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"Give it back!"

Ryan Mendez watch with amusement as Daisy Giordano, one of his childhood best friends, unsuccessfully tried to grab her phone from his hands. He stood all the way on tip-toes, the phone in his hand on his outstretched arm.

She let out a little "Eep!" as she slipped on the carpet and fell to the ground.

"Are you okay?" Ryan laughed as her held out his other hand to help her to her feet. Daisy smack it away and glared at him, getting to her feet by herself.

"Give it back." She said coolly. "It's not funny anymore."

With a half grin, he threw her her phone. "It was funny to watch you fall."

She silence him with a look, then proceeded to unlock her phone and scroll through the messages.

"Besides, since when do you care if I steal your phone?" Ryan asked as he made his way into the kitchen.

"Since I have private stuff on here." She retorted hotly.

With a sigh, he poured himself a glass of Kool-Aid and put the pitcher back in the fridge. "I've known you since forever. What's on there that I don't know about you?"

He turned around to see her looking at the phone's screen, a small smile on her lips and a slight blush on her cheeks as she typed out a response to some text.

Upon seeing this, Ryan's palms prickled and the hair on the back of his neck rose. Without warning, his hand flew out to grab the phone. However, Daisy was ready for it this time. She swung her arm backwards, slamming into an empty glass bottle. It slammed into the wall above the sink and shattered to pieces.

Everything was silent for a moment as they both just looked at each other.

Then, simultaneously, they began to laugh.

"Way to go, G." Ryan laughed, nudging her with his shoulder as he looked over to inspect the glass shards.


They both looked down to the phone in Daisy's hand.

It's screen said Brian:) .

Ryan's palms prickled again and his face felt hot.

Daisy looked up at Ryan, who she'd noticed had tensed. "Are you okay? You don't look too good."

"Yeah." He mumbled. Brian? Brian? Who the eff was Brian?

Somehow his eyes found their way to the JFL team picture. Three people down from him in a number 89 jersey was a skinny boy with shaggy brown hair.

Oh. That Brian.

"So, uh, what Brian the Brain want?" He joked, making fun of the fact that Brian might look nice, but was not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

"Nothin'." Daisy started to smile again. "Just talkin'."


It was, needless to say, an awkward silence. Which Daisy then made even more awkward:

"Why do you care?"

Damn. Why did he care? It's not like he was jealous…was he? Daisy was his best friend. It was just a protective thing, then. Right. That was it.

And he told her so, with great effort.


"Dude, when's the last time you looked at Daisy?"

Ryan looked up from his slice of pizza and over at his best friend, Sean, and a few other boys he considered friends. "What?"

"I mean, not just looked, I mean, looked looked."

"Um…..I don't know?" Ryan answered, thoroughly confused.

"Do it now!" Another boy, Chris, said. "Seriously! She's, like, a girl."

Ryan stared at him. "Wow. Gee. Thanks. I did not know that."

"Just do it!"

"Fine." Ryan rolled his eyes and looked over at Daisy, who was sitting 3 tables down with her best friend, Lilah. They were laughing at something, and in general, looking pretty happy. She looked…like Daisy. He was about to say something when all of the sudden something clicked in his brain. She suddenly didn't look like the girl he'd known forever, who he'd pushed into mud puddles, made perverted jokes with, explored miles of forest with, and had seen "Ugly Cry". She was…..hot. Like, hot. Yet….she was exactly the same.

"Woah." He breathed. "What happened?"

"Dude, I don't know! Brian was just talking about girls and said something about Daisy and I thought he was insane, but then I started to think about it….." Sean said with a laugh.

Brian. Ryan tensed again. But, he had to admit, Brian was right. He tore his eyes off of his friend to see Sean and the other boys telling the rest of the football team about their new discovery.

Unfortunately, his eyes gravitated back to Daisy, who turned to look at him, too, and flashed him a smile.

Everything went blank for a moment.

He looked down at the table uncomfortably.

By now, he was pretty sure she'd realized the entire football team was looking at her in random intervals, realizing that not only was Daisy a girl, but she was pretty, and she had boobs, too, as a few guys at the end of the table were realizing and discussing.

He shifted around on the bench uncomfortably as Daisy continued to give him a questioning look.

Yes, he was kind of jealous of Brian.

Yes, Daisy was actually really pretty.

Yes, he did kind of…..like her. Like, like like her.

And yes, they were best friends.


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