Author's Note: So this is a little Riptide/Azazel fic that I've been meaning to get around to for a while now. Pre!series. Azazel and mute!Riptide discuss language barriers, strange kinks and favorite food.

What Would You Say

Riptide gestured toward the coffee pot when Azazel asked him what he was in the mood for. Of course, the red-skinned, handsome-as-a-devil mutant hadn't been addressing food (since he ate only rarely, even if he cooked Russian dishes all the time for Riptide to try) but figured since he asked he may as well indulge his lover on what he required.

At this point, Azazel knew how Riptide preferred his coffee and needn't ask the beautiful Latino for directions. He simply grabbed a mug from one of the cabinets, filled it half-way with coffee, added two sugar cubes, several tablespoons of cinnamon flavored creamer, sprayed the top with a mountain of whipped cream and sprinkled a dash of cinnamon on top before handing it to his lover who in turn smiled and placed a light, thankful kiss on his lips before sipping it.

"You are welcome."

"I must say," Emma spoke as she entered the kitchen, her blonde hair pulled up into a pony-tail and long, lean body covered in sweat, no doubt from a work out. "You two have no trouble with the language barrier. It truly is remarkable, as Riptide could only read and write in Spanish, and you could only speak only Russian and dabbled in English when the two of you met."

Emma very rarely made conversation with them, but when she did, it usually was about a strange topic. The last time it had been strange kinks, at which point she had asked Azazel if he'd ever done dirty things to his Latino lover with his tail. Azazel assumed it was because she enjoyed making Riptide flush red with colour, or merely because she truly was curious about the nature of their relationship. He doubted it, but homosexual men were so scarcely heard of that Azazel wouldn't have been too shocked if it was simply curiosity.

Riptide shrugged and smiled, a soft, fleeting expression that as hidden behind the mountain of foam that sat afloat his coffee while Emma took a water bottle from the fridge, opened it up and took a hearty gulp.

"I'm surprised your lover hasn't gotten diabetes yet, Azazel. He eats enough sweets to kill lesser men," Emma commented, making Riptide flush.

Azazel reasoned that, though Riptide was twenty-one, he was still but a child, at least enough of one to justify his massive intake of sweets, which he explained to Emma, making Riptide frown. He set his coffee down and promptly gave Azazel a 'Watch what you say' look. He signed quickly, "I am no child," to which Azazel merely smiled and exchanged a glance with Emma.

"Compared to us, you are young, though I do suppose you are right. You are no child." Azazel said, and Riptide seemed content enough to go back to his coffee.

Emma smiled. "So sweets are your favorite foods, Riptide?" She asked and the boy seemed thoughtful for a moment before shaking his head. I enjoy the Russian food Azazel makes, he thought while nodding his head at Azazel. She nodded as she read the thoughts, agreeing. After all, Azazel was a marvelous chef.

"I see I have been excluded from the conversation," Azazel mused, though he did not sound upset as he was merely teasing his lover.

Emma shrugged. "Riptide here was just thinking about how even though your Russian cuisine is his favorite food, it is by far the tastiest thing on the planet." She mused, arching an eyebrow.

Of course, this was no what Riptide had been thinking at all, and he properly choked on his mouthful of coffee, turned an interesting shade of red and shot Emma a look, one that she merely shrugged off as she left the room.

Yes, life in the Hellfire Club certainly was amusing.