can say with confidence that Usagi can be over-bearing and demanding and with you living with him for so long he has probably brainwashed you into thinking that liking a man is normal, but it's not!" Takahiro said adamantly.

"Usagi has not forced me to do anything, and you are wrong about him, he is kind and caring and he does everything he can to make me happy," Misaki said, "and no, our relationship may not be normal but I am happy! Isn't that all that should matter? You should be happy for me! Not-not trying to change me."

"Misaki I don't think you are thinking rationally right now, you are blinded by what you think is happiness, just because some person says he loves you you fall into his arms, if you would just go out into the world meet a nice girl...then you will see that this-this relationship is wrong, it's unnatural...I think it would be best if you came to live with me, maybe if you aren't under Usagi's influence you could see where I'm coming from." Takahiro said, more like demanded.

"No, I don't want to, I want to stay with Usagi-san!" Misaki said passionatly.

"Misaki that was not a question, you are coming home with me, If you don't end this now you may never get out of it, think about this Misaki, what would mother and father think?" Takahiro said.

Takahiro knew he had struck a nerve, but he needed to do that to knock some sense into Misaki.
He started to waiver when he saw the tears that Misaki had streaming down his face, but he decided to stay strong.

"Misaki...It's ok.." Usagi said laying a hand on his shoulder.

"No! How can you say this is ok!" Misaki yelled more tears slipping down his face, "Do-do you w-want me to go?"

"I think that maybe you should go..." Usagi said "But only until things calm down."

After hearing from Usagi's lips the words he never thought he would hear, he shut down, not hearing the second half of what Usagi said.

"Ok, I-I'll go..." Misaki said quietly, turning to Usagi-san he looked him straight in the eye and said the five words that Usagi would never forget, "but I'm not coming back."

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