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So I'm writing this little one shot because it is the ninth of January and our favourite potions master's birthday today and I thought that he deserved a little bit of love first chapter is Hermione and Severus and the second is Hermione, Lucius and Severus.. if you don't like that just read the first one.

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So I am a little bit of a suck up, I know every professor's birthday in the castle and while I usually do not do what I am about to for them.. I do always send a card. Though I suppose some may consider my next actions past the realms of decency I have to do it, more than that I want to do it.

See I have had a little crush on professor Snape for the past three years and tonight I am going to finally do something about it. Glancing in the mirror I take in my appearance once final time.. I had curled my hair to perfection and pulled them up into pigtails, I have altered my skirt so that it is a few inches shorter than normal, I have stolen one of Ginny's shirts so that it fits tighter around my body, the push up bra revealing quite a nice amount of Cleverage, my tie hanging loosely around my neck, so I look like one of those 'naughty school girls'

The entire day has been planned, I acted up in class so that I got detention and I also made sure that Severus would want to give it to me himself.. and to my surprise I have actually managed to pull the entire thing off. Checking myself once last time, I nod in to the mirror and reach out grabbing the robe off of the side and pulling it around my body tightly to cover myself up in case anyone else should see… not there should really be any one wandering around the castle at this time of night, but you never know.

I slip out of the room, down the stairs and through the common room and thankfully there are only a few first years in there, so they do not comment, although I get a couple of strange looks, after that I rush through the castle and down stairs in to the dungeon, finally reaching the classroom, raising my hand to knock, when the door suddenly swings open… how is it that he always knows when someone is there.

Having no time to really think about it, I walk inside and the door swings closed behind me with a loud 'slam' followed by the click of a lock. "Good evening Miss Granger" he says from the desk without even bothering to look up from the desk and that just won't do.

"Good evening professor" I reply as my hand moves up to the ties of my cloak and I undo it slowly, revealing my outfit to him… not that he bothers looking at me. I throw my cloak to the side and begin to walk closer to his desk, my hips swaying temptingly, as I draw closer, I see his eyes flicker up and then widen briefly, but he doesn't say anything, instead he resumes writing.

I continue to walk closer until I am stood right in front of his desk. "Just what an earth are you wearing Miss Granger?" he demands, finally acknowledging me as he pushes his papers to the side.

I smirk a little bit "well I heard that it was your birthday, and I wanted to give you a present" I say as I climb up on to the desk and to my surprise he makes no objection. So I get bolder pushing the papers on the edge of the desk down to the ground.

I see the hint of a smirk beginning to cover his face "this better not be a pity thing" he almost growls at me.

And now it is my turn to smirk back at him "oh no professor I have had a crush on you for such a long time… you would be satisfying my needs as much as I would be satisfying yours" he adds.

"Then you better get to work, I'm hard to please" professor Snape and I have no doubt in my mind that he is telling the truth.

"I'm more than capable" I murmur softly as I lean in wards, brushing his hair to the side with delicate fingers and lowering my mouth. I press soft kisses to his neck and boy does he taste good, like the sweetest chocolate I have ever tasted. I continue to move my lips up and down, giving him soft little feathery kisses, until I feel his head tilt to the side and I now know that he wants it too.

"Get down on your knees" he demands and I quickly comply, swinging my legs around and slipping down to knees in between his leg, staring at the bulge in his trousers. His hand moves up winding in my hair as I reach out and take a hold of the zip, pulling it down slowly and to my surprise, his bare erection pops out… and Jesus Christ he is massive, probably about eight inches, but really thick, god knows how that thing will fit inside of me.

"So you do all of your classes like that?" I tease, though secretly it will thrill me to sit in one of his lessons thinking about him having nothing on under his trousers, I have a feeling that it will actually make me wet… actually I know that it will as I can feel my wetness slowly pooling in my crotch.

He doesn't answer, so I reach out wards wrapping my hand around his hard member, moving it up and down as I gently remove it completely from the confines and then open my mouth slowly taking the tip into my warm wet mouth, past my thick pink lips as I peer up at him from beneath lowered eyelashes, warm brown eyes locking on to cool black ones "don't you dare look away from me" he commands, in that tone that lets me know that he will not be disobeyed and that just turns me on more.

I begin to move my head down ever so slowly and feel his hand tightening in my hair, almost to the point where it hurts. I yelp loudly as I feel him pushing me downwards, my gag reflex kicking in about three quarters of the way down, but I refuse to let that stop me… not that I really have a choice. I gag loudly as he continues to push me down, forcing inch after inch of his beautiful thick member in to my warm wet mouth, the tip pressing against the beginning of my throat as I swallow deeply allowing it to slip down until my nose is pressed against his thick black pubic hair. "Keep it there" he says through gritted teeth as he releases some of the pressure that he is putting on my head.

I move my hand up slowly, sliding my fingertips over his full sensitive balls, which causes him to cry out. I grin as best as I can with my mouth stuffed full, as I do it again, dragging another sweet moan from my professor, before I cup them softly in my hands, swirling my thumb round in circles.

As I apply more suction to his member, my lips clamping down on them as I suck harder, swirling my tongue around and around slowly, before picking up the pace and licking quicker with long strokes.

"Oh…" he yelps out loud as he jerks in my mouth, pulling my hair as hard as he can, causing me to yelp out loud.

He moans as he jerks, rope after rope of thick, hot, sticky cum spurting out the end of his cock and filling my mouth, I moan softly, because he tasted so good, so I allow it to slip down my throat and line my stomach.

I can hear professor Snape's panting as he collapses back in to the chair, so I continue to suck gently until he begins to soften slightly. I begin to pull back then as I slide my tongue down gently, his dick popping from in between my lips as I lean back on my knees and pull my hand away from his balls.

"That was the best fucking birthday present I could ask for" Professor Snape says causing me to grin up at him, as I reach up and wipe my lips slowly..

"There is plenty more where that came from" I say with a little wink.

"I'm looking forward to it.." he says.. "but as for now your detention is over.." he adds as he leans in and presses a soft kiss to my lips despite the fact that my lips had just been on his dick.

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