All right, for you guys I am now taking requests mainly cause I grow bored and don't feel like thinking of story Ideas. I do have a few rules though, don't worry I'm not constricting anyone just something so you guys aren't disappointed in what I give. Firstly, you can only choose from the anime I will list in but a moment, Secondly, it must be a One-shot story, at most 2-shot, Thirdly, I do not do Gender Benders, original sex please the most I will allow is a temporary change with little after effects, maybe a guy gets pregnant who knows that's just what I will allow.

Other than that you can tell me whatever goes through your mind no matter how weird you may believe the thought may be such as Shota, Incestuous relations, rape, or maybe a mix of the three, quoted from Fruits Basket I "Make fantasies come true" trust me I am VERY open minded, in more ways than one *wink wink nudge nudge.*

Now how this works is you either give me a review or private message, it doesn't matter which, telling me the following, Show, Pairing, Rating, Time Zone, and some form of story. Example: Code Geass, Suzaku/Lelouch, Rated T, during Lelouch's childhood, Lelouch gets amnesia. For Show, it is self explanatory just tell me the Show it is but if you wish for there to be a Crossover, tell both shows you wish to be included like Harry Potter and Naruto Crossover and can even make pairings between a character from each such as Harry and Sakura.

Pairings is optional but if you choose to it can be Slash, FemSlash, or Heterosexual like let's say Code Geass Suzaku/Lelouch (Slash) Kallen/C.C . (FemSlash) or Lelouch/Shirley (Heterosexual) but again there does not have to be any pairing and just a general story. Rating again is self explanatory, choose something between K-M. With Time Zone it's like if you wanted Harry Potter, is it in the Marauders Era, Founders Era, Before/After final battle, Before/After Epilogue, etc, etc. Then just add any small details but don't be too specific or you may as well type it yourself.

And now for the SHOW LIST, not just Anime and not in any order:

Yu Yu Hakusho

Fruits Basket


Black Blood Brothers

Chibi Vampire

Gentlemen's Alliance Cross


Gurren Lagann

Code Geass

XXX Holic

D. Gray-Man

Death Note

Soul Eater

Harry Potter

Psych (Warning I have not seen any recent showing or anything past season 3 or 4)


Full Metal Alchemist

Haruhi Suzumia

Ouran High School Host Club

Rurouni Kenshin

Ranma ½

High School Debut


Fushiigi Yuugi

Black Butler

Dexter (The Showtime TV Show not the Cartoon)

And almost anything Disney, I have a decent collection and it has to be old school like Lion King or Aladdin

Just a quick note, there are a few that I may not have seen all the episodes and don't have the DVD's or box sets to watch, no promises but I will try to do what I can.

If and when I choose your story the chapter will be named after your penname so you know it's your choice that was chosen, and hey if I like your idea enough I may make it into a multi chapter story but who knows I'm just weird. So let it begin and if you have any problems I'll warn you now I won't take it you should have written it yourself.