Bad Ideas

Modern Day

David stared at his three friends with disbelief.

"Come on Davy!" Jack said. "It'll be fun!"

Spot and Racetrack nodded in agreement. David gave them a long hard look. There was no way that going in the back to do body shots with the strippers could be a good idea. It wasn't possible. But pretty girls… free shots… strippers. It was all pretty tempting.

"I don't know…" David said. Racetrack put his arm around David.

"If you come with us you can do a body shot off of Spot." Race said. Spot nodded and winked. David blushed crimson and nodded. The other boys gave hoots of approval and pulled Dave along with them into the back. David sighed.

"I swear, you three are like the Bermuda Triangle for morals."

A/N: The first of many Spavid drabbles and one shots. Note that these stories stand alone. I'm trying to write a new one every night so this story will be updated that often, hopefully. The stories will range from humor, to angst, to romance, to AU and god knows what else.